Pope Francis tells the world it needs more of this

You could all agree that 2016 was a pretty tough year, but according to Pope Francis things will only get

You could all agree that 2016 was a pretty tough year, but according to Pope Francis things will only get tougher if society continues down a path that is bereft of compassion.

The Pope used his New Year homily to lament societies becoming “cold and calculating” and told those gathered at the mass in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome that those with “narcissist hearts” suffered the loss of the “ties that bind us” and the sense of belonging in society.

However, Pope Francis knows exactly what it is we need to overcome this… More humility and tenderness.

He says humility and tenderness are signs of strength, not weakness.

“The loss of the ties that bine us, so typical of our fragmented and divided culture, increases this sense of orphanhood and, as a result, of great emptiness and loneliness,” the Pope says.

“The lack of physical, and not virtual, contact is cauterising our hearts and making us lose the capacity for tenderness and wonder, for pity and compassion.”

Following the mass he addressed those who had gathered in St Peter’s Square and condemned the New Year’s attack in Istanbul.

“Unfortunately the violence has struck even on this night of well-wishes and hope,” he told the crowd. “In sorrow, I would express my closeness to the Turkish people, I pray for the numerous victims and wounded, and for all the nation in mourning.”

He then prayed that God will sustain “all men of goodwill who courageously roll up their sleeves to deal with the plague of terrorism”.

What do you think about what Pope Francis says about society? Do you feel your community could do with more tenderness and compassion? Share your thoughts with us.

  1. Geoff sharp  

    You can start by getting rid of paedophile priests

  2. Greg Hills  

    A nice rhetoric, as always from the Pontiff of the Church of the Sungod, Ra. Now, how about they back up these words by a few practical acts of compassion themselves.
    I could name quite a few initiatives to start with;
    1. Out pedophile priests from their midst.
    2. Recognise same sex marriage and their right to be parents if they wish.
    3. Use some of their stash of Billions to provide Homes and Healthcare for the poor for free.
    4. Stop interfering in World politics which causes derision and intolerance and leads to wars.
    5. Use a bit more of their riches to help find a cure for cancer and other terminal diseases. Thus stopping the large pharmaceuticals in their tracks.

  3. Greg Hills…..you have the wrong religion with riches. It is the church of England or in New Zealand the Anglican Church

    The Catholic church does not have the riches it once had and uses much to help the poor. The priests and clergy who abused and there were many nuns also who have plenty to answer to……forgiveness is something we need to start doing and as a society this is one of the most genuine popes we have ever had and he is right. As a society we are so materialistic and racial we only worry about ourselves and those who are alone……we have the attitude…..it is not our problem. Sad but true.

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