Bill Shorten’s big claim for next election is causing waves

If this last year has proved anything in the arena of politics is that the unthinkable can happen. After what

If this last year has proved anything in the arena of politics is that the unthinkable can happen. After what many claimed to be “leadership musical chairs” for the major parties in Australia it looks like we could have another leadership change. If we are to believe what Opposition Bill Shorten believes than yes.

Speaking the ABC’s 7.30 Mr Shorten discussed many topics but made some big claims when it came to discussing the next election. He said, “Quite frankly if I was to lay a bet on this matter, I don’t think I’ll be facing Malcolm Turnbull at the next election. I think the Liberal Party will move on to someone else.”

This statement isn’t meant to be a personal attack on the current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as Mr Shorten admitted that behind the scenes the two get on well. “Do I like him personally? Yes.

“But I’m watching him shrink into his job, sell out positions he’s always thought were really important just to keep his party happy.

“There’s great division and dysfunction in the Liberal Party. The problem for Australia is that when Malcolm Turnbull’s always got to look over his shoulder, he can’t see where he’s going.” Mr Shorten said in the interview.

When questioned about whom he thinks he will be facing at the next election, Mr Shorten stated, “We all know that Tony Abbott laid out a job interview, the Sunday before the last week of Parliament for an hour. I’ve got no doubt that Julie Bishop might think she served three different leaders as deputy, it might be her turn.”

Will a change in leadership give any confidence in voters who have witnessed six different Prime Ministers in less than ten years?

What do you think? Do you think that Mr Turnbull will be out come next election? Is Mr Shorten claim to big? Is there someone else that you would like to see in the country’s top job?

  1. Bruce  

    The biggest problem is we don’t have any “everyday” people in politics any more, with the exception of Pauline Hanson. They’re all self serving, opportunistic lawyers or ex union officials or greenies who are only interested in what’s in it for them, not what’s best for the country as a whole. The Rudd, Gillard, Rudd debacle was the lowest point in Australian politics and Shorten played a key role in it, so I don’t think he should be talking about party loyalty, and the Liberals backstabbing Abbott with a closet socialist masquerading as a conservative was nearly as bad. We need politicians to run the country effectively, not worry about media polls. As we saw in Brexit and America, they don’t reflect what the majority think.

    • John  

      If Pauline Hanson and her band of merry men are an indication of what you get as everyday people in politics then we are in real trouble. They remind me of a song from Annie Get Your Gun called “doin’ what comes naturally”. Australia currently has two right wing major parties sponsored by corporations and mining, has totally lost its social conscience, is becoming extremely xeonophobic and racist and has completely abandoned its egalitarian values.

      • Kezzaroo  

        I absolutely agree with you, John. We have become a ‘bogan’ country.

    • Jay B.  

      Pauline Hanson doesn’t believe in science. Some of the members of her party are a disgrace. She’s in it for the money as are most other politicians. She figured out some time ago that it was a lot more lucrative than fish & chips. Read her policies! BTW, both the elections you mentioned were non-compulsory. Clinton received 2.5 million more votes than Trump. If a Brexit vote was held now, polls show that it would convincingly be defeated. In both elections, many didn’t vote because they thought both would be defeated. The results are more an indication of laziness than what the majority wanted.

      • Bruce  

        John and Jay B you two are prime examples of why people are disillusioned with mainstream politicians. They get caught with their snouts in the trough daily but it’s all brushed aside. Hanson isn’t racist if you listen to her instead of talking down to people who disagree with you. She actually wants equality for everyone, not special treatment for certain groups, especially aboriginals, who are being used as a raison detre for certain people who make careers out of their plight. Billions have been spent in the name of aboriginal welfare but most still live in deplorable conditions, so who ended up pocketing all that money? Hanson is nowhere near ideal but we’ve had enough of the status quo.

    • Eliza Cooke  

      I’m an everyday Australian just like everyone else. I do not agree with everything you say Bruce. So who is right? Very often there is no right or wrong just better or worse.

      • Bruce  

        You’re perfectly within your rights to disagree with me Eliza and I’d would never be rude to you for doing so, but I get very disillusioned reading not stop about politicians staying in their own properties in Canberra and still getting a generous living away allowance or politicians getting a pension and then being paid large salaries to act as “consultants”. Local people have no hope of getting pre selected at branch level in either major party because head office “parachutes”in a candidate of their choosing. How are we supposed to let our feelings be known except by a protest vote at the pools.

  2. Phil Spencer  

    Install a benevolent dictator for a few years, to give tome for the current crop of self-serving bastards to find something else to do, outlaw ALL political parties and then let honest Australians stand for election.

  3. Bill Shorten seems to think he’ll face someone other than Malcolm Turnbull at the next election. He doesn’t seem to even consider that he might not be facing anyone…………Arrogance in the extreme.

