Senator lashes out over proposed aged care cuts

In all the talk about Sam Dastyari and the same-sex marriage plebiscite, there’s been another major issue that could affecting

In all the talk about Sam Dastyari and the same-sex marriage plebiscite, there’s been another major issue that could affecting you going unnoticed – or so it may seem.

If you weren’t all over May’s budget, the Turnbull Government was reportedly proposing a $1.2 billion cut to the aged care sector.

Reports are that the proposed cuts could cost reduce support per resident each year 11% or around $6655 and $18,000.

Although the Australian Financial Review has reported that the Turnbull Government is considering looking at reducing the cuts, Senator Nick Xenophon is isn’t happy about it.

Yesterday one of his Nick Xenophon Team senators and the Greens called for an inquiry into the proposed aged care cuts.

They want an inquiry to look at the impact of service delivery and care for older Australians, the impact of the proposed cuts on the aged care sectors ability to deliver complex health care and the consultation process used by the Government.

But the calls for the inquiry were rejected by the Labor and LNP senators – prompting Nick Xenophon to lash out on social media.

In a Facebook post, he called out the major parties for not backing an inquiry.

“According to the sector, the cuts will put lives at risk and cause massive cost blowouts to the nation’s health system and this lack of support for an inquiry shows the major parties have snubbed their noses at this advice and threat to our health system,” he wrote.

The post attracted dozens of comments, including one from someone who works in the aged care industry.

“It’s disastrous I work in the field and really can’t see how further cuts would be possible without endangering lives,” one person wrote.

Xenophon’s comments come as a letter published by the Sunraysia Daily from UnitingCare Australia reveals concerns about the impact of the cuts.

“The aged care workforce will also suffer, as providers will be compelled to review, and potentially reduce, staffing levels,” the letter reads.

“This will affect nurses, allied health professionals and administrative staff and comes at a time of greatly increased demand for aged care services.

“People in residential aged care are already suffering from a range of conditions such as dementia, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and mobility impairment. They don’t need to suffer more as a result of these unfair cuts to aged care.”

What do you think? Should their be an inquiry into the proposed aged care cuts? Do the proposed cuts concern you?

  1. Leon Collinson  

    It’s fine for the Pollies to consider cuts to an aging population for care and services as these people will never be in a position with their perks they receive to have to rely on a handout to survive as majority of Australians will. Time they took the silver spoon out of there mouths and joined the real world.

    • Arlene  

      So totally agree. They sit there all High and Mighty. Do they care NO . As long as they get their big pay rises. Nothing and No one Matters. They live a very wealthy lifestyle, while we get less and less.👹

  2. Jane  

    The aged care system as it is needs an upgrade not a down grade as it is in most facilities do not have enough staff on each shift as it is ,when they expect 2 workers to look after 20 high care residents in a shift its not right . So why don’t you politicians stop giving yourself pay rises as you have just done and cut out your perks and put that towards aged care and hospitals and anything else that needs a hand instead of putting it in your pocket or giving it overseas . We need it here .

    • Catherine whelan  

      Agreed the facility i used to work at is using a resident as a volunteer worker, absolute disaster in the making he is transferring and going around with a clipboard reporting back to management about things he believes arr not being done entering residents rooms giving orders to are staff its a joke

  3. The health system does a great job but it cannot handle anymore cuts. If anything we need more funding for health.
    Vote for nick Xenophon next time

  4. Christine  

    The aged care is in a bad way as it is without any more cuts. I’ve had a family member in aged care so I know that cuts would be a disaster The carers are overworked as it is. They need investigating now & upgrade now.

  5. Kaye Mitchell  

    Let 2 pollies try to evacuate a burning nursing home overnight with 20 incapacitated human beings inside.
    Of course they earn enough to support their elderly family so not interested in the people who have worked most of their lives to pay their wages.

    • vonny  

      My own dear mother is in aged care and each time I visit the nursing home has had to cut back on certain things that give the elderly people so much pleasure.
      It is disgraceful the government cutting back on the elderly but spending millions on asylum seekers. Charity begins at home

  6. The unnecessary plebiscite on gay marriage is simply being used as a distraction to stop people being aware of more important issues, such as the aged care suggestion.
    This gov continually changes its mind on who should be making decisions, them or ithe people. They have been elected to GOVERN not vassilate or waste our money.
    Pity we can’t have a plebiscite on MPs salary, pensions and perks!

    • Ria  

      A plebiscite on Pollies perks and wages, and the numerous payouts they get on retirement would be a fantastic idea. Think of the money we could save and put towards more deserving policies, such as Aged Care, Health, Education, et.

  7. Richard Powell  

    A lightweight article – no specifics about what the actual cuts might be! Editorial Standards here are really poor!

  8. When will politicians stop propping up families who have two able bodied people capable of working to provide for themselves and realize they have an obligation to assist older people who have contributed over their lifetime and are incapable of working now. Fair go!!!

  9. Jeff  

    Lets cut politicians perks when they retire, biggest scam of the all. If only politicians really cared about the public and the future of Australia rather than about themselves and their little power trip

  10. Gerry  

    When will people wake up to the fact that this Government is making another attempt at legalised genocide. They are making more cuts to the people who worked hard for 50 years, paid their taxes, and now deserve to relax a little, but his Government is trying to make it impossible for them to decide between paying the electricity bill for heating, medical bill and prescriptions for their health, or food to survive.

    All the while arguing that paying the pension as unsustainable, while hiding the fact that Australia pays a smaller amount of GDP in pensions than most OECD countries!

  11. Well, I know for a fact that Blue Care is having financial problems affecting pay and conditions for its workers, and hence there is a flow on to service delivery.

  12. Kathy  

    I work in the aged care industry. Aged care has been suffering for sometime now. I can see further staffing cuts across the board, all sectors. They are already over worked and under payed. Further cuts will jeopardise care and service delivery. There has already been cuts to the delivery of complex care. Let’s not have further cuts, where talking about our elderly, our loved parents, grand parents, they deserve optimum care. The politicians need to have a good hard look at themselves, take a pay cut, and it will have a flow on effect to the health system, hospitals, more elder abuse claims. Where talking about basic human rights.

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