Pope takes action against negligent bishops to restore faith in the church

When Pope Francis came into power it was on the promise of a crackdown on cover-ups and his so-called zero

When Pope Francis came into power it was on the promise of a crackdown on cover-ups and his so-called zero tolerance approach to abuse, but many victims’ groups expressed disappointment with his lack of action in ridding the Catholic church of the scourge of child abuse.

Now Pope Francis has announced he will have no hesitation in sacking bishops found guilty of acting negligently in child abuse cases.

The decision, which will also apply to other senior Church officials, was revealed in a papal decree saying such cases would now fall under the existing canon  law allowing for a bishop or other high ecclesiastical dignitary to be sacked for “serious reasons”.

“The Church, like a loving mother, loves all her children, but treats and protects with special affection the smallest and most helpless,” the papal decree says.

He stressed the need for “special diligence” in caring for minors and vulnerable adults, with those demonstrating negligence in tackling cases of abuse facing the threat of dismissal.

There has been widespread condemnation of the Catholic hierarchy, including Pope Francis, for failing to address the issue of child abuse in its ranks.

A “college of legal experts” — cardinals and bishops — has been set up to assist the pope in reaching a definitive decision in particular cases.

The new approach is expected to take effect in September.

What do you think of this public announcement by Pope Francis?

  1. Geoffrey Pyne  

    About time. So much damage has been done, It’s incalculable. Bishops thought they were adhering to the 1922 Code, This was the problem. Change the Code. Reform Canon Law.

  2. Too little, too late? Abuse has been going on for decades and all the church has done is protect the perpetrators.

  3. Jude Power  

    But will it be retrospective? If so he’s going to lose his financial advisor Pell

  4. Marie Gerrard-Staton  

    It’s just a stunt. Actions speak louder than words. I’ll believe that he’s genuine when he discusses pell and sends him back here to Melbourne. Until then….. It’s just too little…too late.

  5. Marie Gerrard-Staton  

    Dismisses Pell……not discusses. Too late for talking despite what my smartphone thinks. Haha…

  6. colin  

    he will not do it as there would be very few priests and even fewer Bishops left if any….

  7. Sue McCrae  

    About time!
    If proven guilty send them to gaol & they’ll receive some of their own medicine!

  8. [email protected]  

    Promises…..I’ll believe it when I see some positive action. This has gone on for far too long!

  9. Kay B  

    Unless the Pope dismisses George Pell, these are as usual just hollow words.

  10. Hope Cardinal Pell is the first to go, then we know he really means it, instead of letting him hide in Rome.

  11. Bernadette O'Loughlin  

    I will believe it when the Vatican hands over the Nuncio who abused children in Germany and Argentina (?), sheltered in the Vatican and not extradited to either Country to face charges.

  12. Hilry  

    I believe the Pope means well, finally. Nevertheless I will wait for his words to become determined outcomes readily seen by the world, most especially those people who have been so badly affected by abuse from the Catholic priests.

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