The John Lewis Christmas ad is a tearjerker

The John Lewis Christmas advert marks the beginning of the emotive season for many worldwide was released yesterday, and as
John Lewis

The John Lewis Christmas advert marks the beginning of the emotive season for many worldwide was released yesterday, and as you would expect it is a tearjerker.

It was uploaded on Friday night and launched with the hashtag #manonthemoon and has since been viewed more than 7 million times and has everyone in the world tweeting about it and the tears they shed while watching it.

In an emotive story, set to the music of an Oasis son “Half the World Away” which was recorded in 1994, a young girl connects with a man living a lonely and isolated life on the moon.  It was produced with the charity Age UK and is designed to raise awareness of the number of older people spending Christmas alone.

The young girl trains a telescope on the moon to find the man, then tries time and again to desperately connect with him with letters and messages.  Nothing works until she packages up a telescope and uses a bunch of helium balloons to send it to him so they can see each other and connect.

The scourge of loneliness is something everyone wants to see closed with the older generations.

Tell us what you think of the ad… It brought a tear to my eyes.  Did it bring one to yours?

  1. Great. But how many will invite an isolated elderly neighbour to the table this Christmas?

    • I would too – perhaps charities could somehow start a Xmas list – of people who would like to be invited to dinner

  2. It is lovely, but the thing that brought tears to my eyes yesterday was the story I came across about the NZ school captain with cancer and a few weeks to live giving his talk to his school.
    I would happily invite others to join us at Christmas but the reason a lot of these people are isolated is they are invisible. Maybe a way to identify them would help. Perhaps Meals on Wheels or other organisations who contact these people could help in this. There are houses all about us who I have no idea who lives there, if they are permanent residents or holiday homes.

  3. That bought tears to my eyes , there are many many elderly people out there who will be alone this Christmas, they may as well be on the moon

    • I agree Libbi, I would be only to happy to have someone on their own join me for Christmas but the fact remains how do you know, when most of these people would prefer to suffer in silence than put anyone out.

  4. A lovely way to remind us all that to feel so alone affects so many in many age groups but WE have the power to change it a simple Gday and a smile can be a good start

  5. they don’t have to be half a world away, there is a homeless person within a kilometre of you right now.

  6. It doesn’t matter how many invite someone to their table at Christmas as long as some do. Not everyone has the opportunity to do so, but if you do, give it a go

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