Should cyclists pay the same fines as motorists?

Police and motoring groups are calling for cyclists to pay the same traffic fines as drivers, as they currently get

Police and motoring groups are calling for cyclists to pay the same traffic fines as drivers, as they currently get off almost scot-free on a range of offences.

Currently, cyclists are only fined around $50 running a red light, while motorists can get a fine in the hundreds.

And now the SA Police want the Government to intervene so cyclists won’t be able to ride on by when it comes to serious traffic infringements.

It seems like just another shot fired for cyclists who regularly face criticism and scrutiny.

Adelaide Now reports police say new cyclist laws have too lenient punishments for riding on footpaths, and have used Queensland’s penalties as an example.

The police submission was revealed in the Transport Department’s Regulatory Impact Statement into the new laws, which was released in September.

The RAA agreed and said penalties should be equal “to counter the view that cyclists are exempt from rules that apply to motorists’’.

“The rationale for the increase is that cyclists who disobey road rules such as riding through red lights put themselves and other users at risk,’’ the submission said.

According to RAA road safety manager Charles Mountain, “Some may argue that a cyclist running a red light is not as dangerous as a car — but there is still the propensity to cause a crash,’’ he said.

“Take a pedestrian crossing, for example, with schoolchildren crossing while cars are stopped but a cyclist comes through on the inside at 30km/h. There could be a serious injury”.


The respective submissions are currently under review.

We want to know today, where do you stand on cyclist punishments for similar motorist infringements? Do you think it’s fair for all road users to be treated the same?


  1. All road users should be treated the same. I also think that bicycles should be registered.

    • Janet O’ one is suggesting or talking about children. parent hopefully would allow their child to go on busy roads

    • unfortunately parents do allow their children cycle on the roads and there are young teenagers that are too young to pay for registrations

    • I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I also think there should be a written test of road rules they have to pass. If the rider already has a drivers or motorbike licence then obviously they would not need to sit for an additional test. But I think that all bicycle rider should have to prove that they know the road rules.

    • Janet O’Connor I personally don’t believe that children should be allowed to ride their bicycles on the road. I have seen children blissfully unaware of what is going on around them and drivers have to be hyper vigilant. Recipe for disaster.

    • Jan Shepherd Unfortunately I see a lot of young children riding their bicycles in my town. It is a nightmare. Some as young as 6 with say a 10 year old on another bicycle. At this age they should not be on the road. We have a bicycle park in town where we would take our children to ride their bicycles. It is set up like a real road with traffic lights and everything. Our children loved it and they were safe.

  2. Absolutely. I will start giving way to them when they pay registration fees, have insurance, and have number plates so we can identify them.

  3. 100% …..some bike riders think it is their God given right to do what the hell they like on our roads even though they,as cyclists,contribute absolutely nothing.

    • So you want school children to be banned from riding bikes as they would be too young to be registered and insured. Good idea, better to drive them to school each day.

    • Lol noooo… Over 16 should be fined if they’re not obeying the road rules & it wouldn’t hurt for you all to sit a simple road rules test to hold a registered license if you don’t already have a drivers license. It doesn’t hurt for all riders/ drivers to be responsible on the roads/ paths.

    • I had to pass a road safety test before I could ride my bike to primary school

  4. They certainly should. I also believe they should pay to use our roads. I walk my dog every morning and it really irks me when I have to get out of the way of cyclists who are using a very narrow footpath to ride on. They seem to think they can do whatever they like. Years ago when I was working I was nearly cleaned up by a cyclist who had run a red light. Perth could certainly do with more cycle paths though.

  5. cyclists use the pedestrian crossings regularly, and really need to either be a vehicle or a pedestrian… they can’t be both

    • This happened to me yesterday ,bike rider came from no where to ride across the crossing as I was turning left,just lucky I saw him at last second and braked!!!
      Totally agree with you
      Diana Greynomads Ross

  6. I thoroughly agree, road laws have been introduced to make drivers provide extra clearance when passing cyclists but in the Adelaide Hills you come across them on narrow stretches of road with double lines and nowhere to pass. Some dash cam from trucks has shown just how impossible these rules are in some situations just avoiding cleaning up the cyclist can be an achievement in itself. Cyclists right to ride everywhere is a given despite roads not catering for them and cars to co exist. So if drivers cop a fine of a certain amount for infringements so should cyclists, and some sort of licensing system needs to be introduced to help provide some road improvements so I don’t have to edge over a double line to pass that Lycra clad pack dawdling along on hills roads.

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