Schapelle Corby’s sister says she is tired of fighting for her sis and “it’s time to move on”

While Schapelle Corby is still trying to rebuild her life in Bali, her sister Mercedes Corby has quietly moved back

While Schapelle Corby is still trying to rebuild her life in Bali, her sister Mercedes Corby has quietly moved back to Australia after spending more than a decade in Bali to be closer to her sister.

Mercedes Corby has returned to the Gold Coast with her three children, Wayan, 17, Nyeleigh, 15, and nine-year-old Nyoman after splitting with her Balinese husband Wayan Widyartha.

The Corby sisters have been quiet since Schapelle was released from Kerobokan Prison in February 2014 where she served nine years of jail time for couriering 4.2 kilograms of cannabis, reports Daily Mail.

Schapelle pleaded guilty to smuggling drugs in May 2005 causing Mercedes to uproot and to move to Indonesia where she refused to leave until her younger sister was freed. Mercedes stayed for more than a decade and eventually started a family there.
“I didn’t have the option of coming home, because I was fighting to clear our family’s name and look after Schapelle,” Mercedes told Woman’s Day.

“There will always be a shadow over our family, but I’m tired, and as much as I’d love to continue to fight for her, it’s time to move on and try and put it behind us.”
Despite leaving her sister behind in Bali, Mercedes said she only decided to move back last year when she felt confident Schapelle was well enough to be independent.
“She is in good health physically and mentally. She is coming good, but we take it day by day,” Mercedes said about her sister who is looking forward to turning her life around in Australia.

With just 12 months left of Schapelle’s parole, the Corby family are bracing for the daughter, sister and auntie to return to home after a trip to Bali cost her nearly a decade behind bars.
“We don’t know exactly when she will be eligible to come home, so until we know, we’re not talking about it,” Mercedes said.

Photo: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.

Mercedes stayed by her sister’s side through the ordeal, but is now determined to build a new future for her Balinese family for the first time in Australia.
She has moved back into her humble property at Tugun in Queensland’s beachside suburb, where Schapelle once called home before she was arrested more than 10 years ago.
Mercedes said she feared her children, who were born and raised in Bali since birth, would struggle to fit in at school because of their auntie’s widely publicised conviction but the trio have adjusted well to the Australian life.

And turning over a new leaf, Mercedes has teamed up with former professional surfer Trudy Todd to open up a lavish tapas restaurant called Laneway Bar and Dining in Coolangatta.
The business partners, who are friends, have set up their Gold Coast cocktail bar after Todd approached Mercedes about the hospitality venture.
Before Mercedes moved overseas, she worked at her mother Rosleigh’s fish and chip store in Southport on the Gold Coast.

Do you remember this stressful time where Mercedes exploded in front of journalists?

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  1. it’s time they were left alone by the media ,inocent or guilty they have paid dearly ,now s the time for them to put their lives back together in private ,and really public now probably sick of it too and could not care less

    • Gaewyn  

      I agree, Shapelle pleaded guilty, she did the time, leave them alone to move on with their lives. Mercedes also “did time” supporting her sister, & should be applauded for her devotion, but now it is time for her & her family to be left alone to get on with life too. The Corby’s are not the only family to go through this type if drama, & they wont be the last.

  2. Antoinette O'Brien  

    I totally agree!! Let it go!!

  3. yvonne stengel  

    let them get on with their lives

  4. Mary Couper  

    It’s well and truly time to let the Corby’s get on with their lives.
    The price has well and truly been paid, guilty or innocent, good luck to them.

  5. Our Gran  

    At the time of her arrest I am sure I read that the reason she was such a frequent visitor to Bali was that her sister lived there. This article claims the sister moved to support Schapelle?..

    • Our Gran, I’m not sure if I am allowed to post a link here but you will find more information at this page which the media refuse to publish. The facts of what really happened to Schapelle the day she flew to Bali.

  6. Denice Nash  

    Mercedes was already living in Bali at the time of Schapelle’s arrest. At no time did Schapelle ever say that she was guilty. This article has obviously not been reported correctly. 8 have followed this case from the beginning and do not believe that she was ever guilty. I hope one day Schapelle is free to write about this whole terrible ordeal and hopefully the truth will prevail and set her free.

    • Dennis Hewitt  

      Schapelle has already written a book on this.

    • Gwendalyn Long  

      Well said, I agree with you

    • Janet  

      Well said Denice the whole thing doesn’t make sense.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes so right. I never thought she was guilty. Setup to take the fall.

  7. As long as she and her family don’t get the profits from the book, she was found guilty so no matter what you say she should not be allowed to profit with money from the so called boo kif she decides to write one
    I don’t think her mother or sister did her any justice the way they performed in or out of the court. They came across as rednecks

  8. Robyn Jefferson  

    Let it be. We are sick of it. This is not news but scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story, any story.

  9. hele  

    I hope the press leave them alone whether shapelle was guilty or not the press have had a field day making their lives hell x

  10. Lets get one thing very straight here. Mercedes NEVER said she would EVER give up defending her sister the media have twisted her interview to suite their agenda as per usual. And for those who do not research Schapelle has another 10 months parole to serve if not a little longer and she is not hiding away in Qld as Woman’s Day’s trashy headline indicates. If you want to know the truth of what really happen the day Schaplle flew to Bali google ‘The Expendable Project’.

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