The Duchess of Cambridge turns 34… and a royal tour is announced!

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has celebrated her 34th birthday overnight as Kensington Palace released details about an upcoming royal

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has celebrated her 34th birthday overnight as Kensington Palace released details about an upcoming royal tour. There are big things in store for Catherine, William and Harry this year!

An announcement was made via the official palace Instagram, which reads: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make an official visit to Bhutan this spring”.

“The visit is being carried out at the request of Her Majesty’s Government and will be the first time Their Royal Highnesses have visited the country”.

In a heartwarming flashback, Kensington Palace also released photos of Lady Diana, Prince Charles and The Queen herself enjoying their own visits to Bhutan during decades gone by.

It’s bound to be a busy 2016 for the royal family, with Prince Harry also set to visit Nepal. “It will be the first time His Royal Highness has visited the country”, the palace Instagram reads.

Check out these royal announcements and historical photos for yourself!

Would you like to see the royal family return to Australia? Are you excited to see more of Catherine, William and Harry this year?

  1. Happy 34th Birthday & Best Wishes to Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. Hope your having a great day!

  2. A rich person with no real job who makes no contribution to society – except to sell mags & newspapers – yet receives accolades ! Weird! She’s probably a nice person but of what relevance is she???

    • Maybe the Royals in general give the commonwealth the feeling of stability and pride for their people. To say they don’t work hard simply isn’t true, they are leaders of their country and the charity work is never ending. Let’s face it good news stories are very rare, certainly no one is Australia brings about that warm fuzzy feeling do they.? Maria Gray others enjoy the Royals and probably think you are nothing but a grumpy woman! How sad is that.

    • absolute piffle ….royals do not work …they turn up to charity events in their names …which actually costs the town / event planner heaps ..extra security is always needed ..which in turn costs the British taxpayer even more to keep them…not one single pound is ever given from their incredible personal fortune …by all means believe in your fluffy Royal fairy tales Denise …but don’t call people names ..when they speak the truth ….

    • Just another point of view. I disagree with both you ladies, and I also am allowed a point of view. No one that knows me believes I am a royalist and you’re wrong with that. Good news stories was the point I was making. If you can find a good one for Australia please ladies let’s hear it.

    • The royals do the same jobs our members of parliament do! Cutting ribbons, showing up on disaster sites, handing over trophies and chairing charities! I like to see another woman in her 80s who does as much PR as the Queen does! Where ever the Royals go bigger crowds gather! I appreciate what they are doing and I am NOT a monarchist!

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