Reality TV show scene causes outrage on social media

It's got everyone talking on social media, and not in a good way.
The controversial scene on Channel Seven's Bride and Prejudice that has people on social media talking. Source: LoveOnSeven/Facebook.

While many of us probably avoid reality TV shows, there is one show that certainly has people talking on social media.

The reality show Bride and Prejudice on Channel Seven features couples whose parents don’t agree with their decision to get married.

One particular scene last night has a lot of people on social media talking, and it’s raised plenty of questions, outrage and controversy.

If you missed the show, don’t worry – the clip has been shared across social media thousands of times and it seems everyone has an opinion about what happened.

The scene features Queenslander Chris, as he informs his older parents that he is marrying his American boyfriend Grant.

But it’s not the news of the wedding that has people talking, it’s the reaction from his parents that’s causing uproar.

Chris asked his mum and dad if they would attend his wedding and the response was heartbreaking.

His mum, who was later revealed to be a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, said she wouldn’t be attending.

“Well, Chris. Umm. You know I’ve got very strong beliefs on that situation,” she said.

“So, umm. For us, that’s not an option.”

Chris then asked his dad what his beliefs were.

“Basically the same, different reasons,” his dad responded. 

“We love you. But we really don’t want to be part of that,” his mum told him.

“And we’d like to respect that. And I know that’s probably hurting you.

“But if you’re honest, you would have expected that.”

It’s a scene that’s divided opinions on social media, with many people questioning how a parent could do that to their own child.

It’s a question Chris himself asked at one point in the scene.

“So you think it’s worth sacrificing your relationship with me because of your beliefs?” he asked his parents.

At one point in the scene he struggles to compose himself, and tells his parents it would be really nice if they could be at his wedding.

“You can choose all of me or you can choose none of me,” he told his parents.

“If that’s the way it’s gotta be, that’s the way way it’s gotta be,” his mum responded.

She later explained she had principles she’s lived her “whole adult life” and that she was going to change them because of how her son “wants to live his life”.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think.

What’s your take on the situation? Do you think the parents are in the wrong? 

  1. Marilyn Jones  

    If she and her husband really loved their son they would not have such a prejudice attitude and be so biggetered

    • wendi nichols  

      their beliefs are nt religious based JW are a SECT do nothing t mistake their ideas as christian or religious

    • Jane  

      They Discust me Chosing there Religion over there son they should be ashamed of themselves

  2. annie  

    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the way of God Herself/Universe/Spirit/Himself
    Love is INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUDING….
    We are all equal and Loved equally….

    • Jen  

      We are all loved unconditionally, but we cannot condone what is essentially a sin. Jesus did say, go and sin no more

  3. Margo  

    It appears to me that Chris is the Adult here. Good on you mate. And there is nothing Christian about not loving your own son simply because someone who has probably made a lot of money off of people says he believes it is not right. Be Happy.

    • Monica Miles  

      You people have got it wrong, they do love their son, they said that, he on the other hand is not respecting his parents beliefs.

  4. Jill  

    My daughter told me that she was in a gay relationship after she and her husband had separated. I was gobsmacked and even rang Life Line to talk to someone about it, but as I wasn’t actually about to commit suicide, I didn’t get much of a response. That relationship broke up and she is now with a lovely partner and are engaged and planning a ceremony next year. It took me a long time to accept the situation, but now I couldn’t be happier for her. Ironically, her most treasured friend is her ex husband and they would do anything for each other

  5. Linda  

    I was very sad when watching this last night, he is their son and someone should explain to the parents he has not chosen to be gay he is gay. Very sad that they can not give unconditional love to their son.

    • Annette  

      I had tears in my eyes, I agree, he is their son, he is gay, really religion has a lot to answer for, turning a mother and father against their children.

    • Julie  

      I am the mother of two gay children , and I could not even comprehend this response. Will not talk to them if I am NOT at their wedding Julie

    • Julie  

      I am the mother of two gay children , and I could not even comprehend this response.I will not talk to them if I am NOT at their wedding

  6. No wonder lambs are leaving the flock. So very Christian arent they. Well Chris, if you want a Mum there on your special day in Florida, Ill be your stand in Mum. Good luck and congratulations to both of you!

    • Owlet  

      I would not call Jehovah’s witnesses christian.

    • wendi nichols  

      JWs are not Christian don’t have same beliefs they’re a sect

  7. Kate Mary Mitchell  

    I can understand both the parents decision, i’m sorry but not all people are going to for Gay marriages, who are we to judge the Parents, The son knew her belief and knew it would stir up a hornet’s nest by asking that one question, like the mother said ” you know how we feel about this” It is his given right to be Gay but to challenge his parents on national tv is simply playing his role in a reality show, Not fair on the parents at all…Look at the mother’s face you can see that her heart is breaking, This again is using Media to cause destruction on lives…do not judge what you do not know……

    • Penny  

      I disagree. This sort of ignorant bias as displayed by these parents, needs to be shown for what it is, sheer intolerance for any human who doesn’t follow their narrow ideals.