    • Dee  

      Bill is confident, not arrogant. ALP rules are that he can only be challenged after an election. That didn’t happen so he knows he’ll be there at the next one. If he wins the next one, he’ll be there for many years to come.

  4. geoff clay  

    I am not sure I can believe anything Bill Shorten says about anything

    • Is he going to say another lie like the last election ? that the government is going to dismantle Medicare again ?

      • Mareela  

        Peter Berry, there were no lies told by Shorten at the last election. The conservatives have one mantra. Privatisation and user pays and they will always try and dismantle Medicare bit by bit like Tony Abbott did with the 2014 budget. Australians have to be constantly on the alert for sneaky back door changes to Medicare like the suggested co payment from 2014 budget. The only reason we still have Medicare is the Turnbull government knows it would spell their death knell at the next election and they are desperate to remain in power at any cost.

  5. Gavin Weston  

    In the whole of Australia it seems that we have a majority of self serving educated ?????, with whom we are stuck as the people who are responsible for Governing our country. and states There are few whom I could say with some semblance of honesty are worth their money. The Politicians seem to think that they are there to be self serving even to the extent of what laws they pass that are of little use in Governing the people of Australia to be beneficial to the whole of the people. In this they dismally fail. BIG business has too much power and the gross number of ex politicians that are there hanging on to their money as consultants etc etc is disgusting. The PolitIcians are elected by the people and they have a huge number of Public Servants to give them advice etc in framing legislation to Govern effectively and fairly the population of this Country. After having been elected by the people to Govern the people, once they get settled in to the Parliament, the rot sets in as they listen to the established Politicians and the games that are played at the expense of the people. Just look at the disgusting Rudd, Gillard, Rudd episode one of the worst events in our Country’s Political history. This country needs stable government, not what we have currently, a group of people who put their own agendas and egos first and cause so much in-fighting that is draining the effective Governance of Australia. Having said this there are some good people that are in the Parliaments and to those I say thank you for a very difficult job you have.

    • This Prick has never stopped arguing ever since he elected
      Think its time for a change and try and get the country moving
      Next time u listen to him speak notice some words he pronounces like he is lacking correct grammar,is it a impediment in his speech or has he not been taught?
      In his job it is never to late to learn,maybe he dont realize it is

  6. robgee  

    Our current bunch of politicians are all pretty useless with the exception of a few. Malcolm has kept all the good ones on the back bench so that thy don’t blow out his candle. I dont look forward to three years of whinging Bill as our PM.

    Bring back Tony Abbott and a solid thinking group of Libs at the next election and they have my vote. Otherwise, there are some good up and coming minor parties which might jump to the fore and win the race.

  7. tom  

    The sure fire way for Labour to win the next election is for Shorty to step down and give the reins to Anthony Albenese. A true Aussie with many great beliefs to suit many people. Squeaky clean and very well liked.

  8. Robert Jones  

    Is Mr Shorten claim to big? What kind of English (spelling and grammar) is this?

  9. Marie dawson  

    Bill Shorten the opportunist

  10. John  

    Scott Morrison would be the best choice for the Libs and Chris Bowen for Labor, then we might get things done. Turnbull ran a pathetic election campaign and the Libs would not risk him again. Shorten is an obstructionist and too close to the unions….Victorians have had enough of a puppet government run by militant trade unions.

    • Mareela  

      Hi John, didn’t know you were authorised to speak for all Victorians. Must have missed that bit of news. Never the less I assume you speak for yourself which you are perfectly entitled to do. However, you certainly don’t speak for me or for all Victorians.

  11. Greg Hills  

    Malcolm Turnbull is a victim of the Far Right Faction of his Party. He was allowed to do what he truly believes in Australia would have a consensus government of the coalition supported by Labor.
    That way, people such as The “bigot brigade” of Hanson and Bernardi would be left out in the cold where they belong!
    Unfortunately, it is now not going to happen, and it will take the LNP’s inevitable loss at the next election to shake them away from the Far Right of politics.
    Far Right Conservative principals are the worst ever thing for the World, let alone Australia.

  12. Guy Flavell  

    Bill Shorten is not at all arrogant with his comment about Malcolm Turnbull. The Coalition have less than two years to install a new leader to give them any hope at all of winning the 2019 election.
    Sadly, Mr. Turnbull has not been the answer to Mr. Abbott’s removal and I would bet that many of
    his 53 supporters at the time agree. I believe that the Coalition have really only three truly
    worthwhile people they could turn to to reverse this rather scary situation of another three years
    of Labor economic mismanagement. Peter Dutton, Christian Porter or Corey Bernadi would be
    my choice of an elite panel for this task … with Christian Porter being the front-runner.
    Mr. Abbott no longer has the support within the Coalition (or their voters?) to make a successful
    comeback I’m afraid.

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