Records reveal how much Malcolm Turnbull spent in first six months

Documents released under the freedom of information act have shown just how much Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent in his

Documents released under the freedom of information act have shown just how much Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spent in his first six months on the job, with records showing hundreds of thousands were spent on lavish parties and gourmet food.

The total bill comes to a whopping $198,500, with a swanky Christmas party in Canberra, a New Year’s Eve party on the lawns of Kirribilli House, and a garden party in Sydney all racking up big bills, reports Fairfax.

At the NYE party at Kirribilli House, for more than 180 of Mr Turnbull and wife Lucy’s closest friends, guests enjoyed champagne and Australian rock oysters on behalf of Australian taxpayers while enjoying a premium view of the evening’s fireworks.

A number of MPs, government ministers and public servants attended the event along with the Turnbulls’ other friends.

Records show the menu also included cooked king prawns, teriyaki beef rolls, tuna sashimi, octopus balls, soba noodle salad, baby lamb cutlets, smoked salmon and grilled haloumi.

Guests sipped on vintage and non-vintage sparkling wine, Margaret River semillon sauvignon blanc, Barossa Valley shiraz, chardonnay from the Hunter Valley, imported beers and sparkling mineral water.

While it sounds luxurious, the bill for the party was $4811.70 – well below the cost of Mr Turnbull’s official Canberra Christmas reception, which came in at more than $30,000.

Other parties racked up similar bills due to extensive canape menus and premium alcohol on offer.

Of cause, it’s not the first time taxpayers have been left angry after finding out how much pollies splashed on fancy events or transport.

A review was held into politicians allowances earlier this year, but little seems to have changed.

Despite the uproar though, it seems politicians aren’t willing to reign in their spending all that much.

Do you think pollies should have their allowances slashed? How much should they be given per year?

  1. Wendy Croft  

    Definitely needs to be slashed by a huge amount
    They have the hide to say pensioners are getting enough money and are bludging off the government when they are wasting taxpayers money like that.


    I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW, he can pay for my FAMILY christmas lunch this year ..,PLEASE ,it won’t be as much as he spent on his christmas PARTY’S HE HAS ,WAIT TO HEAR FROM MY GOVMMENT; SO

  3. Turnbull’s New Years eve party for 200 guests with that menu cost $4800? Absolute rubbish! That’s $24 a head. Tell me who the caterers were. I want them for my Christmas party. Our last one cost $76 a head, at Sizzlers!
    They must think we all came down in the last shower!

    • Sandra Workman  

      I thnk it’s a typo 48,000 would be closer.

  4. Dereck watt.  

    Pollies should have their allowances not just slashed but dropped altogether, they make enough of the tax payer to start with, 200,000dollars a year and they cannot live on that, they expect the poor pensioner to live on 20,000 a year why dont the pollies try and live on that and see how they will get on, the poor pensioner has worked all his live and paid his taxes he is entitled to a lot more than what he is getting, the whole lot stink.

  5. Janet young Philippe  

    Have their party’s by all means They earn enough to pay for their Xmas party and nyp them selves it’s a bloody disgrace

  6. Carole  

    Why do we pay for their christmas party?..some years i couldnt afford t o go to ours! They earn ten times more! Let them pay for their own tickets!!! They get enough freebies!

  7. patricia dick  

    This is really a sad thing to read. It now emphasizes the distance between the haves and the have nots.
    We live such a simple life, and try to work out what we actually need, not just want. Then I read this, and honestly I now feel so sad. These are the people who decide our level of living, and we all know what they have chosen for us, don’t we?

  8. Peter Greer  

    It’s one life for the pollies & one for the plebs the polies make the rules so how can we get them to change if we vote them out the next mob does the same.None of them care to plebs in the real world

  9. Deb Lancaster  

    Of course they’re not willing to reign in their spending, they expect the pensioners to do that!!!!!

  10. Lorraine Bennett  

    Its not just pollies who rip the tax payer off. I know people who work in government departments who are ripping us off to extreme. Vast periods of time spent on facebook, not just checking it but messaging on it) days off work ,I have received emails obviously written in employer’s time, as well as far too many other fringe benefits. The whole system needs a thorough over hall. All vote labour of course, sit around all day and complain about their working conditions. Also, many of them breach the privacy rules and pass on to others details of problems and behaviour of their clients

    • Brian Burgess  

      Glad they disclose these little things, otherwise most would not be heard of! Pollies get a fair income and still want more, fair go for all, not just them!

  11. Bron Smith  

    They should get a salary and pay for their own parties like the rest of us

  12. Sandy Swinson  

    Totally over what most Politicians spend from our taxes.They should be given an “allowance” for the year to cover entertainment i.e.Christmas parties etc & once that has been spend then they should foot the bill from their salary as they earn enough to cover expenses & more ..

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