Are we prepared for a 6th PM in 6 years?

It seems like forever ago that we had a prime minister for 11 years. Since John Howard was defeated by
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It seems like forever ago that we had a prime minister for 11 years. Since John Howard was defeated by Kevin Rudd in 2007 we have had 5 prime ministers: Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull. But if the polls continue to favour Labor, we might be in for our sixth change in as many years.

According to The Age, the Labor Party has held on to a narrow overall lead during the past fortnight, meaning the prospect of a hung parliament has increased.

The latest Ipsos-Fairfax poll shows the opposition is ahead at 51-49, which is in contrast to how voters really feel: they predict a Coalition victory.

Mr Turnbull urged voters to cast their ballots carefully, “It’s going to be close, every Australian should vote as though their vote was the one that decided the next government,” he said.

Today Bill Shorten launched his Labor campaign in western Sydney and alluded that the PM isn’t trying with his campaign because he thinks he’s got the election “in the bag”.


Mr Shorten declared Labor “ready to serve, ready to lead, ready for government”.

“Mr Turnbull says he’s got this in the bag, he claims he’s already won it — I say to him never underestimate Labor — you ain’t seen anything yet.”

He said there was always someone willing to “write Labor off” and this was the moment for supporters to “dig a little deeper, work a little harder, be part of something bigger”.

Mr Shorten has been arguably a lot more visible this election campaign than Malcolm Turnbull, which may play in his favour.

Time will tell, and there’s only a couple more weeks to go until we know who our new PM is.

With that said, do you think we’re ready to give another person a go? Or should Malcolm Turnbull stay on for a full term?


  1. Heather Slater  

    Pity help this great Country if Labor wins, I can’t stand Bill Shorten he is not at all PM material

  2. earn it  

    Having backstabbed two prime ministers and assisted in the creation of australia’s humungous deficit I hold him too toxic to even consider.

    • Noel Baxendell  

      Actually the deficit has increased (tripled) under Abbott and Turnbull. For all the talk now of growth, their previous policies were all about cutting expenditure and benefits to the most vulnerable. In any complex modern economy, you need growth to grow revenue and all of Abbott’s policies simply had the opposite effect. There are only 5.98 million Australians holding full-time jobs – about one third of the workforce. Without full-time jobs, a worker and their families will be a burden on the taxpayer.

  3. Aileen Ferguson  

    No way he will make PM….he is such a wimp & we will have nothing but ongoing union issues if Labour get in. Just take a look at Victoria right now.

  4. It doesnt matter who gets in this country is in for some hard time

  5. Peter McKenzie  

    He is a creep who should be in jail for his past which has been swept under the carpet. God help Australia if this excuse for a man is made leader. By the way I don’t like Turnbull either but he would have way more integrity than Short on morals.

  6. Sandy Balfour  

    It’s obvious from the previous comments that when you don’t have anything credible to say just get personal and insult. Got to say Bill daily shows more class and compassion than you all show in a short vicious vitriol.

  7. Celest  

    I think Bill is ready to become our new PM. I am very concerned about the current government’s plans if they win the election again. Increase in GST by 15% will have a enormous impact for most of the Australian families who are a!ready struggling in managing their family budgets. This mean that for every $100 spent for buying your weekly food and groceries, this is an additional $15 cost increase or $60/ month. What do you think of the effect of this to the cost of buying a new house? Cost of living increases but worker’s wages/salaries stays the same. The current government plans sound good as they promise a better return and benefits for the country’s future. However, the are not looking at what Australian needs now. The are more concern of balancing the budget by increasing taxes in any shape or form, taxing the superannuation income stream of people who are retiring or have retired, plan to change our Medicare system which they still deny will not be changed. People from other countries envy Australia because of our Medicare system. When our PM was asked about their plan to privatised Medicare today, his answer was the government will continue to deliver the services provided by Medicare but avoided to make it clear what are the planned changes they are going to make when they win the election. Judging how the PM answers this question, I am not 100% about the truth in his answer. The issue about decificit is always being blamed to the opposition. When the current government came to power why is our deficit much bigger now?
    I know that some people may have a different views and opinion about the points raised above and I respect their own views. My preference for this election will be for Labor.

  8. mareeS  

    I would rather die in a ditch than live through 3yrs more of the Malcolm/Lucy experiment. I have lived through excellent governments, both Labor and Coalition, but this past 9yrs has just about done me in. I would give just about anything for solid, sensible government.

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