The government is worried about China’s influence on Australia – are you?

The Australian government will spend nearly $200 billion investing in our military, whilst concerns grow about China’s influence in this

The Australian government will spend nearly $200 billion investing in our military, whilst concerns grow about China’s influence in this region.

A white paper released by the Department of Defence today has described how $195 billion will be spend on a fleet of submarines, warships, aircrafts and armoured vehicles over the next ten years.

Australia’s investment represents nearly 2% of our Gross Domestic Product, for the next decade. It’s a massive expenditure, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in years.

According to media reports, the Australian government is increasingly worried about China’s influence in our region. Just last week, China placed surface-to-air missiles alongside Australia’s key trade route.

“Obviously the South China Sea is a much bigger issue now than it was in 2009 – or even in 2013”, a senior Defence official told The Australian.

The white paper itself reads, “as China grows, it will continue to seek greater influence within the region”. China needs to reassure “its neighbours by being more transparent about its defence policies”.

Everyday Aussies are worried about China’s influence too. One woman wrote online, “We will defend Australia, even if China owns the whole lot. Do you understand?”

Whilst another man added, “China is getting closer to be the worlds economy powerhouse and a big part of ours (within the Australian region) as well”.

Are you concerned about China playing a greater role around Australia’s “sphere of influence”? What’s the biggest threat facing Australia today, in your opinion? Are you fearful for your way of life?

  1. Jean Kiem  

    Yes…I’m concerned…….My mother predicted many years ago that the “Yellow Race” would rule for one day. I’m not sure what that means, I don’t want to guess.

  2. I spent 20 years in the ADF during the Cold War. We were all concerned about the ‘Red Peril’ back then and Australia’s defense capabilities. I think we are overreacting to matters we do not fully understand. China is a super power in it own right but it is also struggling to feed and house its own. China needs countries such as ours for economic/trade and resource reasons; not to obliterate us with its nuclear power capabilities. I think we should be more worried about Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. If anyone is going to aggravate, intimidate or harass China, it will be him with one finger on the BUTTON!.

  3. Utter Hypocrisy from the very government who have sold this once GREAT SOUTHERN LAND to the people they ” now have concerns about “

  4. Garry Bates  

    If China wanted to take over Australia, it already would have. What Australia thinks of China’s military stance means bugger all.

  5. Robinoz  

    I’m not concerned about China which has been spending exceedingly large sums on defence for the past decade having become much wealthier than earlier. America is the country that habitually and invariably begins wars in other countries, not China. Perhaps China is assuring itself against future American aggression.
    As for Australia, we have a protracted war with Islam and it could very well turn into a global war in the Middle East given the chaos over there and the different sides involved eg, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Since Obama has given Iran the go-ahead to build nuclear weapons accompanied by billions of dollars caught up in the previous embargo and they have stated on numerous occasions they will wipe out Israel, the hope of peace is slim.
    We need to get our Military kitted out for the inevitable which I think is less likely to come from China and more likely to come from Iran, Pakistan and IS wherever it might be, even in Indonesia.

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