Sally Faulker finds heartbreaking picture of her children online

The heartbreak that Sally Faulkner must be feeling is tremendous.  She scours the internet trying to find photos or information

The heartbreak that Sally Faulkner must be feeling is tremendous.  She scours the internet trying to find photos or information about her children that she is not allowed to see.  Her former husband took the children on a trip to Lebanon in 2015 and had full rights granted to him under a religious order. 

Sally and the 60 Minutes team lead a failed and misguided attempt to get the children back earlier this year that saw them all placed in jail for a time.  Now, Sally has had to go through the holidays without them and finds this picture of her daughter online.

301216-sallyfaulkner-storyShe shares her emotional story with the post on her Facebook account.  She posted, “There is a little girl in this photo who looks like she is a million miles away. She possibly is …. a million miles away with her mummy in the only place she is allowed …. her mind. Where she goes to relive the memories of the times she had two parents in her life.”  Then added, “Little Lahela who is being forced to live her life without her mummy. Who in this photo is not engaged with her surroundings. Who probably turns to the memories of her mummy for comfort whenever she possibly can. This little girl is missing part of her heart and her mummy is missing her with all of hers.”

You can read the rest of the post below.

Do you feel that the government should do something to help Sally?  Do you think there is anything that can be done?

  1. Anne Rea  

    You only have to look at that little girl to know where her heart is only a mothers love can erase that look. I think the Australian Government can do more than they do do. What is she thinking and feeling this Christmas time do I believe my father that only has his own selfish feeling , or my mother who at the end of the day is my mother and is the one that carried me for 9mths and a mother . I can not accept that the decision made about there welfare is the right one

    • chris  

      if Sally had not of got involved with 60 min and Tara Brown she may of been lucky enough to see her girls, but i believe they went about it the wrong way, getting involved with a lebonese man or a man from a different country where they can run with their kids and the courts you will never win, one day maybe the kids will come back of their own accord , but after what they did i don`t think they have a chance

    • Rhonda  

      Not for one minute blaming the mother but WHY do these women marry/ have children with Muslim men? I had a good friend who married a Muslim man who had grownup in Australia, gone to Uni and was (we thought) a typical ‘Aussie bloke’ . We have family barbecue pictures of him in a barbecue apron joking about our girls doing dance and ballet movements. He was an Aussie citizen for 12 years. When his oldest daughter reached pubity the trouble began. He wanted to take her back to his homeland and insisted the girls wore the female Muslim covering. When he organised FGM of his two girls,mis wife stood up to him. How did our friend, who was so assimilated ( as we believed) become so Muslim that he was willing to sacrifice his two gorgeous daughters and denounce his family. Result was divorce, change of name and we never saw our beautiful friend or her daughters again. I was devastated but no more than my daughter who had lost her friends to this evil man who we thought was one of us 😪😪

  2. I think it’s about time that the Government put a stop to children being allowed to leave our country by parents of other nations. IT HAS TO STOP!!!!!!

  3. Lorraine  

    If these children were born in Australia then they are Australian. The Government should definately be trying to help Sally. .Why is it that Australian’s have to obey the law of these other countries but their people don’t have to obey our laws. We are a very weak nation when it comes to applying laws to our residents. The Politicians need to take a LONG HARD look at themselves & put the shoe on the right foot (OURS!) Sally my heart goes out to you & your family here & I pray that sooner rather than later your dear little children are back in your loving arms.

    • Diana  

      Just imagine if Sally Faulkner had brought her children to Australia and her husband had been told that she could keep them here? Imagine the outcry over THAT.
      This man has broken Australian law – the courts ruled that the mother has custody – and he and the religious creeps in another country just over-ride our courts. These children are Australian citizens and yes, I think the government is too scared of the Lebonese muslims to do anything about it.

  4. Sue Baker  

    Girls need their mum, I can’t imagine how I would have coped if taken from my mother,,,she was everything to me

    That child is Australian ,,,Govt. Should do something to bring them back

  5. Elizabeth Gardner  

    This is a terrible situation this woman has legal custody of those children surely the government of both countries can work out a solution. Their father took them under false pretenses and continues to hold them against their will. This is not right those children are Australian and should be with their mother. Yo force them to live in a country they do not understand and without a mother whom they love is just inhuman.

  6. THis is a sad situation, it’s a shame they can’t work out some sort of deal with the children , I believe that both parents love the kids, but please it’s not fair on them . I pray they can work it out.. Australia would be a better country for them to live in. Hopefully the father will come back and bring the kids. Let’s pray.

  7. Marilyn bowleg  

    It’s a mother’s nightmare.. unthinkable.i am so saddened for this family.

  8. Another big relegion mess up,children should not be forced into any relegion when it all a load of rubbish, typical of Man dominated crap

  9. Win Dolan  

    Our Government won’t do a damn thing – too frightened of upsetting all the Barbarians who take advantage of our citizens. Think we need to educate all Australian women who decide to marry and have a family with the shady characters of other Countries – NEVER trust them to take our children outside Australia where we have no rights. Too many sad cases of children lost to us. Time our Governments stepped up to protect our rights and ENFORCE them.

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