Report reveals who is making the most out of welfare system

A new report out today has revealed just who is taking home the most in welfare payments with data finding
A new report has found that immigrants are overrepresented in welfare payments.

A new report out today has revealed just who is taking home the most in welfare payments with data finding that migrants are over-represented when it comes to aged and carer pensions.

More than 1.5 million people receiving welfare payments are migrants, ranging from those who have lived here most of their lives, to others who have only recently arrived, reports The Australian.

The report has given an eye-opening look into just how our welfare system works and where most of the payments are going.

Around 40 per cent of the 2.5 million people on the aged pension were born overseas – mostly from Greece, Italy and Britain – with many working here for most of their lives.

It turns out carer payments are the fastest growing area of income support, with the majority of recipients coming from the Middle East.

Iraqi-Australians are the highest portion of the population on the payment, with Lebanese-Australians coming in second.

It is believed the reason for the high number of Middle Eastern recipients is because of their different cultural views about caring for parents. Many are hesitant to put their parents into aged care facilities and receive the carers’ fee because they believe in keeping them at home and looking after them themselves.

When it comes to the dole, it’s people born in Australia who are relying on it most, making up a whopping 73 per cent of dole recipients. They are also over-represented in the disability support payment, taking out 77 per cent of the population claiming it.

Centre for Independent Studies senior research fellow Jeremy Sammut told The Australian it is time for the government to act and “remove perverse incentives” for people to stay on welfare.

However, he also conceded that people’s nationalities and backgrounds had to be taken into account.

“For example, some people from overseas have a very different attitude to caring for their parents; there would be a reluctance on behalf of ethnic groups to put their elderly parents into care and it is often seen as shameful.

“The other problem of the long-term unemployed and ­welfare dependency is due to the complexity and number of payments and people who may have limited opportunity or likelihood of working.

“That might be because they have limited English or arrive as refugees with few skills to find work in the modern world.”

Are you surprised by these results? Do you receive a welfare payment? Do we need to change the system?

  1. Trevor  

    Not at all surprised.I dont believe the bit about culture ,I know a few families from the middle east they all know how to work the system.I also saw a report on how many people have moved back to the countries they originally came from and are receiving the Australian pension,how can centerlink know what their assets are.Another rort

    • So how much did they get from their own government to look after their elderly parents at home there i wonder. Probably ZIP,

    • dianne hughes  

      exactly alot own their own homes back in their countries.

  2. Tony Bahr  

    Not at all surprised . Have the people who run the Disability Support pension never heard of the medical condition known as Mediterranean Back . Its been around for 70 years and must be very contagious.

  3. Guy  

    This report certainly highlights why the term “country shopping” is just so relevant to the Middle-Eastern immigrants to our country ?
    How long before our shambolic welfare system collapses completely under the weight of the demands of these parasites?
    It’s an absolute blight on our country that 50% of ALL Australians have their hands out for welfare payments of some kind.
    Sadly, the Greens’ ridiculous views on opening up our sovereign borders whilly-nilly to all refugees would only result in
    a huge exacerbation of our current welfare burden. But then, their ‘mantra’ does include a classless society, ruled by the 1% elite
    left wingers, and everyone reliant on the Government for their existence.

  4. Brian Lee  

    It should be born in mind that virtually EVERY resident of Australia is an immigrant, or descended from one. The important thing regarding these payments is that the immigrant has worked here long enough to have earned the payments received – I believe ten years of continuous employment is considered the adequate time.

    • Graham  

      Brian, the standard for receiving the Aussie pension was that you had to be in Aussie and worked 20 years. You had to have been working for the last 10 within Aussie to qualify. The law recently changed and I believe you now have to work for 30 years before you get the Old Age Pension.

