Teachers evacuated after being violently threatened

We have been disgusted by the violent attacks of our ambos and it’s not over – now, teachers have become the
Photo credit: YouTube (CNC News).

We have been disgusted by the violent attacks of our ambos and it’s not over – now, teachers have become the latest target in Aurukun.

Twenty-five staff of the Cape York Academy have been evacuated from the indigenous community, after principal Scott Fatnowna and his wife were allegedly threatened by youths carrying knives and machetes on Saturday.

In an earlier incident, Mr Fatnowna was allegedly attacked by youths carrying an axe and carjacked after he came to the aid of two female staff who had called for help when youths allegedly attempted to break into their accommodation.

Most of the academy’s staff had actually just returned to the community on Thursday, but tensions at the weekend has forced them to ask to leave again.

“It is very important that we address immediately today the issues that are happening in Aurukun – number one has always been the safety of staff in Aurukun and the safety of the community,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says.

“I have been advised that the teachers are feeling unsafe, so we are going to get the teachers out, that is number one,” she told the Brisbane Times.

Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Taylor says this has been “a sad set of circumstances where an individual who is committed to helping the education of kids in Aurukun become the victim. Sadly, some of those perpetrators were juveniles”.

Do you think it’s fair that the teachers had to endure this terrible incident? Is there a greater issue to be addressed here?

  1. [email protected]  

    I can remenber as if it was yesterday, actually it would have been about 17 years ago when my Daughter was informed that her. NSW FIRE BRIGADE husband had to have a POLICE ESCORT when he tried to deliver some Fire Equipment into a central west NSW town, I willnot mention which one now, it was a long time ago, but she has nit forgotten the incident, neither have the family.
    Ambos, Teachers and Fire Fighters, what next?

  2. Elizabeth  

    The perps would soon cease if, like in Singapore, they got a whipping. That’s exactly what they need.
    There’s no crime there, of any description!

    But that won’t happen here, because the greens & the nambie-pambies would object.
    The perps have more ‘rights’ than the victims’.
    The world is upside-down!

    So do nothing until a teacher is killed. Typical.

  3. Edwina  

    The cops’ stand-by & watch females brawling in the streets. No attempt to stop, arrest, gaol them. The cops’ have let this go on for way too long. Are they scared of doing their job, that they’re paid to do?

    That’s called ‘lawlessness’.

    Bring in the Army to patrol the streets until those feral kids, & their parents, learn their behaviour is totally unacceptable.

    Sick of paying Taxes to eventual Centrelink for these criminals.

  4. Pamela  

    It’s more than sad; it’s criminal – and should be dealt with as such.

    I’m surprised the community was named though because of political correctness.

    It will be everyone else’s fault if and when these people increase incarceration statistics – and heaven forbid they harm themselves. That will be our fault too!

  5. It is shameful that this can be allowed to happen in a community that once would have governed itself and where the elders were both respected and knew what to do about children bent on causing trouble in the community. I believe that a conversation between the adult members of this community and the the state government needs to happen. If the local police are not members of this community then they should be. If drugs or alcohol are impacting the community, assistance should be given to rid it of the problem. Above all, those in the community need to take ownership of the problems and be given the assistance to do this.

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