Shopper finds something disgusting in his Aldi rice

Just as Jay Byrne was ready to drop some egg-fried rice into his curry, he smelt a ‘rancid’ smell and peered into

Just as Jay Byrne was ready to drop some egg-fried rice into his curry, he smelt a ‘rancid’ smell and peered into the packet.

He had a nasty shock when he ripped open the packet of Bilash Egg Fried Microwavable Rice, and found his Aldi egg-fried rice was covered in green and blue mould.

Jay said that he called Aldi’s customer service department and was told that he would be refunded the price of the rice if he presented a receipt, which he no longer had, reports The Sun.

Photo: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.

The sell-by date on the rice was September 2017 which is why he was surprised to find the contents already rotten.

“Needless to say Aldi’s microwavable rice is off menu for good,” said Jay who bought the from Aldi in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

“I still have this rice well wrapped up, you cannot really appreciate its rancid aroma in all its intensity until you have a lung full of it.

“It is absolutely shocking and a disgusting mess.”

Luckily, we’ve had mostly wonderful experiences in our Aldi here in Australia!

Would this stop you from buying packed meals?

  1. Yvonne  

    I dont buy food unless it is made in Australia so why do you buy crap food not grown and packaged in our great nation? Support Australia and Ausrailan Food Regulations.

  2. Eleanor Norman  

    This was in Great Britain. Nevertheless don’t buy crap like this.

  3. Chris  

    I dont shop at Aldi but the mouldy rice isnt Aldi’s fault. They wouldnt have any idea what is in a food package. However, if I were the Aldi buyer, I wouldnt bother with that supplier again.

  4. Michelle turner  

    Just opened a mouldy packet of that rice too-bought at Aldi on the Gold Coast.

  5. Lynette  

    I bought a packet of shredded Bega Cheese from Woollies a few years back and upon opening it that night saw it was green and moldy all through
    Took it back for a refund but it didn’t stop me from buying it again

  6. Brian Lee  

    Certainly on the rare occasions we have had something wrong like this, (and show me a super market that DOESN’T have the odd item that creeps through their systems), Aldi have always exchanged it immediately, without asking for any proof of purchase. Perhaps they aren’t as good in the UK, but we certainly have no complaints here!

    • Jude Power  

      I agree: I’ve returned a few food items to Aldi over a 7 or 8 year time span and they’ve refunded the money with or without a receipt

    • Jasmine  

      Every Supermarket knows their own products’, so receipt actually shouldn’t be required for faulty stock.

  7. Ed Henry  

    Can we please get SAS to block this Tara Ellis from bombarding us with unwanted ads in evey article.

  8. I agree with Ed Henry–Why do we have to look at the advertisement from Tara Ellis?? She should be fined !!

  9. i am sure Aldies did not package that rice. I bought rice from woolworths and when I opened it, there were many moths and grubs in the rice, not all had hatched but again I am sure that wollies did not put those things in the rice.

  10. joanna galea  

    Does over 60 has something against Aldi? This is the second time in as many weeks I read something like this about Aldi.The funny thing is THAT IT WAS AN OVERSEAS ALDI. It seems to me over 60 are always putting down Aldi. These things happen in all supermarkets. over 60 do not have much to read that is interesting anymore.

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