The moment life flashed before Sir Richard Branson’s eyes

Sir Richard Branson says he thought he was “going to die” after crashing his bike on Virgin Gorda in the

Sir Richard Branson says he thought he was “going to die” after crashing his bike on Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean.

Looking a little worse for wear Sir Richard says he was cycling down a hill when he hit a speed bump and “the next thing I knew, I was being hurled over the handlebars and my life was literally flashing before my eyes”.

Fortunately the Virgin founder only sustained a cracked cheek and torn ligaments. However, his bike went flying off the cliff and disappeared.

“I really thought I was going to die,” the 66-year-old said on the Virgin website. “I went flying head-first towards the concrete road, but fortunately my shoulder and cheek took the brunt of the impact, and I was wearing a helmet that saved my life.”

Sir Richard says a rescue mission was undertaken to retrieve his crumpled bicycle, but it is “completely destroyed”.

“My cheek has been badly damaged and my knee, chin, shoulder and body severely cut,” he says.

Coincidentally the accident happened on the fifth anniversary of a fire that destroyed his luxury home on Necker Island.

Sir Richard was cycling with his children Holly and Sam as part of his training for the Virgin Strive Challenge, an endurance event that goes from the base of Matterhorn in the Alps to the summit of Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy.

In good humour, Sir Richard still hopes to take part in the event saying, “My attitude has always been, if you fall flat on your face, at least you’re moving forward.”

Have you ever been involved in a serious accident? Has there ever been a moment where your life ‘flashed before your eyes’? Tell us about it.

  1. Truth 13  

    Richard, You have Billions of wealth. This accident may be a good reminder for you, to understand what is life and how poor struggle to have a meal, without any money or help from the countries they live, while their leaders are having the best of everything, and still robbing the country. The lesson you can learn is, when the time comes to go, your Billions will not save you, to keep you on the earth. When you leave them behind, your family will fight to get a bigger share. So be generous and give some to the poor, who can’t afford a meal or a roof over their head. When you go, you can’t take anything with you. Wish you a speedy recovery, and wish you all the best.

    • This is a very judgemental comment. He probably donates a lot of money to various charities and he appears to live life to the full. He is also an intelligent man so I am guessing he is very aware of his own mortality and knows he can’t take it with him.
      Tall poppy syndrome strikes again!

  2. Joan Marshall  

    How can anyone know who is really poor when you have people who do not want to work. I have neighbors who tell you they are lazy and constantly ask to borrow money. On the pension for five years and will not even work part time. I am disgusted with people who do not want to work.

    • Alana  

      Forget about your lazy neighbors. There are many many people who would love to find work. In this modern day where so many jobs have been replaced by inovation. Factories gone off shore. Our Public Service has been cut right back. There will never again be enough jobs for the number of unemployed. And so many positions today are casual. You can’t plan a life not knowing how many hours you will be paid for week to week. Pensioner part time work? Where are all of those jobs?

  3. Michael  

    When I came off my bike chasing my son down a mountain bike course, I broke my shoulder blade, collar bone, a rib and dislocated my shoulder. The bike survived!

  4. Kathryn Smith  

    Pity you didn’t see the hand of God in preventing the death you thought was going to be. Pity you didn’t see the truth and give God the glory. Pity you didn’t see Gods love at that moment. Next brush with death may result in your demise and that would be a pity you weren’t saved.

    • Alana  

      Not every one believes in a “god”. And so many do, and still starve to death, are murdered in wars, drown in floods etc. All the preys in the world does not stop accidents! Definitely “the luck (or bad luck) of the draw!

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