The bad blood between Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull continues

Ever since Malcolm Turnbull shot down Kevin Rudd’s hopes and dreams of becoming Secretary General of the United Nations there

Ever since Malcolm Turnbull shot down Kevin Rudd’s hopes and dreams of becoming Secretary General of the United Nations there has no shortage of bad blood between the two men.

Following revelations the cabinet actually voted 11-10 in favour of Kevin, the former PM has spoken the News Corp and said Malcolm’s ‘Captain’s Call’ to shut him down was a “monstrous intrusion” of domestic politics.

“I respect the fact that the Prime Minister has the right to make these decisions and that goes without question,” Kevin told The Australian.

“What I don’t respect is, having pursued this campaign for United Nations secretary-general for such a long period of time in abso­lute good faith, to then see that good faith dishonoured and trust broken.”

Never one to sit idly by, Malcolm has issued a blunt assessment of why he believes Kevin doesn’t deserve the job, saying he has “neither the interpersonal skills nor the temperament to be a candidate”.

“I’m not going to get into a debate about Kevin Rudd and his various assertions. The facts are pretty clear and the decision was a correct one,” he told Melbourne’s 3AW radio.

“At all relevant times he knew that this was a matter for the cabinet, he knew there would be no guarantee that he would be nominated if and when he asked for such a nomination.

“He was certainly told in absolutely unequivocal terms in May that my estimation was that if he went to the cabinet he would not be supported and I told him why.”

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne also piped up, criticising Kevin for dragging out the story.

“It’s all about Kevin, as usual with Kevin Rudd,” he said.

“Since the announcement that we wouldn’t nominate him for secretary-general of the UN he has underlined why he is not a suitable candidate, because his behaviour has been quite extraordinary.

“The cabinet decided not to support him because, like you write a reference for a former employee or a friend, you shouldn’t do that if you don’t think that person is suitable for the job.

“I’m not going to get into what Kevin Rudd wants … which is a myopic discussion of Kevin Rudd and his future. The truth is he’s no longer the prime minister, he’s no longer in parliament, the cabinet is not nominating him for secretary-general of the UN, and everyone needs to move on including Kevin.”

The decision has divided many voters with some saying Kevin was the best man for the job, while others say it’s time for him to accept his fate and move on.

Either way, there have been suggestions both men are treading into dangerous territory, with Kevin only adding to reports he is ‘power obsessed’ and Malcolm tarnishing his leadership with a ‘captain’s call’ similar to those made by the man he ousted, Tony Abbott.

What are your thoughts?

Should Kevin Rudd move on and stop talking to the press about it? Or was Malcolm Turnbull wrong to shut down his UN dream?

  1. Sue Black  

    Absolutely the right call by Turnbull. Representing Australia by a man, when in office, was not a team- builder or one who didn’t tolerate anyone else’s opinion or judgement but his own, is not the sort of representative I would want to be a Secretary Gen of the UN, whether he came from Australia or not. Great call.

  2. Russell Denning  

    Agree – Kevin Rudd has shown hi true character and ability often. Really isn’t political – he just isn’t the right person for the job.

  3. Margot Cavanagh  

    The UTube cat video said it all.

  4. Kostas Fotiadis  

    What needs to be understood is that Cabinet by a vote of 11-10 was of the view that Kevin Rudd was potentially a suitable candidate to be considered by the Security Council for the position of Secretary General NOT to be appointed to the position as the Government’s rhetoric would like us to believe. As part of the selection process it is the Security Council that nominates their preferred candidate to the General Assembly that ultimately decides who is the successful applicant to the position of Secretary General. It is not up to any PM to firstly override their Cabinet’s wishes and decisions and secondly to publicly state their derogatory and erroneous views about any Australian let alone a past Prime Minister and particularly the one who saved Australia from the catastrophe of a recession during the GFC. A PM who for some petty partisan reason and contrary to Australia’s interests not only went against his Cabinet but also ignored the advice of his Foreign Minister and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This smell’s or rather stinks of Tony Abbott’s captain call of Prince Phillip. I will patiently wait for Turnbull’s turn to come!!!! and I hope is very, very soon. He is the biggest disappointment and “back flipper” Australian politics have ever seen!!

    • Anne Wolski  

      I agree. This whole liberal government are a disgrace and an embarrassment to Australia

    • Well I have read on facebook that he has considered and the person he has nominated for the job is the rabbit Tony (R) Abbot you have got to b joking surely

    • Murray  

      Fair enough to make a Captain’s Call. The Cabinet was split down the middle, not confirming him outright. Rudd didn’t save us from any recession he simply wasted the surplus the previous government had created on pink batts and school halls.

      • mareela  

        You rightoids have great difficulty admitting a Labor PM saved Australia from the GFC. Grow up and admit the truth. The history books tell the truth even if you can’t. Rudd should have been nominated and Turnbull is the loser here. Actually Turnbull is just a big loser who, along with his very minor majority government has absolutely no idea how to manage this country’s economy. Turnbull is nothing but a lame duck PM who will be ousted by his own party sooner rather than later.

  5. Peter Maslen  

    Rudd was never suitable for the job. He is so wishy washy. On second thought he probably would have suited the UN which never resolves anything playing softly softly so as not to offend anyone.

  6. Bruce Taylor  

    The fact that Turnbull chose to ignore the wishes of his own cabinet seems rather strange. Especially as he expects US to believe that they are the people best suited to running the country.
    There is a chance that the vote for the UN office may be postponed until after the American presidential elections. If this is so there is more than a slim chance that Rudd will be nominated by Hillary Clinton should she win because she is anxious to get someone in that understands the Chinese and sees Rudd as one of the best available.

  7. Joan Marshall  

    Kevin Rudd is not the person for the job of Secretary General he has NOT got the temperament for the job. Malcolm Turnbull is absolutely correct. We are ambassadors for Australia both at home and abroad for goodness sake we would not want any one to bring disgrace on Australia.

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