  5. Sue Drake-Brockman  

    Politicians and corporate CEO’s so many with their snouts in the trough are getting the most welfare

    • Sandra  

      Yes they want us to forget the huge amount they take of tax money,

  6. Coreene Kennedy  

    I agree with Brian Lee – especially when one acknowledges (as the Australian report clearly does NOT) that if 1 in 2 people in Australia today have at least 1 if not BOTH parents born overseas then it is very likely that there are immigrants who are now on OAP or disability (esp if they dug ditches, carried bricks and laboured as so many did when young) and SO what? They worked, VERY VERY hard, quite often NOT in jobs they were qualified for because Australia didnt recognise their qualifications (if you have ever eaten in the Centrepoint restaurant in Sydney then you have eaten on the effort a Hungarian doctor put in working in a factory when he arrived here to make his way in this country that took him in – he managed to save enough to open a restaurant, pay taxes – shouldnt he have the benefit of a pension?) the other statistic so deliberately ignored is that as Brian says, ten years is the minimum time one has to have worked here to get a pension. Attacking people of different colour, creed is a pointless exercise and very very dangerous – that is how Hitler and Nazis began ….. then again, Hitler was a man with a HUGE inferiority complex – I would suggest that that was the ONLY thing big about him – I suggest Trevor , Tony and Guy check their own dimensions!

    • Guy Flavell  

      Coreene, you are quite right about the hardworking and wonderful ‘New Australians’ that came here through the 50s to the 90s. Their strong work ethics and successful assimilation has resulted in THE fabulous multicultural society this country has become. No one commenting here on this Starts at 60 article is disputing that these lovely people should be ineligible for the old age or disability pensions … none whatsoever !!

      What they are concerned about though is the influx of ‘country shoppers’ from the Middle-
      East with their disdain for our culture, Christianity, women in general plus the abhorrent
      Sharia laws they live by. The majority of Australians are also alarmed that these people are immediately receiving such financial support from our horribly over-burdened welfare system …together with immediate public housing … at the expense of the 200,000
      unfortunate pensioners, homeless people and low-income families on the 10-15 year waiting list.
      It’s also become evident that many of these Middle-Eastern ‘ immigrants’ are dishonestly rorting the carer payment system and criminally creating bogus child care facilities to
      further cheat the Australian taxpayer.

      Coreene, I agree completely with the Government’s 18750 pa immigration policy (plus the
      one-off 12000 Syrian refugees), but ONLY if they are all meticulously screened and sign a written oath denying Sharia Law … under threat of deportation for non-compliance.
      In addition, the majority of these new immigrants should be carefully selected from the
      desperate and horribly persecuted M/E Christian families. I believe all Australians would welcome this as a justifiable extra burden on our welfare system.
      Finally, I considered your comparison with Hitler to be highly offensive and displayed a sad lack of judgement.

  7. Ann Day  

    by my reckoning, only 27% of people on the dole weren’t born in Australia and 23 % of people on disability weren’t born in Australia. amazing how it reads when you read it without the bias.

  8. dianne hughes  

    i believe from seeing with my own eyes,they go on carers so they do not have to work,in my building a 19 yr old woman went on it for her dad and he was working picking up trash from the street,he had a ute and collected scrap metal,it is a huge scam,like the disability stickers.

    • Bluedog  

      So why haven’t you done something about it?

  9. Mathilda  

    I live in my adopted country for the last eighteen years and I have never gone on the dole! I honestly think it is disgusting to expect handouts from a country where you have never paid any personal taxes.Some people have no shame! I will continue to work until I feel that it is time to go on retirement.My Super Annuation Pension will at least come in handy when I retire.

  10. Bluedog  

    Some people receiving Newstart are over 50. How many of them are going to get a job? Would you hire a 60 year old knowing that he /she will be retired in a few years? Without pension entitlements older people on Newstart are doing it tough. They get a health care card but not the discounts that pensioners get. 0

  11. I have to say that this forum is the most despressingly bigoted, conservative right wing group of grumpy old sods I have ever enountered on the web, joined briefly but Im off to find a moan free inclusive forum of older adults not petulant children Take a good hard look in the mirror people !!!!!

    • Guy Flavell  

      Oh boy, what a mindless post. Badly written, no punctuation and horrendous grammar.
      They’ll love you over at the ‘Guardian’ where most of their posts are equally inane.
      Get thee hence, my dear !!!

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    • Bruce mitchelson  

      I’ve worked for 55 years carnt get a pension worked to hard saved to much and not a politician they make the rules well let them live by them

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