That’s a croc: Australia wants to export more crocodile products

We’ve all seen crocodile bags and shoes, but many of us can go without these luxury products. However it seems

We’ve all seen crocodile bags and shoes, but many of us can go without these luxury products. However it seems Australian officials don’t share the same views, and want the world to be able to wear some of our nation’s creatures on their backs.

According to 7News, Australian officials are looking to increase the export of crocodile products this year, after many years of official protection to stop them being hunted have inadvertently increased their numbers.

Under a new Saltwater Crocodile Wildlife Trade Management Plan (WTMP), which came into effect just days ago, the Northern Territory’s government wants to increase the trade in crocodile products, including skins.

“Significantly, the WTMP supports the growth of industry by allowing an annual harvest ceiling of 90,000 viable eggs and 1,200 animals,” Minister for Land Resource Management Minister Willem Westra van Holthe said in a statement.

“This represents a 40 percent increase for eggs and a 100 percent rise for animals over the previous five-year plan limit”.

Hundreds of crocodiles have to be rounded up every year to protect residents, so there’s that to consider, however it has some wondering if taking eggs from the wild just for export is humane.

The reptiles were considered a pest in the Northern Territory and were hunted nearly to extinction before being officially protected in 1971.

More than 250 crocodiles were removed from waterways around Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, last year including a 4.25 metre-long (13.9 feet) male – but does this mean we need to be selling them off?


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  1. Squat down in the bush near a river and have a croc try to bite your butt – then ask the same question 🙂

  2. Rosanne  

    If we can’t see our earth products why resort to selling off our wildlife. Oh OK, anything for a buck!!!!!

  3. Well don’t squat there then / I’m guessing your not stupid / you know they are there x we have no higher right to be here than any animal x

  4. Why not , go for it be4 the ISIS eat them all Up , hehehe , “True “

  5. Some crocs are bred for their skins why do you think they have crocodile farms I don’t see anything wrong with it ,chooks beef ,kangaroo lamb,rabbit, you name it somebody eats it .

  6. Anonymous  

    Any of you old enough to remember “A Town Like Alice” same thing

  7. Harvesting eggs? No wild animal should have to live in captivity. And there is absolutely no need for anyone to use animal skins when there are so many high quality synthetic alternatives available. Too many unsustainable practices – wildlife poaching, factory farming, overpopulation of humans – already doing so much damage to the earth and her animals. We need to learn to live in harmony with nature, not destroy it in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

  8. I love Crocs. I spent five years fishing among them whilst living in Darwin. I think there are to many large Crocs and these are the man eaters that need to be removed. As long as the numbers are controlled I don’t see the problem.

  9. We have a big croc farm not far from our town. It is very interesting to do a tour. They harvest everything. I have not had a croc steak but have been told it is nice. The skin is lovely. I would love a handbag and shoes. I don’t mind controlled culling to control numbers in the wild.

    • Debbie I have had croc steak, it’s nice but I think mine may have been overlooked so it was a bit dry.

  10. Our only real defence in the north country to stem the flow of illegals, don’t kill’em all, ay!???

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