Something’s just not right about this billionaire brickie

When carpenter and bricklayer Phillip Harrison was pulled over, police found a lot more than drugs in his car. In

When carpenter and bricklayer Phillip Harrison was pulled over, police found a lot more than drugs in his car. In fact, turns out the tradie has a secret wealth of $12 billion – with no explanation for those funds.

The 29-year-old has been charged with seven offences, including drug possession and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. He was pulled over by police whilst driving a luxury sports car filled with drugs throughout Brisbane.

Mr Harrison was carrying over $12 000 worth of ice, but that’s not what has raised eyebrows. Upon further investigation, it was revealed the tradie has $590 million in his bank account.

Over just twelve months, Mr Harrison has also amassed a staggering $12 billion worth of property, cash and cars. However, the tradie says he’s “not at liberty” to say where those funds came from.

He claims the “government” supplied the sports car in question, but won’t reveal any further details. Duty lawyer Nick Hanly initially thought the tradie’s claim were false.

“I was considering getting mental health to come in”, Mr Hanly told Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday. However, Mr Harrison then showed his lawyer bank account details.

“I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes”, Mr Hanly explained. “He said he wasn’t at liberty to say (where the funds came from)”.

“It’s one of the most bizarre cases I have ever come across”, the duty lawyer added. “He did not make any attempt to run and he was not trying to hide the drugs or evade police”.

The tradie has defended himself, denying that his wealth has been procured illegally. “How would I make billions in drugs without being caught?”

“My investments, my ideas in cars, apps, trade, I sold them overseas, have been for years”, Mr Harrison claimed.

Police prosecutors believed that Mr Harrison’s passport should be surrendered, given that his considerable means make him a ‘flight risk’.

Magistrate Anthony Gett agreed, but did grant bail provided that Mr Harrison remains at his Sunshine Coast address. Mr Harrison will be back in court next month, but the case has raised many questions.

“Something doesn’t add up with this story”, one man commented on Facebook. Whilst another added, “Maybe he laid the bricks for the Great Wall of China!”

What are your thoughts on this bizarre turn of events?

Bricklayer-carpenter Phillip Harrison, who was charged with seven offences including possession of various drugs and…

Posted by The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, March 26, 2016

  1. Joan Marshall  

    People most of them will do anything for money. Somehow people who do have millions or billions think it makes them better people it certainly does not. It pays the bills it gives you comforts but it will not make you a better person and that is to be respected and trusted. This Brickie is on the wrong side of the track.

  2. Melissa  

    Ya reckon?

    He didn’t win those amounts on ‘Lotto’!

    Duty lawyer looked on-line to check the bank balance. Sites can be faked.
    Suggest he go into the Bank’s HO, & check with Manager.

  3. Investment in bit-coins trade, other investments, apps are all a possibility as well as drug trade and inside trading. I’m sure the police can trace the money trail….to government (?)….sound like espionage…our own Mr Bond? or Mr Goldfinger? or, is he holding a bundle for the Mad Monk’s re-election? Great mystery for the time being!…the mind will go crazy with speculations…On the bright side if it is discovered that he is a crook then all his wealth can be confiscated by the government…Wow! 12 billion to reduce the deficit!!!!

  4. Sue  

    What’s he like at hacking into accounts? Does he also have good IT skills?

  5. Robinoz  

    It’s a staggering amount of money for anyone, especially someone so young. It will be interesting to know where he acquired it . My guess it will have been obtained unlawfully, but I could be wrong.

  6. even banking a $1 per brick he laid , would still not have a million $$, which could not happen

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