Susan Sarandon doesn’t want the grandchildren calling her “grandma”

Susan Sarandon has a family nickname, but it’s not “grandma!” – the 61-year-old wants her grandchildren to call her “honey”

Susan Sarandon has a family nickname, but it’s not “grandma!” – the 61-year-old wants her grandchildren to call her “honey” instead.

The film and television star has one granddaughter, a 19-month-old baby named Marlowe. However, Susan Sarandon insists that grandma, granny or nan are not the titles for her.

“Honey is her grandma name”, explained Susan’s daughter, Eva Amurri Martino. Although Susan has taken to being a grandmother, saying it’s “much easier” that being a mother.

Eva Martino explained that she is a much more “structured” parent than Susan was to her. When Eva was born, Susan Sarandon was already a famous movie star active in Hollywood.

In fact, Eva was just six months old when Thelma and Louise skyrocketed Susan to stardom. However, Eva said she has inherited several parenting values from her famous mother.

These home values include, “the importance of being kind to people, being there for people”, Eva said.

Do your grandchildren call you “grandma”? Or do you have another family nickname?

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A retro photo of Susan Sarandon with her daughter Eva, as a child:

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  1. betsy jury  

    There are only 2 wonderful people in the world who have the right to call me Nana and I love that I have that special bond. Roll on next babe comin’ soon Same as Mum , only 3 peolpe have that right its wonderful.

  2. Sandi  

    I have a name that I want to be called but it will never happen as I will never be a Nandi. Neither of my children have children and I have now given up hope of every becoming a grandparent.

  3. I am proud to be Grandma, don’t care if it’s old fashioned. my Gran told us at her 75th birthday party to call her Jo, which we did for nearly 20 years. My mum was nana. But I’ve always wanted to be grandma, and now I am

  4. Jill Austin  

    I also wanted a ‘different ‘ name and after mush searching came up with GanGan-which was shortened to GG in a phone message after 3 days(space issue my son said!) now it has stuck I am happy to have a’special’ name.I believe it is what Prince George and Princess Charlotte call the Queen.I know the Queen Mum used it too so I feel really special.

  5. Angie B  

    I am Martha to my grandies. Don’t ask me why!

  6. Linda Munro  

    I am Nanny to my gorgeous 4 year old granddaughter and my 3 gorgeous grandsons aged 5, 4 and 3. Love being a nanny.

  7. meggsie  

    My three Grandkids call me Grandma and ive never been more prouder..When they first started talking it was very hard for then to say the word and they came up with some funny ways of saying Grandma.Love it .

  8. Marcia  

    I am Mimi… I love it!

    • Ruth  

      So am I and I love it! Easy for littlies to say too.

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