The funniest political gaffes of 2015

Remember right back to the beginning of 2015, when we Aussies and Kiwis lived in a different world? It was

Remember right back to the beginning of 2015, when we Aussies and Kiwis lived in a different world? It was Tony Abbott’s Kingdom here in Australia, and the New Zealand flag still confidently bore the Union Jack.

Before we knew it, it was Australia Day. The sun was shining, the bushfires raging and what happened next took us all by surprise: instead of selecting some worthwhile everyday Aussie for our nation’s highest award of 2015, our Prime Minister chose to celebrate none other than Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, and whole country rolled their eyes. Like he needs another title! It was the Captain’s Call of the year and one of first nails in his political coffin.

Backing up in second place for fine memories was none other than our Prime Minister of the moment again, Mr Abbott who suggested that Aboriginal Australians who lived in remote communities were doing so as a “lifestyle choice”.  

Of equal infamy was Joe Hockey’s comment that first home buyers shouldn’t expect government help, but instead should “get a good job” that “pays good money”.   And in trying to reclaim his popularity after several months of agonising missteps, Tony Abbott went to a trick Bob Hawke was better known for, throwing back a beer in 6 seconds to cheers from pub patrons.  Not exactly the 1985 that Hawke did it in, the media furore I thin k even took him by surprise.  Was this the right behaviour for a modern day Prime Minister?  Everyone had an opinion. From here the politics of Australia got even more entertaining.  Barnaby Joyce decided that Johnny Depp’s dogs were a danger to society after arriving on his Private jet and failing to be checked through quarantine correctly.  He made the issue a massive international debate that turned into the politician and the movie star calling each other names in the international media the funniuest of which included Depp calling Joyce a sweaty big gutted man… over two dogs that no doubt had never got dirty and were no bigger than a handbag.  Hardly a national security risk.  And we’re still spending money on them, trying to get Depp’s wife back to face our courts…. Never going to happen!

Then, Clive Palmer… do we really need to go here?  Yes, 2015 would not have been the same without Clive.  After Jackie Lambie and Glenn Lazarus left him, he was served a triple blow when Jeff the Dinosaur was burned unceremoniously to the ground.  Palmer’s political antics made him few friends this year, but the media have loved him.

He has stormed out on not one, nor two, but three major interviews, leaving everyone shaking their head. He vowed not to support last years budget and is possibly one of the reasons Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey didn’t make it to 2016 in politics.

Not forgetting Jackie Lambie, who paced her way through a year of media gaffes, first trying to find a boyfriend on national TV:

“They must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs, let’s be honest.”

And she followed that up with, “I don’t need them to speak, they don’t even need to speak.”

Then, she suggested we ban the burqa, introducing a private members bill to parliament.  There was so many other Jackie Lambie moments it is hard to forget.


Then, we must remember when Bronny flew right into choppergate, catching a $5000 helicopter just down the road to a Liberal Party Fundraiser – no self-interest here!  He flagrant disregard for public money gave the media fodder for months of entertainment and effectively ended her high profile position as Speaker of the house as all anyone could talk about was Mrs Bishop hanging from a chopper in memes circulating the Internet.  A sad way to say goodbye to an incredibly experienced politician but the reality of the media today.

Then, and can you believe we’re only halfway through the year and Mr Abbott was still trying to raise his approval ratings, this time by eating an onion that caused the Internet to break.

  This onion became something of a legend when in September Mr Abbott was overthrown by Malcolm Turnbull, and the whole country put their onions out to say farewell to our controversial Prime Minister.

Then it was Malcolm Turnbull’s moment and Bill Shorten’s worst nightmare came true..  The tale of 2016 begins here.

Which political manoeuvres do you think made 2015 most entertaining?

  1. One I will never forget I don’t know how anyone could be stupid enough to say this out loud..the poor don’t drive cars ! this has been a mix of funny things and down right malicious things from the Liberal Government

    • And what kind of job does smoking Joe Hockey land – ambassador to America Geeesss; what I said above.

