Pollies get a pay rise – but what about us?

Queensland ministers are about to receive a pay rise, meaning their salaries start at $151 000 each year. The increase

Queensland ministers are about to receive a pay rise, meaning their salaries start at $151 000 each year. The increase has left many Australian pensioners feeling left out, and wondering whether their own funds might get a boost.

The Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal has confirmed that ministers will receive a 1.73% pay rise, backdated to September last year.

“The Tribunal determines that the additional salary for the most senior office holder (Queensland’s Premier) will also increase by 1.73%”, it stated.

This announcement has left a sour taste in the mouths of everyday Australians. In 2015’s federal budget, only certain pensioners were fortunate enough to get a minuscule increase of $30 per fortnight.

In fact, only 171 000 pensioners received an increase, with over 3.5 million other Australians seeing no change to their pension last year.

One person online was frustrated with this imbalance, writing “great, now we are paying more and still getting nothing in return!”

Whilst another person added, politicians “are already well paid with over generous salaries, superannuation and entitlements… Complete waste of mum and dads’ taxpayer monies, which is destroying the fabric of our society”.

Are you frustrated that state politicians are getting a pay rise, when so few pensioners received extra funds in the last Budget? Do you think that pollies already get paid too much?

  1. Big pay cheques only go to pollies, top “Fat Cats” and CEO’s, regardless of their results

  2. They DON’T need a pay rise, they need a PAY CUT, how they justify cutting some off the pension, then getting a rise for themselves, most of them are not worth 20 cents a week. These Liberals have NO morals

    • Sorry to say Libbi in Queensland we have a Labor government. They are all tarred with the same brush.

      • Faye  

        Pensions are controlled by the Federal government, which is Liberal, not the state governments in Australia.

    • I must say I tend to agree but it was a Liberal Government who cut people off the pension, how can they can justify this to their electorates I will never know. If they had not been so harsh to poorer Australians, no one would care if they had a pay rise or not

    • Libbi Elliot I am afraid I have no faith in any of them any more. I think all they care about is milking the system while they can and the lovely pension waiting for them at the end. As I said very disheartening.

    • Mike here-in SA we also have a labor gov who, just before christmas, were awarded by the remuneration tribunal, a compensatory pay increase. In the case of the premier, he gers $60k extra a year to compensate for the loss of some of his ‘entitlements’, in the case of run of the mill pollies, I believe they get half of what he gets it only affects their ‘entitlement’ to public transport & free spouse travel

    • Mikd here-probably before Easter the gov will award the remuneration tribunal with an increase in their remuneration. What a bloody merry-go-round

    • JuneMike Denison You actually made me smile, and right now that is a real achievement. The whole thing is depressing.

    • We also have a Labor government here in Victoria which has cost the state Billions, this is the reason I hate GREEDY POLITICIANS as they are all in it for their own means. I doubt I will ever trust a POLITICIAN ever again because I think it is a requirement of the job to be LIARS!!!!

    • I am not happy with the Liberal Government in NSW either, they sold our dock and have done nothing but screw Newcastle around but I agree each State has it’s own problems with the Governments that are in power

    • they cut the poor, the sick and disabled, the old and elderly and now they get a pay rise with money they have leached from them.. no way

    • it wasn’t an ALP Government who cut some off the old age pension Lily and the ALP stopped the Liberal from cutting the CPI rise for poorer pensioners

    • It’s time all politicians received the same super as every one else they are employed by the people so when they are voted out its the same as the ordinary person losing there job no benefits get another job.

    • Sadly the old creed of looking after you after looking after me is alive and well in politics. Yes David the Liberal Parties record on this score is appalling and thank God there are Parties like Labor that have a conscious on this. However give Lily her due when it comes to pollies pay increases history tells us all Parties are tarred with the same brush.

    • I agree with you all none are worth anything much in Human terms but it is a bit much announcing this on the day that some pensioner are told their pension will be cut. There is an old saying..you can’t get blood out of a stone..well that is proving correct as the mining boom is ending so they decided to get blood out of pensioners instead

    • Yes Libbi with billions in subsidies to the rich, taking helicopter taxis, calling women “ugly f..king witches” you could never accuse the Liberal Party of being subtle.

    • I was just about to say you can’t get blood out of a stone unless your a POLITICIAN!

    • please feel free to comment I will come and tick like later, unless you are going to abuse me 🙂 i have hit the deck twice today and I feel funny again, nothing serious, it is the heat and my blood pressure is very low xox

    • It’s an absolute disgrace. Already many of our politicians are paid far more than in other countries. Even our PM gets paid lots more than President Obama… 🙁

    • Take care Libbi Elliot.
      It is 38c here at the moment and we have just had a party for my granddaughters 5th birthday. It was at the local kids playground and since getting home I have drank nearly two litres of water and barely moved from my chair. .

    • Take care Libbi. Rest up, plenty of water and a chocolate and you will be fine . I have low BP too and the heat always makes me feel dizzy 🙂

    • Could I suggest a quick peek at Fran’s holiday snaps. Should get the blood pressure back to normal post haste. I take no responsibility if you should feel funny after the viewing. Ha ha ha. Take care mate.

    • It’s a balmy 40 degrees in the shade here in Kalgoorlie so I can sympathize with you. Heading back into the pool. “My Corona” still maintains it’s number one spot on Hodgos hit parade.

    • Well I am from Victoria we have a Labor gov just like the Liberal gov the Greens not one person stood up and said no we ate getting enough give it to the needy all greedy mongrels I say

  3. Oh, so that is what the b@#%@&ds are doing with all that money they have stolen from the old age pensioners!

  4. I think we will have to grow a snout as large as the politicians then they might give us some consideration. They manage to grow a large snout within weeks of being elected.

    • I think well have to stand up and be counted…nothings going to change unless we change our attitudes…STAND UP! They are ansewerable to the people who elected them to do whats right on our behalf. Nothing will change while we sit here whinging ! Show of hands needed !

  5. You are bloody joking, in the same week they cut some older Australian off the pension !! They have the hide of Jesse the Elephant

  6. This is why single mothers low income and pensioners are being targeted . To fund their huge pay packets

  7. Never Ending. Suppose to be an independent mob that oversees their pay rises but WHO pays them. Total Joke.

  8. people let them get away with it so why not ,,Let them! …. who can stop it ? I love seeing their fine dinners, cars etc ,Don’t you ? i mean they are politicians ,They are Gods . hold your hand up to the sky and warship them .the little darlins .

  9. Disgusting. Kick them all out. Bet not one will refuse and give their pay rise to a pensioner

    • Mike here-whrn theyvgive their pay increase to a charitable organisation they can use the donation as a big tax deduction thereby just delaying the pay increase

  10. Liars and bloody theives is all they are..what happened to the budget emergency? that only applies to older Aussies

  11. Sad to say that this does not surprise me. I just wish we had a politician who actually cared about the people they were representing. It would only take one of them to say no this is wrong and shame the others into doing the right thing. Right thing being to refuse the pay rise while the rest of the country is doing it tough. Very disheartening.

    • They are all greedy arseholes, no matter what side of the fence they are on. They all want to fill their own pockets, so,I suppose their pension will go up as well.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself Carmel Mifsud, I totally agree, their greed makes me sick.

    • I think Ted Mack tried something along those lines several years ago & wasn’t heard of much after that.

    • We employ them, we should be the ones setting their salary!!, which would depend on how much they did for the Australian public, what a joke when they say the country is broke!

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