‘Severe’ earthquake strikes New Zealand

New Zealand’s South Island has been hit with another severe earthquake this afternoon. It is the second time this month
New Zealand
'Severe' earthquake strikes New Zealand again.

New Zealand’s South Island has been hit with another severe earthquake this afternoon. It is the second time this month that South Island has been devastated by the earthquake. The 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit near Kaikoura, with GNS Science reporting it as severe, about 17 kilometres deep. Kaikoura is the same place that was rocked by the 7.8 magnitude quake in November. The earthquake hit 30 kilometres east of Seddon, a town in the South Island’s Marlborough wine region.

Twitter user Sarah said, “Holy moly that was a big shake! People were under desks at work. Guess it’s a reminder that it’s not over…” while Twitter user Nature Hiker called it “quite a shake.”

According to New Zealand Herald, aftershocks have already been felt, and 7000 people are believed to have felt the earthquake.

Seddon Volunter Fire Brigade chief fire officer Keiron Hebberd said it was the first large earthquake he had felt in a while.

“You actually felt it, it wasn’t just a quick jolt,” he said to Stuff NZ.

“I think everyone felt it here, I haven’t seen any damage yet but it’s always hard to tell.”

There had been no call-outs immediately following the earthquake, Hebberd said.

The aftershocks since the major earthquake about 3.30pm have been magnitudes of 3.8 and 3.3. It was felt in Wellington, in the North Island, and even Christchurch.

A resident said the quake shook the area violently for up to 15 seconds.
GNS has warned people inside buildings should take no more than a few steps and they should stay inside until the shaking stops. Those outdoors should stay away from buildings, trees, streetlights and power lines.
There have been no reported deaths.

This is the fourth earthquake to strike New Zealand in the same year and comes just one month after a horrific 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the South Island near Hamner Springs, north of Christchurch where two people died. Tsunami warnings were also put in place clean-up is estimated to cost hundreds and millions of dollars.

To our Kiwi friends and those currently in New Zealand, stay safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  1. Linda McMullen  

    It is nearly impossible to read about this and other stories because of the insertion of all the annoying ads! Please STOP deluging us with all the advertising and let us read the real news!

    • R. Robinson  

      Linda …. Download “Facebook Purity”.

    • Marie Bowen  

      Hi Linda,….I thought it was my iPad playing up ….do you get freezing and then the screen goes blank and it starts reloading again……so annoying

    • Chris  

      I agree with you. I have almost given up on this site because of this frustration. I understand the need for ads, but the way this site does it combined with the continual refreshing makes me really reluctant to open many of the links

  2. OH NZ you poor people. Many prayers coming your way. Much love from your Aussie neighbors.❤️🙏🏽❤️

  3. Ally  

    Wasn’t too bad. ‘Severe’ is only a scale with a wide range of scenarios. It was quite short- it is the longer ones that get the adrenalin going. For those who have never felt an earthquake is was probably in the scarey range but for us it was only a reminder that a big one is possibly round the corner. Thanks for the support.
    Hanmer – not Hamner! Common mistake,

  4. Dorothy Buswell  

    Yes, I agree with Linda it does get very frustrating and I am getting to the point where I just don’t look at the site, I did open this one up about the New Zealand earthquake and hope that everyone is safe. My grandson who is an electrician is working over there, says there is such a lot of work to be done to get everything back to some normality, they don’t need any more earthquakes

  5. Leigh Storey  

    Our thoughts are with you in earthquake areas. Hopefuly no major damage or loss of life. We came to Australia from Hawkes Bay so do have some idea of what you are going through. Try to stay safe & support each other.

  6. thelma angus  

    hope everyones safe from aussie

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