Rafael Nadal stops match to help find little girl lost in crowd

You’ve got to hand it to Rafael Nadal… One of the fiercest competitors in the sport of tennis, it’s hard

You’ve got to hand it to Rafael Nadal… One of the fiercest competitors in the sport of tennis, it’s hard to believe anything could throw him off his game. That is unless you’ve lost your child in a crowd at one of his matches.

The Spanish ace showed just how much of a soft-hearted guy he is when he halted the exhibition match he was playing with young tennis star Simon Solbas in Mallorca because of an outcry in the crowd.

Diverting his attention away from opponents John McEnroe and Carlos Moya, Rafa quickly rushed around the arena looking for the child, who was lost among a crowd of around 7,000 onlookers while the child’s mother cried out and shouted near security.

Anyone who has ever lost a child in a crowd knows how frantic those first few moments are.

As you can see, it wasn’t long before the little girl lost was found… She popped up in the crowd and was guided by tennis fans towards her mother where the two embraced and cried.

Rafa got back to the tennis at-hand and with Solbas went on to beat McEnroe and Moya 3-6, 6-3, 10-8.

Do you know what it’s like to lose a child in a public environment? What did you think of Rafael Nadal’s gesture?

  1. Irene  

    A tennis player that is great to watch and a good sportsman so really no surprise he did this.

  2. Paul  

    Couple of young Aussies should take note

  3. Ann  

    I lost my little girl for about 10 minutes & it is the worst possible thing that can happen to a mother. I couldn’t even remember what she was wearing as my mind went numb. good on Raffa & everyone else for stopping the game& looking for her!

  4. Cheryl Clelland  

    Lost my daughter at a Sunday Market when she was about 3. The panic I felt was indescribable. A few store holders helped me search and she was found by a very nice lady afteer about 10 minutes. Never felt so helpless. Good on you Rafa.

  5. Kath Bowen  

    Yes I do know what it is like. I lost a sister & a brother in the CBD of Melbourne Victoria. I eventually found my sis an she kept telling me that the other lost kids kept eating the IceCream but she was a good girl & only had one, She said that she thought I would be mad because she lost her way. I said no I am just glad she was safe & that I had found her. I had to hurry her up because we werre late to meet our brother but when we got to the meeting place he wasn’t there. Eventually he turned up and apparently he had missed the tram stop. Again I repeated who cares as long as you are safe. I took them by the hand and headed towards home. It is an adventure that I didn’t ever want to repeat.

  6. Bill  

    A true sportsman and a humble person at heart. I think that if it was Wimbledon he would have done the

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