The woman behind the “bottom-gate” affair: Will she ever live it down?

Despite Prince Charles being very visible yesterday while he attended many worthy causes, it is one of his attendants who is receiving all

Despite Prince Charles being very visible yesterday while he attended many worthy causes, it is one of his attendants who is receiving all the attention.

Janine Kirk, who manages the Prince’s charities here in Australia, was snapped with what appears to be her hand on the Duke of Cornwall’s bottom as they were moving through a crowd of emergency services workers.

The media has gone to town on this shot, calling it the “blunder down under” and creating many puns about “Arse-tralia” and “His Royal Hindness”.

However Ms Kirk has curtly shut down any suggestions what she did was improper: “It’s not on his bum. It was a room of about 130 people. He was being engaged as he always is and so he was being moved through the crowd.”

However, some people say it is inappropriate for a member of the public to touch a royal at all. In 1992, Paul Keating put his hand on small of the Queen’s back and was dubbed “the Lizard of Oz” by the British press. Tony Abbott similarly put his arm across the Duchess of Cambridge.

News Limited reports that Ms Kirk was not amused with being compared to Mr Keating. “I don’t like the way this is going, it’s rather silly,” she said.

You have to feel for Janine Kirk, who no doubt has a busy job and was unlikely to have been making a “move” on the Duchy. Considering Charles and Camilla’s day included a visit to food-waste charity Oz Harvest, a workshop on skills for psychological recovery meeting and a talk on sustainability, it’s a shame there’s so much focus on this one incident.

But the question is, did she do the wrong thing? See the debate on this morning’s Sunrise:

The ‘Cheek’ of it!Charity Boss Janine Kirk is in the headlines this morning for appearing to place her hand on Prince Charles’ backside.. It’s been dubbed the ‘blunder from down under’.. Do you think she meant to do this or was it just an innocent misplaced hand? Ms Kirk insists she did not touch his bum! #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Thursday, November 12, 2015

What do you think? Should Ms Kirk have kept her hands to herself, or was she simply doing her job trying to move the Prince through the crowd? 


  1. How ridiculous, there is a difference between groping someone and what she did, yes it maybe against protocol however it was very innocent. Get over it!

  2. Well, for a start, the woman’s hand was in the area of Charles’ hip, not his bum and from what was shown on her hand made no indention on his jacket, let alone touch his person. As I commented on the ABC site, slow news day. Move on SAS.

    • If it was a slow news day on the abc it must have been a dead slow day for the Murdoch press it mad a fulk page 2 and 3.

  3. She could not have placed her hand any higher as his elbow was there. She did not grope him. I do not think it offensive, the way she guided him.

    • Well Paul Keating guided her majesty through a door as was the custom for gentlemen to do when Paul Keating was a young child and presumably he just did what he had always known …..but he was roundly abused by the press and the rightous right so i suppose the lady? Has to face the same fate.

  4. No-one should care in the slightest about this beat up. Must have been a “no news day”.

  5. Oh for flippin’ ell’s sake get a blinkin’ life~!! Just another stupid headline from the media!!!

  6. Is anyone else old enough to remember the absolute media madness over Paul Keating placing a guiding hand on the Queen’s back?

  7. Who care, he lives with Camilla !!! it is probably the biggest thrill he has had in years 🙂

  8. Bottom schmottom Who gives a damn he’s only a bloke who hasn’t been the best of husbands or sons. What’s with not touching these people. Quite frankly I wouldn’t want to touch the Pommie parasites.

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