RSPCA slammed over Julia Gillard dog toy ‘mistake’

An RSPCA Queensland pet shop has been forced to pull a Julia Gillard dog chew toy from its shelves after being

An RSPCA Queensland pet shop has been forced to pull a Julia Gillard dog chew toy from its shelves after being flooded with complaints.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said the toys had mistakenly been taken out of storage by a volunteer at the store in Wacol, Brisbane.

“About six years ago we had Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard toys which we sold,” he said.

Image credit: Aussie Dog

The Abbott dolls sold out, but there were a number of Gillard toys left over, which were packed away in storage.

The dolls — stacked in the dog toy section of the store — are dressed in a navy blue suit and feature deep red hair and accentuated noses and breasts.

The toy has infuriated many women’s rights groups. Women’s Electoral Lobby convener Jozefa Sobski said she was deeply offended by the RSPCA’s decision to turn an accomplished former member of parliament into a plaything for a pet.

“Surely they have other creatures they can use as toys, this is just repugnant,” Ms Sobski said. “It is disrespectful to the former prime minister, and I believe it is designed and sold to be disrespectful.”

The RSPCA was also hit with criticism on social media, and from several women’s equality groups after The Courier-Mail revealed the caricatures of Australia’s first female prime minister were being sold for $20.

“First came ‘At Home with Julia. Now this. Will it never end, this ridiculing of our only female Prime Minister?” wrote Margaret Brennan on Twitter.

Another user, Lesley Russell Wolpe, said, “Julia Gillard objectified as dog chew toy by RSPCA – I gather there are also Rudd, Abbott versions. Not on RSPCA!”

Some users, like Julie, were quite critical, saying, “Selling dog chew toys of Julia Gillard. Say bye bye to future donations RSPCA!” While other users like Acinkoc called the toy “sexist & wrong on so many levels”.

What do you think about the toy? Is it something that the RSPCA can get away with, or is it in poor taste?

  1. Geoff  

    It’s ok to have a Tony Abbott doll but not a Julia Gillard doll, uh? This simply highlights the ridiculous attitude of these feminists – complete waste of oxygen!

    • Larry  

      On the money with your comment Geoff! Our ‘Julia Drulia’ doll, as they were known at the time and which we have had since JuLiar days, swings happily in the wind from a rope around her neck on the patio – don’t hear any complaints from her so all must be A-OK! If ‘one’ is going to be the worst PM in the history of our country, ‘one’ better have a thick skin IMO!

      • Joy Ware  

        And you Larry are a most offensive person, who obviously thinks he is perfect and has the right to treat others with this degree of respect, known as a narcissist!

    • Joy Ware  


  2. No Geoff. That wasn’t quite what was said. But the Abbott ones sold out. Interesting. However, it’s just the usual bad taste stuff that gets called a ‘joke.’ Australia has a lot of growing up to do. I’m no feminist yet I find it in bad taste for ANY caricature to be used as a dog’s toy. Hell, our Labrador has better taste than wanting to chew on Julia or Tony.

  3. Nz had rubber dog toys of various politicians, I had one of Winston Peters, nobody got upset in NZ get a life Australia, it’s all in good fun.

  4. Jon  

    Get a life feminists,it’s a joke get it funny as,she was a shocking PM I feel sorry for the dogs…..

  5. Garry Harris  

    I believe Winston Peters is a male, however, if I’m wrong someone will tell me!

  6. Terry Harris  

    I bought my dog a Julia chewie. He did to that what she did to the country.

  7. Cheryl  

    People who complained about this need to get a life. There are bigger, more important issues they could be spending their energy on. Get a sense of humour

  8. Joy Ware  

    I note that the majority comments are from males! Grow up you lot! Putting people down is not funny!

  9. Jerry  

    LMAO at above photo’s of the dolls!

    I’m only sorry I don’t have a dog, or the juLiar doll for it!

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