    • He didn’t say ‘ they dont drive cars ‘ he said they don’t drive as much ‘
      Why does everyone put their own spin on conversations .just like Tony Andrews in ABC , they don’t listen they change the conversation and answers to what they THInk or want to hear.
      I even raped shows to let people see the ACTUAL conversation .
      Makes quite a difference . A but if honesty die a change .

  2. It is a year many of us will never forget and the ridiculousness has only be outdone by the incompetence and attacks on Baby boomers and poorer Australian’s by this Government. To top it all off of they have more than doubled the deficit !!

    • Robb Gee  

      Check your facts Libbi. They inherited a galloping deficit created by the labour spendthrifts and when trying to fix the problem were blocked by a senate made up of the residual labour spendthrifts and the excommunist greens who struggle for original intelligent thoughts so they block everything put before them except bills that agree to kill babies or protect mongrel dogs.

      In the words of ebenezer Scrooge “bah humbug” to all politicians regardless of party. Give us men who care more fir their country than their party and strutting the world stage.

  3. Gaffes are apart of life get over it and move on for goodness sake.

    • All of it is the truth and there is much more that could have been said , like the poor don’t drive cars. We are only one day into the New Year and already there are problems with Briggs who alledgedly sexually harrassed a very young staffer and Mal Brough who is being investigated by the Federal Police and Pyne and Roy had a hand in that too

    • And don’t forget they are going to put Abbott back into the front bench. They cut all these things off Medicare and the minister of Heath cannot understand why the corporations have increased there prices by 50%. Basic economics in the Dunbar and dumber book could have told her this

    • You must have inside knowledge Bea, haven’t heard anything of Abbott’s return to the front bench.

      Have an actual read of what changes have been made to the red ate scheme, you might be surprised.

    • I have heard people saying maybe Mr. Abbott should be considered for the front bench, I have also heard Dan Teahan maybe considered for front bench too, only talk not actual at the moment, media talk only. Do people forget that ALL political parties have gaffes get over it and move on…..

    • I heard the same Bea, Turnbull has been pressured into giving Abbott a front bench position.

      Feeling a little bruised Judith, want to take your bat and ball and go home.

  4. Personally I think that the funniest thing is while this government is stripping our health system our schools our community services and then rubbing it into our faces by giving Murdock $887million dollars in tax back and the joke on us is he doesn’t have to pay tax. Just one of many hand outs to the rich while the average Australians are doing it hard. NOW THATS A JOKE and the funniest part is that they still have supporters. But only the wise can see that they rely on there supporters not actually being able to get the joke. To blind

    • Or let’s hope those in the union movement are made to pay back the millions of $ apparently stolen from members – and that they are also required to pat their fair share of tax.

    • Noel Hawes I bet you enjoyed your weekends off I bet you enjoyed penalty rates public holidays. Good health standards in the workplace. Without unions you wouldn’t have had that. Yes like all places of the workforce there is corruption by a very few in the unions. Why are you not going to condemn TURDburger for his corporate corruption cannot you see how billions of dollars have been swindled by large corporations. But your a union basher you got the benefits of a lifestyle from there hard work and you want to kick them in the face. I hope your children and grandchildren thank you when you vote liberals and strip the lifestyle away from them.

    • While Julie Bishop charters a private Jet costing $30K and it gets hushed up. Bronwyn Bishop hires a chopper costing $5000 looses her job. That makes me laugh. I know Julie Bishop was doing her job, Bronwyn Bishop was doing her job too.

    • Oh dear Shirley Bronwyn Biship hires a chopper to go how far REALLY you justify that sorry she could have got a train just a quickly after all TURDburger likes to boast how he catches trains

    • Shirley Naudè Sheftz ,Old Bronny could have caught a train or hire car, and the other TART, well that was a private function, nothing to do with her job, just playing it up to her toy boy

    • Or she could have used some intelligence ( oops she doesn’t have any) to skype it but she probably doesn’t know how to use it he lackey wasn’t around.

