Prince Charles’ cool new title

London might be home to more than 8.6 million people, but only one can be named the Londoner of the

London might be home to more than 8.6 million people, but only one can be named the Londoner of the Decade – and that man is Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales was given the prestigious title at the Evening Standard’s Progress 1000 party.

So what exactly has Prince Charles done to be named Londoner of the Decade?

It turns out the Prince’s charities have raised more than a billion pounds ($1.7 billion) during the past decade.

The award was also recognition of his campaigning to promote what is good about London, Britain and its people.

In his speech, Charles said he was ‘most touched and indeed surprised’ by the honour.

“I have to confess I am not entirely sure whether to be pleased or alarmed.  Perhaps I am losing my touch when such eminent newspapers start giving me achievement awards!  So I set to wondering what this achievement might have been?,” he said.

“As I suppose I have spent most of my life trying to propose and initiate things that very few people could see the point of or, frankly, thought were plain bonkers at the time, perhaps some of them are now beginning to recognise a spot of pioneering in all this apparent madness? ”

The 67-year-old, who was born and raised in London, has also given away more than 14 million pounds ($24 million) to charity through his organic food company Duchy Originals.

So what does the Prince’s charity actually do?

Well, The Prince’s Trust has helped more than 825,000 vulnerable and disadvantaged young people and ex-offenders get education, find work and start their own businesses.

Prince Charles said the people he helps were all “simply written off as unlikely to amount to anything”.

“I remain adamant that everyone can amount to something provided they are given help building vital personal traits such as self-confidence and self-esteem,” he said.

The editor of the Evening Standard Sarah Sands described Prince Charles’ influence as profound, saying he believes in progress and “asks that it comes with a human face”.

“He understands that cities are not just about construction, but about a sympathetic landscape. He predicted the housing crisis. He championed real, properly sourced food,” she said.

“He has reminded us that the future must have a relationship with the past and that not all change is good. Climate change for instance. ”

Do you think Prince Charles deserves to be the Londoner of the Decade?


  1. yes I do. he has always worked for the people regardless of the public’s opinion and always been ahead of his time.

  2. Stuart Lathwell  

    Oh, give me a short break, to vomit!!!! He was born a multi millionaire. Has really never had a real job. Married a blonde ‘bimbo’ who became the mother of, ‘one ‘of his kids!! And finally married the ‘bird’ that he should have years ago. Princess (Hoh Hum) Margaret was the same. She should have married Townsend, But she couldn’t change ‘the rules’ in those days like Chuck! If the average family had been as incestuous as that German mob, they’d all be still in jail!!!!!!!

    • Look up the meaning of incest mate. Charles is one fine man. Always worked hard, done his duty and shown compassion in such a personal and generous way that thousands of people called rubbish have found a fulfilling life. Crickey, he would probably have even been kind to you…

    • chrism  

      wow, you are certainly entitled to your opinion but I must say in my opinion you sound like a very nasty vicious and bitter person

    • Michael  

      Your intelligence is sadly displayed for all to see – if you were able to get past your first sentence and reconsider the tripe you wrote, you might (?) be embarrassed. Your so- called ‘observations’ have been through dark glasses, and are as rank and hackneyed after years of complaining.
      Look elsewhere for a change, see what other countries have endured with despots as Presidents, etc., and be grateful you are in a democratic country with an incredibly stable system of government, and a monarchy the envy of many.
      In other words, look beyond your mirror!

  3. kare Perri  

    Yes, why not? Against the opinion of skeptics he has promoted ‘organics’ which I see as a way of reminding people that real food comes from real plants, tended and harvested by real people using Mother Nature and real soil. Of course he was born to privilege but he has not spent his life in the playboy club notching his belt with witless bimbos. “They “chose one for him and it didn’t work so second time around he chose the love of his life against all advice – good for him.

  4. Vicki Hooper  

    The man had no say into what part of society he would be born into .His donations are not something to be sneezed at and if it really does help people form a better life I say good on him .He could be like the European royalty and swan around the world doing nothing but looking glamorous but has chosen to help society out …

  5. P. Taylor  

    I’ve always been a supporter of Charles. I believe the’ flack’ he has received from a great number of people is truly unwarranted. Have all his detractors lead blameless lives? I very much doubt it. He has had to lead an unenviable way of life and to that end I believe he has earned the respect he deserves.

  6. R H Stracey  

    Good bloke. Always talks sense.

  7. Celia Cliff  

    Yes, I have always admired what he has done over decades, his problem has always been that Princess Diana used a better PR Agency …

  8. Julian R Cole  

    I endorse all of the positive comments here. A well deserved Title. Charles has completed his apprenticeship and will make a fine King. To all countries wishing to proclaim a Republic – where will you find a better head of state?

  9. Good heavens above…..he is not worthy of any title after the way he has conducted his life!! People have short memories and I hope he never becomes King…..I know there would be uproar if that ever happened but of course the law has been changed, once he committed adultry, so legally he has that right.i guess. Let’s not forget that his wife is also an adulteress and she is not worthy of anything after what she did, and must take a good part of the blame for Diana’s demise…please Charles go away and continue to talk to your plants, at least you seem to be good at that.. Do the honourable thing and allow your son to take the throne when the time is right.

  10. Olive Sant  

    Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Do not criticize Prince Charles unless you have lived a blameless life.

  11. Carol Spicer  

    Congratulations for winning the you richly deserve. You have been unselfish with your ideas and passed them on to young people who had been written off by many. May you be richly blessed. Thank you for your example

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