    • Malcolm  

      The parents need to become more informed. It’s not a choice for her son to be gay, he was born that way. It is however their choice to be bigoted and hurtful. Perhaps they need to question their own belief system, especially as it’s based on the family destroying teachings of what is pretty much a cult!

      • Laura Di Cori  

        Hey the day I see a gay wedding in the Catholic Church will be the dat I say what the heck is going on. Man and women were made as companions to complement each other. You can’t dictate what people’s beliefs are, my nephew is gay and I love him dearly he is my favourite nephew but I don’t agree in marriage equality for 2 men. I do believe in equality in assets and they have the right as any couple sharing a life, but as far as marriage is concerned it is my right as a human to have my own opinion without being berated and forced to conform to what other people say I should feel. This is the trouble with this world people are always trying to get others to conform. Let people have the right to choose what they want to believe, maybe we don’t always agree with it but that is the grown up way.

        • Julie-Anne  

          You just contradicted yourself. You say ‘Let people have the right to choose what they want to believe, maybe we don’t always agree with it but that is the grown up way.’
          Maybe you don’t agree with gay marriage (which, by the way, unless you are gay and wish to marry your partner, has zero bearing on your life) yet do not want to allow gay people the same right! Honestly!

    • Robyn Carter  

      Surely doesn’t have any love whatsoever for their son!

    • Liz  

      I agree with everything you say Kate. Its a matter of understanding the fact that “I love you but I don’t like your behaviour” or way of life in this case. We all have a right to our beliefs and and values and friends and family should respect that. To me the parents are showing love and respect to the son and strongly and clearly re-stating their beliefs whilst he is insistent that they change to suit him or else. That was unreasonable and showed lack of maturity, care and understanding of the love that they obviously have for him. . This could have been the beginning of a discussion of how they would move forward in light of their different values. I felt it was an aggressive and narcissistic approach by the son with no consideration of trying to work something out for their future relationship. How sad that heartbreaking scene had to be played out on national television.

    • Who are we to judge the son, then, u say we shouldn’t judge the parents but that’s what’s happening to the son.

    • Marie  

      I feel that as the parents made the son (he was not an immaculate conception), and as we are all equal, do not forsake your son for your religion. The parents will loose out badly and the son will have lots of problems accepting their rejection.

  8. I was so horrified by these parents,I cried ,how could they treat him like that ?,he is still their child,and then to ask for a hug after just shutting him out of their lives ,words fail me.Thank God for the other parents,they are beautiful.

    • Fay  

      I too was horrified Carol and was tearful. I did not like the girl my son was going to marry and told him so. It is 4 years now since and I have apologised and invited them many times only to be shunned. I have a 2 year old Grandson who I am not allowed to see. I acknowledge their birthdays by sending cards and presents to my Grandson but they never acknowledge me. I am heartbroken and don’t know how to fix it. What I would do to have a Son like Chris. I would gladly go to his Wedding and accept him and his partner with open arms.

  9. Vicki  

    Your son is your son, your daughter is your daughter. You love and accept them no matter what. If they are happy then you are happy for them. They are no different now to what they were as children and you love them unconditionally.

  10. Penny  

    This sort of bias and ignorance, as displayed by these parents, is why I avoid religion, despite the fact that both my sons, whom I love dearly, are committed Christians.

    • wendi nichols  

      well if u avoid religion you’re still going to run into this type f BIAS The fact is these ppl are NOT christians JW is a SECT: FACT not a religion. that’s why they are shunning him

  11. Barbara mason  

    In this day and age things have changed if my son or grandsons came to me and told me that if they were happy I would be happy I’m old fashioned but as life goes on you have to change with the times especially if you don’t want to lose them which is what is going to happen to them unconditional love folks

  12. Jan butcher  

    Not sure how to feel really. I must admit I don’t no how I would feel put in the same situation . We love our children but we don’t have to love what they do.

    • Jen  

      exactly. You dont have to love what they do and if it goes against your own personal beliefs, then you are entitled to that view. Chris knew how his parents feel and deliberately put them on the spot in public!!. He doesn’t consider his parents in this, much less show them the love and respect they deserve. He knew what would be said about them.

    • Lindsay  

      Of course Jan but I would never sacrifice my love for my children under any circumstance. People do not choose to be gay, it is how they are born. I believe that if two people are in love and happy, what does it matter to the rest of the world? Live and let live I say. This world would be a better place if love prevailed.

    • Marion  

      As a Christian I would say to the parents “Attend the wedding & support your son. You are not compromising your beliefs but your son will appreciate your support. You will not be reproached by God if you yourselves do no wrong.

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