‘Send Australian soldiers to fight ISIS’… Former army chief speaks his mind

Former Army Chief Peter Leahy says Australian soldiers should be sent to defeat terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS). Professor Leahy

Former Army Chief Peter Leahy says Australian soldiers should be sent to defeat terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS).

Professor Leahy says special forces, or SAS, soldiers should be part of the fight against IS and has called for a boots-on-the-ground approach.

While some Australians agree that more needs to be done to tackle IS, many argue it is not our fight to win and that the terrorist group should be defeated by armies from Middle Eastern countries instead.

There have been ongoing debates about how large a role Australia should play in the fight against IS, with some saying we should deal with the problems in our own country before we go and fight somewhere else.

Professor Leahy strongly disagrees though.

“Anywhere where Australian interests are affected, we should be seeking to establish and build long-term relationships with those forces.

“That has to go beyond­ a two-week training trip to the country,” he told The Australian.

“We can’t just waltz around the world killing people,” he said, but pointed out that IS is one of the world’s most dangerous enemies.

“They move very quickly and they are able to defeat our means of detection a lot of the time; we need a tighter weave ­between intelligence and Defence in offshore roles where we work closely with host nations to protect our interests,” he said.

What do you think about Peter Leahy’s comments?

Should Australian soldiers be sent overseas to fight against Islamic State? Or, should Australia stay out of the fight and focus on problems here instead?

  1. Having spent over 40 years in the company of many serving and x members of the Army i know that the majority would be saying “that is what we trained for”. I also am very aware of the broken , broken men and probably women who have returned to our shores and no longer know how “to be home”, battling invisible wounds that the majority of Australians dont understand. I say NO The cost is way to high….if they must go overseas they should be going no further than West Papua…that is the fight our soldiers should be fighting if any…

    • Tricia Roberts-Hay  

      Being an army widow, I agree Nettie Vino!! Also I think that getting involved ‘over there’ will bring more retribution to our shores!! surly this is the LAST THING we would want!!!

  2. This is a tricky subject – In my opinion I dont think our soldiers should go to fight ISIS – give the soldiers a say and they would say “lets go for it”. We have a lot of injured soldiers from Afghanistan both physically and mentally, have they helped the situation over there? Who knows. The army boys say yes – they have got schools on the go and several other projects which has helped the population, BUT – ISIS is a different story. This dreadful band of thugs need to be stopped before they gain to much more momentum but at what cost to our boys and girls. If the world unites to fight these thugs then it would be a different story again.

  3. Joan Marshall  

    Yes it is imperative we stop ISIS but at what cost of young life which makes me so sad.

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