    • Shirley Naudè Sheftz none of them should be flying like the super rich at taxpayers expense, we have homeless on the streets who I am sure they look down on as they go first class

    • And David James don’t forget the farmers who are struggling with the drought but what’s being done for them

    • Bea Little I love how socilaists loving corrupt unions think that every entitlement in the workplace is attributable to unions. Utter rubbish. Unions are holding this country back while milking the blind of their membership dues. TURDball? Spoken like a Fucktard. 🙂

    • Blinded Irene he’s one who doesn’t get the joke and a mouth and mind like a yob

    • Bea Little take a look at his page, no friends, no timeline, we know who the fucktard is,,,liberal troll

    • Just wondering do people really need to sink so low and start name calling? We are all supposedly mature adults on this site.

    • Bea, I agree with you on what unions are supposed to and have provided in the past, sadly that is now not the case. They are far too interested in partisan politics, bulling work places, intimidation and other despicable activities.

      When all of the above stops, and unions get back to working for the workers, stop wasting members funds and get back to what they are meant to do, they will once again gain the respect they deserve. I fear though it will be a cold day in hell before that happens, unless they are forced to through legislation.

      FYI, I was a member of a union years ago – the metal workers union – I saw a representative once, to collect union dues. I was very quickly cured of the union curse.

    • Bea little Irene Keats. Great posts ladies. Funny as ,85 million. Spent on a royal commission to protect the low paid. Then cut penalty rates . For the poor sods scraping a living .

    • Kerosine Bishop wasn’t doing her job, she doesn’t have a portfolio. All her work at the time was in parliament, she just thought she’d go to a Liberal party bash

  5. You’ve nailed it. Except for Johnny Depp. Celebrities don’t deserve special treatment.

    • I agree but how much is this costing the taxpayers? we will probably never know and Depp could delay that court case forever

    • Noel Hawes, where do you pluck your figures from and if there are discrepencies there are legal avenues to pursue unlike many other organisations which get off scot free. We would all like to see a corruption free society but the reality is it is every where, if you pick on one, pick on them all.

    • And the cost to taxpayers of the royal commission, 80million I can think of many ways of spending this obscene amount of cash.

  6. Well they can’t do much worse tha last year can they..or can they? They are still rorting and after Turnbull got a $10 thousand dollar pay rise, he wants to cut low paid workers penalty rates !! Not many with morals in that Government

    • Oh they are just starting. Predict early election in March if people don’t wise up and vote these people out we will see much worse to come. Once every possible cent has been razored away from aged health/ Medicare schools and education not to mention pensions all this while they will continue to turn a blind eye to corporations that not only don’t pay tax but get billions back in subsidies.

    • Gail Riley  

      And he is already wealthy in his own right – yet has his hand out for more! Taking from the pensioners and those barely surviving show no conscience whatsoever!

    • If they win the next election we’re in trouble. At the moment them not having a majority in the senate is saving our arses

    • What I don’t like is the fact that even those MPs that did stupid things in the past will be getting payouts for the rest of their lives while those of us that worked all their lives have to fight for all they get in retirement

  7. I think it is quiet funny how two controversial ministers of the Turnbull government stand down while the national press and every else are on holidays. This government is full of self interest, far too suspicious and very dangerous.

  8. I think the latest bit of sneakiness, standing down the questionably ‘honourable gentlemen’ Jamie Briggs and Mal Brough while they thought no one would be looking, is a further bit of chicanery that should send signals that Turnbull is no better than Abbott.

  9. The knighthood of Sir Prince Phillip would have to be the gaffe and joke (on us) of the Century.I still can’t get over and comprehend how any Politician let alone the Prime Minister could even think to do this.

    • Wasn’t hard for that ex-boxer brain damaged idiot – what never ceases to amaze me is that fools still like him! Surely he is someone only a mother could love?

  10. What about Bill Shortens “I’m On the side of the angels” comment, I think he was referring to his relationship with the union movement.

    • He was trying to divert attention from the alleged rape. I’m predicting the pedophile PM will come out this year. Pedo Paul.

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