Stunning new photos: Kate wears Princess Diana’s signature tiara for the first time

The Duchess of Cambridge has spellbound onlookers by wearing Princess Diana’s signature tiara to a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace overnight.

The Duchess of Cambridge has spellbound onlookers by wearing Princess Diana’s signature tiara to a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace overnight.

Kate wore the dazzling Cambridge Lovers Knot for the first time, at this glittering event attended by 1500 guests, including her husband Prince William and Her Majesty the Queen. This annual event is considered the highlight of London’s diplomatic calendar.

The crown features a stunning display of pearls and diamond arches, and it was bestowed upon Princess Diana by the Queen on her wedding day in 1981.

Diana favourited this particular tiara, wearing it to a swathe of important engagements before her untimely death at age 36.

What do you think of these stirring pictures? How sentimental do you think this tiara is for both Kate and William?

  1. Enough. ‘bye all, it’s been interesting but the overwhelming adoration of the british royals on an Australian site is sickening.

    • Sorry to see you go, I have no interest either so I just scroll past without looking at these articles.

    • Lyn Bradford There are far too many; several every single day. Thanks for the comment, I’ve unliked the site. It is a pity because occasionally they post interesting stuff.

  2. Prince William would have given the tiara to Kate to wear for a reason , it suits her , it’s their decision

  3. why did you remove Alan’s comment ??? .he had said what many of us are thinking …

    • sorry ..been out all day ..Alan said he is absolutely sick of monarchy posts in out…and he will be unliking this page ..I would like SaS to show us the other side of the royals …the European media printed an article this morning…citing how disgraceful & embarassing Katie’s clothing is ..on a recent trip to Malaysia her dresses were up to her **** as per usual…..remember she pulled that trick here in Oz as well …

    • Yes, I know what you mean Rosanna.’Royalists’ here seem to think that these people are loved in the UK, unfortunatley they don’t realise that in the UK they are very much not liked. As for her clothes sense, I think that’s a bit too personal and the press shouldn’t even be commenting on that ….. although, it’s the taxpayers of the UK who fund their lifestyle. I agree, SAS are only showing the up side of these people, It would be great to see something negative and the reaction of these ‘royalists’.

    • it wasn’t her clothes sense as such Victoria was the knicker flashing/ very low necklines being paraded in front of esteemed dignities …whose ladies dress respectfully ..even that old racist Phil threw her a blanket at the queen’s jubilee ….

    • he prob would generally ..but his wife was present ….remember Willy found this woman at Uni parading half naked …an seeing she was found fertile…problem solved …

  4. To be brutally honest I don’t that tiara suits Kate at all – makes her look like an old severe woman it always looked great on Diana because it was framed by her wispy hair.

  5. One of my favourite photo’s of a young Queen Elizabeth shows her wearing this tiara.

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