SCAM ALERT: But this time you’ll wish it’s true

It was a tough week for Ballarat abuse survivors who travelled to Rome to hear Cardinal George Pell give his

It was a tough week for Ballarat abuse survivors who travelled to Rome to hear Cardinal George Pell give his testimony for the inquiry into child sex abuse.

After four days of hard-hitting questions and vague, often infuriating, answers survivors and their supporters were left emotionally drained.

That’s why when a scam about the Church hit the internet, many people were left not only laughing but wishing it was true.

A message was sent out on the ABC 23 Facebook page, a parody page of the real ABC 24 News page, saying Pope Francis had announced the Catholic Church was closing down for good.

In the message, the Pope apparently said “Look, we’ve had a good run but mostly it’s been pretty bad”.

“We’ve destroyed cultures, burned people at the stake… We’ve amassed obscene wealth, roasted people’s feet for no good reason,” the statement read.

“Even today, that miserable sociopath Pell is doing untold damage to people whose lives we already left in ruin. I mean seriously, it’s time to shut up shop.”

The fake post drew laugher and applause from many readers who lamented the fact that it wasn’t true.

Take a look at the hilarious post below and tell us what you think. Did it give you a giggle?

BREAKING: CATHOLIC CHURCH TO CLOSE. Pope Francis has announced the Catholic Church will close down by the end of next…

Posted by ABCNews23 on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Did this post make you laugh? How would you react if the Catholic Church really was closing down?

  1. The Catholic Church, at the moment have retreated behind closed doors! Maybe doubtful we’ll see much (if anything) of the Pope now until Easter. Like most people who retreat when feeling wronged or threatened, they’ll surface and carry on like nothing has happened, when it’s all blown away!
    After all this evidence (world wide) why would anyone trust their children with the care and education with anyone
    in a religious body! Here in Australia (in Sydney) in particular we are having Muslim schools closed and children forced into secular schools. Perhaps the Religious backed schools should be a thing of the past and all Orphanages and such be re-examined! As far as I know their are child care , orphanages, schools , and aged care, all under the umbrella of religion and their teachings. Perhaps if all become secular then they would be open to personal choice.

  2. Really! It would be the best thing for the human race if this did happen, because it has been a sham since 325AD.

    • Suzanne thornton  

      All religions are scams. Huge money making businesses and NO tax payable! All based on lies.

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