God save the Queen of Australia doesn’t sound right

Does 'God Save the Queen' sung awkwardly make you want to become a republic?
God Save the Queen - Australian Republican Movement

The Australian Republican movement has launched an advertisement poignantly using our multiculturalism and diversity to promote their cause.

The ad features people of all ages and backgrounds attempting to sing “God Save the Queen” in an Australian accent, crudely. It looks uncomfortable, and gets more and more awkward as the 50 second advertisement goes on, culminating in a call for people to agree with the statement that “it doesn’t sound right anymore”.


Today we want to hear what you think…

  1. Linda Venz  

    Does it really matter, the Queen doesn’t interfere in Australia, we do NOT sing ‘God save the Queen’. BUT… our government is constantly telling us to live within our means because we’re broke.
    Well to change to a Republic would well & truly break us. the list & cost of things that would need to be redesigned, reprinted, reminted… boggles the mind.

  2. Roy Bridges  

    What a disgrace ,how disrespectful can Peter and his mob be,to this country?
    The current system has worked well with the Queen, why would you change it ?
    The only reason is ego,power and greed.!
    Could you imagine having Rudd,Gillard or a Turnbull as head of state.
    They have no plan just make a song ,questions like how would it work? Not even discussed .They only ever focus on emotional not on real out comes this is very dangerous.

  3. moira  

    How many people sing “Advance Australia Fair” knowing all the words……?

    • Guy Flavell  

      Oh, probably 90% of the population could sing it word perfect. Most certainly everyone under the age of 40 I’d reckon. This is the anthem that they’ve all grown up with.

  4. Chris  

    Might end up like the USA and I must say that certainly doesnt appeal

  5. Would should a stupid bloody video with people who can hardly speak English trying to sing God Save the Queen, change anyone’s mind on becoming a Republic. I don’t know all the words to Advance Australia Fair, and I am originally from England. but now call myself Australian, and can speak English too, in case you were wondering. It certainly hasn’t changed my mind about not wanting to become a Republic. We don’t have anyone here to be considered for our Head of State. Leave it as it is, like they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”.

  6. Jill  

    The Queen as head of state is a precaution against any individual having too much power. After their Civil War experience the British reinstated the monarchy for this very reason. We are not dependent on the monarchy but having The Monarchy as part of our system prevents some of the worst outcomes that we see in other countries.

  7. Peter  

    What a ridiculous claim that the queen of england prevents anarchy, what could she do if we decided to run amok? lol. Send in the depleted out of munitions british fragmented fleet to attack us? Or whats left of the british army to invade us and restore order? All hocus pocus royalty drivel.

  8. Colin  

    They cost Australia lot of money and England certainly cant be bothered with us so why do we bother with England,Once she goes .its time to get rid of these leaches. Do we really want an adulterer as head of state, He married a Catholic/ divorcee after having affairs with her while married. We need to be a republic ASAP. clinging to the British apron strings is pathetic and the British , well, they cant even be bothered acknowledging and apologising for the rape and pillage of not just Australia but also India, China etc.

    • Ray  

      Camilla married a Catholic. Her children were raised as Catholics and attended Catholic primary schools. She however remained faithful to the Church of England and did not convert to the Church of Rome. So she is not a Catholic. And, if she were a Catholic, Charles would lose his right to the throne.

    • Suzanne  

      Would you rather it has been Spain or France who colonised Australia??? It was going to be someone in the end!!! Move on!! When the Republican Movement can tell us what the format is then we can look at it – until now all they are saying is get rid of the Monarchy. Very shortsighted.

  9. Ray  

    I prefer to see an Australian as Head of State. But I am a constitutionalists first. The Australian Constitution carefully thought through by our founding fathers and expertly interpreted by the High Court has made Australia the best governed country in the world. So, if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Except when we are governed by the irresponsible ALP and subjected to their
      usual economic mismanagement.

  10. Name withheld  

    The only reason I would ever vote for being a republic is if Charles and Camilla take over from the Queen.

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