Queen’s Birthday “joke” is no laughing matter

In a landmark broadcast ruling the BBC Trust have issued a statement that BBC Radio 4 “seriously breached” their editorial

In a landmark broadcast ruling the BBC Trust have issued a statement that BBC Radio 4 “seriously breached” their editorial policies by allowing one of its prerecord shows to make jokes about The Queen’s sex life on her 90th Birthday.

The radio comedy program Don’t Make Me Laugh hosted by David Baddiel which features comedians given a topic that they must give reasons why it isn’t funny.  The issue on the day of The Queen’s birthday was “The Queen must have had sex at least four times”.  The question inspired the comedians to put into inquiring about the details of The Queen’s sex life along with much more graphic and intimate details of her life with The Duke of Edinburgh.

In the statement released by the BBC Trust they have found the program at fault because “In discussing this, panellists made comments about the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in a way that was personal, intrusive and demeaning.”

At the time of the broadcast, the BBC and the BBC Trust were flooded with complaints about the program.  The program’s host David Baddiel dismissed the complaints by simply tweeting “sorry royalists” and including a link to the offending program.  While Baddiel didn’t see the error, the Trust did stating they had “expressed concerns about humour which singled out individuals for attack in a way which was humiliating or crude” before the program was broadcasted.

This whole situation leaves many scratching their head as to way anyone thought the program was a good idea to broadcast on The Queen’s 90th birthday or even if should have been broadcasted at all.  While who will be ultimately responsible for the blame for the program, which could result in a fine, it does force the BBC to look more closely at its programs before broadcast.

Do you believe that this it is suitable to discuss anyone like this on the radio or are they only doing this because it’s The Queen?  What do you think the penalty for this type of action should be?



  1. Annette Strong  

    Society today has lost all respect for those who hold positions of authority. It starts in the home, then school and on into many avenues of life. People try to belittle and make fun to bring down the one held in respect. This most certainly brings down them down to the lowest level, we need to applaud people such as the Queen who deserves the respect that she has earned and proved over long years of service. We all need to strive for excellence in what we do for our own sakes and for others.

  2. earn it  

    Looks like the BBC made a right royal cockup.

  3. Stephanie Cocks  

    No I don’t think it is suitable.
    ? are they doing it because it is the Queen, probably, but other high profile people have been targetted over the years.
    How will children ever learn about respect when their so called ‘betters’ do this sort of thing.
    It’s a crazy world, and I guess the pendulum has to swing so far before it goes the other way again?

  4. The lack of respect for the Queen and making jokes at her or her husband’s expense is pretty disgraceful. Now wonder we have problems with so many of our younger generation and their lack of respect towards people who are in positions of authority, hold high positions in society for specific reasons and not not necessarily just by an accident of birth. For many, values have changed as have expectations, manners, behaviours and even learning that there are expected behaviours we supposedly learn for specific occasions or situations as we make our way through childhood, our teenage years and into adult life. Sadly, many have not learned either through adult modelling provided by parents and significant others at home, school or wherever we are interacting within society.

  5. the only humour today seems to be about sex ,toilet’s,or the F word.Best to ignore it and move on.I’m sure the Queen is above letting this garbage upset her.

  6. Maxine jorgensen  

    Personal attacks are not funny. Have some respect you Bogans.

  7. Terri Rice  

    In appropriate & offensive. However when you are in public view 24/7 & have to learn to live with it I’m sure they’ll just brush it off.
    Just as an added comment though – that dirty dog ” The Duke of Edinburgh ” has many more notches on his bed post than the Queen !

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