Someone out there is $23 million richer and doesn’t yet know it – help us find them!

Last night’s $70 million Powerball Jackpot has produced three winners, but there’s one who may not yet know they are

Last night’s $70 million Powerball Jackpot has produced three winners, but there’s one who may not yet know they are holding onto a winning ticket.

We’d love to be the ones to let this person know they have won… $23 million dollars!

Could it be you? The ticket was bought from Tosh’s Convenience Store in Chippendale Street in Townsville and the winner is no a registered Tatts member, meaning there is no way to contact them.

Instead the wait is on to find out who has the lucky numbers.

The numbers are 3, 5, 19, 26, 35 and 1. The Powerball was 18.

Tosh’s Convenience Store manager Hayley Williams told Fairfax media,”We have a lot of customers and a lot of people who come through, especially with the jackpot. We’re encouraging everyone to come forward,” she said.

“We’re stoked. We can’t even explain how happy we are to sell a winning ticket. It’s amazing.”

The other two winners were from New South Wales and Western Australia.

Last night’s draw paid out just shy of $100 million to winners with division two to division eight results; next Thursday’s jackpot will be $3 million.

Could you hold last night’s winning ticket? Could someone you know? Be sure to let them know!

Do you play the lotteries? How long have you done so and have you ever had a win? What would you do with your winnings? 


  1. it is not me I don’t buy tickets because I never win a thing and just lose my money, but good luck to whoever won it

  2. Not me, after 23 years of running it at work and the most we ever won in that time was $1100.00 between 16 of us, I haven’t bought a ticket since I retired 3 years ago. Good luck to everyone with a ticket!

  3. I can just see a lotto winner wanting their details plastered all over facebook and the media. If they’re $23 million richer then they deserve their privacy.

  4. Not me that’s for sure, unless some nice person bought me a ticket and forgot to tell me.

  5. They don’t want to publicise the name of the winner, and they won’t, they are merely telling people who bought a ticket in that area to check their ticket, because the winner wasn’t s registered player, so is no contact name or number

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