The social media question that had Aldi customers furious

Facebook can really be a double-edged sword and that’s what happened to Aldi when they put up a post on Facebook asking

Facebook can really be a double-edged sword and that’s what happened to Aldi when they put up a post on Facebook asking followers to comment with their “best animal joke”.

Photo credit: Facebook (Aldi Australia).
Photo credit: Facebook (Aldi Australia).

While the post was to promote their farmyard planters which were on sale, it ended up resulting in a huge backlash of sarcastic comments about their continued sale of caged eggs.

Melinda Young wrote in the comments, “What did the chicken say to Aldi? Please let me out of the cage, forever and for always.”

Another commenter, Bec Wowk said, “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? It couldn’t, it was stuck in a cage supplying eggs for Aldi”.

Aldi has gotten massive flack on social media in the recent weeks as customers demand that the supermarket chain sells free range eggs instead of caged ones.

Rivals including Woolworths have committed to phasing out the sale of caged eggs altogether and Animals Australia wants Aldi to join in.

A video posted on Animal Australia’s Facebook page showed Aldi customers watching a footage of the conditions caged eggs live under while their reactions were filmed. Those who appeared on camera were left shocked, disgusted and even emotional after watching the footage, which has attracted more than 245,000 views so far.


Do you think it’s fair that Aldi is asked to sell free range eggs only?

  1. Russell Ashley  

    While I am not happy to see hens in cages and in distress we need to realise that the outrage needs to be put in context. We focus on the rights of animals but are not outraged with young people sleeping under bridges. We are not outraged about the terrible statistics about indigenous people being over represented in jails and criminal activities. About indigenous health issues. The alarming rates of suicides in young people, older people indigenous people and people in the outback. The need for more indigenous rangers a really good program that needs more funding.
    A lot of this can be addressed with help and understanding, funding and for us not to put up with these alarming trend just like we would hope that all hens have a stress free existence. Remember also that even if let out sometime caged hen are better off then overpopulated so called free range hens.

    • Carolyn Janson  

      No need for this either/or choice. We should focus on all, and animals are as important as the others, because we are responsible for them and responsible for their suffering.
      Also, caged hens are NEVER let out. They spend their entire life in an A4 space, on wire.

    • Linda Toshner  

      Speak for yourself Trevor. It’s not either /or. I am outraged by homelessness as well as by the injustices served out to indigenous people et al. I would be perfectly happy to pay taxes to provide services to these people.

    • Jan D  

      Why are you conflating two totally different topics? Aldi stocking cage eggs is a business decision made by Aldi. Funding for homelessness and indigenous issues is a concern for our government. We may as well throw in worries about refugees, climate change, jobs for young people etc etc etc. Stick to the point. This is about animal welfare. There is plenty of opportunity for you to be outraged about other things as well if you choose to do so. Don’t try to make this argument weaker by introducing unrelated irrelevancies. Aldi is doing the wrong thing. Protesting against a wrong-doing is the right thing to do, irrespective of what else is going on in the world.

    • Jude Power  

      Well actually, I’m outraged about ALL those issues: they’re not mutually exclusive, you know!

    • Christine  

      People always moaning. Don’t buy the caged eggs, I buy the free ranged organic in the uk from Aldi. They are however a lot dearer than caged and some people cannot afford the prices. I am delighted Aldi are now in Adelaide, glad to see the big boys scared. Maybe these moaning people should focus on the cruelty China are doing to the dog meat trade and keeping them in cages and skinning them alive, a lot of products are from China but I bet people buy them!

  2. Where Im happy to buy free ranged eggs Im not happy to pay the high prices

    • Dorne Chadderton  

      I’m guessing there’s a lot more cost involved in producing free-range eggs than cage eggs

  3. Robyn Stewart  

    Correction!! Aldi sells Free Range Eggs… do I know????? That’s what I buy from Aldi 😀

    • Trish Bolton  

      Me too Robyn, always have free range at Aldi. People with large families, maybe can’t afford the free range, easy for me I live alone.

  4. Lynn  

    I always buy free range eggs from Aldi. It is probably the cheapest place to buy them. Media beat up!

  5. Barbara  

    Obviously woollies and Coles are frightened of Aldi giving people choice. Today in Coles I bought cage eggs if you read small print this means an open door to the sheds.

  6. depends on the definition of free range, squashed in a shed where some die and others turn cannibal

    • Jude Power  

      That’s not free range by any definition

  7. Aldi Wanted in the NT  

    Freedom of choice? Isn’t that worth fighting for? If people make a choice not to buy caged eggs wont the store logically stop stocking them? If only we had the choice in the Northern Territory to not buy caged eggs at Aldi. Aldi when are you going to come to Darwin?? We are sick of the Coles/Woolworths monopoly.

  8. Jack Dice  

    It’s all a big push by Coles and Woolies ,they have paid people on the pay roll ,their job is to STIR UP PEOPLE Against Aldi ,trying to get them back shopping with them ,I have been in Coles and Woolies in the last week and they still have just as many caged eggs on the shelves as they had before . Wake up folks it’s a SCAM to turn you off ALDI .

    • Jude Power  

      That may be so, especially as people are mistakenly criticising Aldi for not selling free range eggs. They’ve ALWAYS sold eggs labelled as free range: wh’at’s become public because of the recent Choice research is that the chooks “free”range in very crowded conditions.

      I’ve switched from Aldi “free range” to expensive local eggs where I can see the chooks free-ranging in a big paddock with no overcrowding and guarded by special guard dogs to keep away predators. I prefer to cut down on the number of eggs I eat rather than buy dubiously labelled eggs from Aldi or anywhere else.

  9. J.Loehr  

    Right Lynn maybe if them other socalled grocers would cut some of there high prices Aldie would not stay as the cheapest all the time i go aldies then coles

  10. Hans  

    I buy any egg that comes out of a chooks bum!

  11. Jackson D  

    What a crock. Coles and Woolies continue to sell caged eggs – why isn’t there a social media campaign to stop them from doing that? You can buy free range from ALDI if you choose to, but there is obviously a market for caged eggs or ALDI would stop selling them.

    The other thing that these lefties don’t realize is that there are not enough free range eggs produced in Australia to meet demand. In other words, we’d have a national egg shortage if caged eggs were banned.

    • Jude Power  

      If wanting to know what I eat has been produced ethically is being a “leftie” then I’m proud to be so. Aldi so called “free range” eggs are produced in extremely overcrowded conditions – check out the Choice research, they’re one of the worst around

  12. Denise Tillman  

    Supply and demand folks … If you don’t buy caged eggs the will eventually stop selling them. Says me who has 10 gorgeous chooks who supply me with the best free range eggs!

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