Should politicians out of office continue to be paid?

When it comes to politics, few subjects can inspire as much passionate objection as that of politicians’ wages. As such, it’s

When it comes to politics, few subjects can inspire as much passionate objection as that of politicians’ wages.

As such, it’s hardly a surprise that many object to the idea of elected officials continuing to be paid after they’ve left office.

While the parliamentary pension was ended in 2004, many with prior arrangements – such as Bronwyn Bishop and Wayne Swan – are still eligible for the taxpayer-funded pension.

One voter took it on herself to put an end it, starting a petition that has rapidly gathered 70,000+ signatures – not to mention the support of major political figures.

“You and I are not paid for jobs that we no longer carry out,” wrote petition author Michelle Pedersen. “Make this the same for ALL Australians.”

“Stop ALL entitlements, payments, allowances, including travel allowances for politicians who are no longer currently serving the Australian public.”

Senator Glenn Lazarus recently added his voice in support, sharing the petition to his Facebook page.

“I believe non serving politicians should not continue to be paid taxpayer funds,” wrote Senator Lazarus.

“Ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd occupies a suite with staff in one of the most expensive buildings in Brisbane paid for by taxpayers.

“The gouging has to stop and politicians should show leadership by bringing this ‘trough-like’ culture to an end.”

How do you feel about the idea of a pension for those no longer serving?

  1. Beverley davidson  

    Politicians should not be paid when they no longer work. Where do I sign the petition ?

    • Kaye  

      Why should they continue to be paid and receive other entitlements, we are not!! Where do I sign the petition? Please post this information.

    • Varian Heenan  

      i think they should wait till official retirement age the same as everyone else.

    • Sheila  

      Agree. I want to sign that petition You and I leave a job and have to find another one. We are not paid from our previous job

    • I firmly believe that once you Have left a place of employment,there is NO entitlement to a salary. Can you imagine Myer or McDonalds for example having to continue paying past employees?? It’s a joke!!

    • Eileen Sholl  

      I see no need for politicians, once out of office, to continue to receive payment from the taxpayer. Whilst it is a sacrifice to spend time serving as a parliamentarian and on the whole I believe people appreciate the work they do in that role, the remuneration should stop when they leave office. It seems that they often go on to new, well paid careers or return to their previous work and should then be receiving salaries from this work. “Double Dipping” I think is the term used in a previous year…..

  2. Beverley davidson  

    Politicians should not be paid when they no longer work. Where do I sign the petition ?

  3. Josi Williams  

    No politicians should NOT be paid. We are all equal. have worked all my live and volunteered for 21 years. My weekly government pay is $435 per week. I’m sure a Poli will be able to have some savings on what they already get. Put them on a normal pension if over 67 years. If younger just like all of us Gi onto Unemplyment which I think is about $250??? Per week. Join your constituents ladies and gentlemen.

  4. Marion Reid  

    Where is the petition?

  5. Andrew Cieslak  

    All politicians …. Federal, State and Local ….. should not be paid one cent once they are kicked out of parliament or resign ….. and that includes ex PM’s especially…. NO PERKS for these people who have lived off brown paper bags whilst pretending to be politicians ……

  6. Helen Welch  

    It’s just another rort that should never have seen the light of day. WHERE DO I SIGN?

  7. Jean Moylan  

    Politicians definitely SHOULD NOT BE PAID when they no longer work. No-one else gets these kind of perks – and for what??? Most of them are quite useless when they are employed.!

  8. Helen morgan  

    Politicians should definitely not continue to be paid!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Laurel Catts  

    Wish I had known there was Petition about ex politicians still gouging the system and getting perks galore as I would love to have signed it. Is it possible to still sign it somewhere?

    • Why should any of them receive any monies or entitlements after they leave office or even when they are in office,total and absolute greed.

  10. Christine Zacharko  

    It’s obvious the petition needs to be circulated again, I for one haven’t seen it and would sign in a heartbeat! If Veterans who have served their nation with their lives can’t have on-going payments, why should anyone else?

  11. Dorothy Underwood  

    Please put the petition up for me to sign.

    • Rachel Rush  

      Put petition up to sign

      • Peggy Hunt  

        Click on Seneter Glen Lazarus posting and the petition link will come up for you to sign.

  12. Patricia Sheargold  

    I firmly believe that once a politician leaves or gets voted out, he or she should no longer be entitled for any payments, travel expenses, office spaces or employees which are paid by the tax payer. Even the Prime Minister, once then leave politics they should not be entitled to any privileges at all. These should be paid out of their own pockets. Politicians should also retire at the retirement age set down by the government which is 65 like the rest of us. Once we leave our place of employment, we don’t get any privileges from that employer so why should politicians.

    • John  

      Wrong Patricia….it is only 65 for the Aged pension…and if you were born after a certain date that is now 67. I took my superannuation pension at 59…..they are different animals. Politicians are entitled to take the same. Since 2004 when John Howard changed the rules they are covered by the same rules as all of us.

      • Graham Morris  

        John, Didn’t Julia Access her super when she was deposed and left parliment ?

      • There are several steps between 65 & 67
        If you were born
        before 1 July 1952, it is 65,
        between 1 July 1952 – 31 December 1953, 65 & 6 months
        Between 1 Jan 54 – 30 June 1955, 66 years
        Between 1 July 1955 – 31 Dec 1956, 66 & 6 months, and
        After 1 January 1957, 67.

        There are future increases to 70, but not yet.

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