There’s good news for Nick Kyrgios

You might remember Nick Kyrios’s bad behaviour landed him in hot water a couple of weeks ago and he was

You might remember Nick Kyrios’s bad behaviour landed him in hot water a couple of weeks ago and he was slapped with an eight week suspension and fined more than $50,000 following that poor effort at the Shanghai Masters.

Now it appears the troubled tennis star is set for a reprieve, with reports the APT Tour ban will be slashed.

According to Fox Sports, Kyrgios’s ban is set to be reduced to just three weeks if the Australian “engages a sports psychologist”.

It is said that the 21-year-old is currently receiving treatment, which could have him back on the court in no time.

“Nick has taken up the care plan on offer to him from the ATP. The details and contents of the plan are strictly confidential,” the ATP says.

The reduction of time on his suspension will have little impact on his 2016 season, with the World Tour Finals in London in November all that remain. However, it will mean Kyrgios can get a start on his preparations for the Australian summer season of tennis, which includes the Hopman Cup in Perth and the Australian Open in Melbourne, without the penalty hanging over his head.

Nick Kyrgios is currently ranked 13th in the world.

What do you think on the eight-week ban being reduced? How will a sports psychologist influence the tennis star’s behaviour?

  1. Timothy  

    I’d actually prefer NEVER to see him again!

    Good luck to the sports’ psychologist trying to ‘mend’ his disgustingly poor mental attitude to just about everything, especially the playing of Tennis!

    His parents’ have much to answer for, in his shocking unsportsmanlike-like behaviour.
    He’s one sick puppy!

    • Trish Bolton  

      Totally agree Timothy, and this is nothing new as it was always going to be 3 weeks if he got help, but the psychologists I saw giving an interview stated ‘Very little can be achieved in 3 weeks’ So the spoilt brat wins again. I will never watch him play again as much as I love tennis.

  2. P. Taylor  

    Just a spoilt Brat – he deserves to be punished severely

  3. Where is the like button?well ‘likes’ to Timothy, Trish and P.Taylor. I think a petition is in order-why should tennis fans have to put up with this vile player’s disgusting behaviour? Actually we don’t. The ATP website has an almost invisible ‘feedback’ at the very end of the Home page-do leave your comments there-they are supposed to take them into consideration.For the record ATP-stop pandering to this spoilt brat- YOU guys are supposed to regulate and we don’t want cheap thrills on the court.

    • Carleen Baty  

      I wondered where the ‘like’ button is also.

  4. Mack Carson  

    That brat needs his nappy pulling down and a bloody good thrashing.

    Maybe with his brain in his bum he might notice
    Guarantee he’s a single child, Any other siblings,
    He’d have had his arrogance knocked out of him yrs ago.
    You wonder at some parents don’t you. All they see is Dollars. Dollars. Dollars..
    12mths suspension should be minimum. Preferably loss of licence for life.
    Let somebody worthwhile have his spot.
    and an Insult to Australian Tennis…

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