Peta Credlin can’t hide her smile as she slams Malcolm Turnbull

Ouch. Peta Credlin has panned Malcolm Turnbull live on air overnight during a cross with Sky news host Andrew Bolt.

Ouch. Peta Credlin has panned Malcolm Turnbull live on air overnight during a cross with Sky news host Andrew Bolt.

As Tony Abbott’s Chief of Staff Credlin has made no secret of her distaste for the current PM and she certainly didn’t mince her words last night -in fact she didn’t say much at all.

When asked by Bolt to nominate a single policy achievement of the Turnbull government after almost one year in office Peta sat there in silence with small smile on her face.

After a few seconds passed she said with a smirk: “Well, by the skin of his teeth he didn’t lose to Bill Shorten.”

An Abbott supporter himself, Bolt then feigned frustration and asked again.

“Peta Credlin, I’m talking about something for the benefit of the Australian people, a policy. Silence?”

“Oh look, Andrew, I’m pressed,” Credlin said. “Um, they signed the free trade agreement. They didn’t negotiate it, that was done before.”

“No, c’mon,” Bolt hit back softly, “that’s a piece of paper. I can sign it. Give it to me, I’ll sign it, that’s easy. No. An achievement?”

Five seconds passed.

“Ahh, as I said, he stopped the country being run by Bill Shorten,” Credlin responded still smiling. “That’s the best I can do at the moment.”

Bolt then said he would generously give her until next week to come up with something.

“We’ll, that’s a challenge,” Credlin said. “Thank you for the whole week.”

While some viewers laughed along and said the pair were spot on, others said the segment was just a chance for the pair to advertise their own political preferences.

Do you agree with Peta Credlin? What do you think Malcolm Turnbull’s biggest achievement is so far? Does he have one?

  1. Biggest achievement to date would be how disappointing he has been. He has very progressive ideas but seems to be emasculated be the party. Very disappointing.

  2. P Worrall  

    He has certainly highlighted his, and the coalitions preparedness to lie to the voters to gain office.Turnbull Got the LNP over the line by promising a new more moderate direction.Instead we see Turnbull endorsing most of the policies that Pre election Polling indicated the electorate had rejected

  3. bundy  

    Andrew Bolt. The best thing about him is that he is irrelevant. ‘Gee; I watched Andrew Bolt last night and boy, he changed MY mind’ said no-one. Ever. And Credders? Geez. I thought Rudd was adept at a still-living martyrdom. From influence to irrelevance in a heartbeat.

  4. Phil Spencer  

    Both Bolt and Credlin are irrelevant, I don’t watch them or listen to them, both are bitter and twisted individuals!

    • veronica cheeseman  

      I agree.. They are both ‘ in love ‘ with that buffoon Tony Abbott. Bolt is so biased it’s sickening.

  5. Christine  

    His achievment is proving to the public what a complete piss weak leader her is not one policy gutless

  6. Peter  

    Turnbull’s achievement is to continue the lies of the Abbott Government. Abbott’s achievement was to hoodwink enough of the voters to become the Government.

  7. The Watcher  

    I wouldnt give any creedence to these two weevils.

  8. John Young  

    His only decent achievement would be Resignation.

  9. Radman  

    To Bundy, The Watcher, Phil Spencer etc, refute the opinion with fact. As Socrates said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

  10. Brian Court  

    I am not aCredlin or Bolt supporter however I can say that Mr Turnbull has achieved little evidenced by his totally incorrect reading of public oppinion with regard to the double dissolution debarcle. His judgement is poor and dictatorial and his Government refuses to listen to the publiics concerns about China, selling the farm and essential services and security concerns with regard to Islamic extremism and consequential rorting of our social security system to the detriment of deserving Australians not to mention the ” grabbing back ” of misspent revenues from everyone except the priviledged politians tax avoiding corporates.

  11. keith jacobs  

    He is useless, Credlin is right . . .

  12. A Royal Commission into youth detention has commenced. Maybe Mr Turnbull had something to do with that.

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