Bronwyn Bishop set to lose her seat. Could Dick Smith replace her?

The prospects aren’t good for Bronwyn Bishop in the coming election, with a new poll suggesting extremely high chances she’ll lose

The prospects aren’t good for Bronwyn Bishop in the coming election, with a new poll suggesting extremely high chances she’ll lose her seat if she runs.

In fact, if she does manage to get selected as the Liberal Party’s candidate for Mackellar, she may find herself losing to Dick Smith.

A News Corp survey of the electorate has revealed that only 21 per cent would choose Ms Bishop.

However, if Dick Smith chooses to run as an independent in Mackellar (as he has threatened to do should Bishop be pre-selected), a comparatively enormous 54 per cent would be willing to give him their primary vote.

69 per cent of those surveyed believed Bishop should retire. 52 per cent said they would vote Liberal if she did not run.

It’s clear Bishop is still suffering from the fallout of last year’s “ChopperGate” scandal, in which she took a $5,000 taxpayer-funded helicopter ride to attend a party function, ultimately causing her to step down as Speaker.

Bishop will be facing pre-selection ballot on April 16, and if these numbers are anything to go by, the chances seem strong that the Liberals will choose a safer candidate.

According to SBS News, her main challengers will be Liberal staff member Jason Falinski, who has strong support within the party, and Walter Villatora, who has the endorsements of both Tony Abbott and NSW Premier Mike Baird.

However, even if this current phase of Bishop’s political career could soon be at an end, her legacy won’t soon be forgotten. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, taxpayers could soon be footing a $30,000 bill for her official portrait.

Is Bronwyn Bishop’s fall from grace warranted? How do you feel about Dick Smith as a rival candidate? And if they were running head-to-head in your electorate, which of the two would have your vote?


  1. facebook_elda.quinton  

    She’s another one of those politicians who don’t know when enough is enough…….just like John Howard. She’s over 70 and it’s about time she made way for someone younger. She needs to be shoved.

    • Ann  

      Well as I see it the longer she hangs around the larger pension she gets when she does finally go.

  2. Helene Anderson Zed  

    About timeMs Bishop left politics and the Liveral party put in fresh blood- hopeDick Smith gets in👏👏👏👏👏

  3. brigitte gilbert  

    There comes a time, and a certain age, when one should realise it’s time to sit back and enjoy the time that’s left. Ms Bishop most certainly has reached that age! She’s not overly popular with the wider public ever since it’s been discovered that she’s a bit too greedy. Save yourself the embarrassment and step down, it’s overdue!

  4. Time for her to go. Yesterday’s candidate. Why do party machines keep picking former staffers and union officials? No wonder politicians are held in such low esteem.

  5. The watcher  

    Dick Smith could win any seat in Australia I reckon. Demonstrated integrity, real values and a record of supporting Australian business and values. The polls show that even in the most rusted on Liberal constituencies that the venality, contempt and ‘born to rule’ mentalty shown by Bishop ,Abbott and company has its limits with the voters.
    Stand in this electorate Dick and show the trough nosed corrupt pollies their days are numbered when honest men stand up and speak.

  6. She wants seniors to work for ever, would she do manual labour at 75. I don,t think so, over 50 is hard to find work theses days!

  7. Dick Smith should run he will win and while we’re getting rid of people past their time Julie bishop needs to go every time she goes overseas it costs money I would like to know where the 220 million to Syria and 15M to Fiji is coming from could someone please tell me

  8. john pelgrave  

    More old geezers with their snout in the Trough, we as voters pay for.

  9. Irene  

    I think Dick Smith is a true blue Aussie caring for his country and its citizens first. He is much less likely to rort the system and he’d put Australians first, ahead of refugees and curb the influx of Musli s

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