Penny Wong lashes Pauline Hanson on Q and A

Labor Senator Penny Wong has taken a stand of Q and A overnight, blasting One Nation leader Pauline Hanson for

Labor Senator Penny Wong has taken a stand of Q and A overnight, blasting One Nation leader Pauline Hanson for her views of Muslims and migration.

Ms Wong was asked by a member of the audience how she could argue Senator Hanson promotes prejudice and fear when she was elected by the people of Australia to represent their views.

“Because I look at what she says,” she replied to cheers from the crowd.

“I remember the debate in the 90s when we were the ones who were swamping the place and we were the ones who were going to make this a dreadful place.”

Ms Wong, who is Malaysian Australian, said she remembered what it was like to be Asian in the late 90s when Ms Hanson was first elected.

“Yes, she is elected, you know, she has her seat in the Senate. And she’s entitled to speak, but those of us who have very different views are also entitled to speak.

“Prejudice and fear will never build a community, they will only tear one apart and no country has ever made herself safer by attacking a particular ethnic minority.”

Her response was received with rapturous applause from the audience, but not everyone was impressed.

Many have come out saying Ms Hanson represents their views and they are “sick of being attacked for it”.

Other panellists also made comparisons between Ms Hanson and Donald Trump, saying it was dangerous to give her too much power or dismiss her ideas as “fear mongering”.

What are your thoughts? Is Penny Wong right here? Or do you think Pauline Hanson is just speaking for those who voted for her?

  1. Robin Gemmill  

    Mrs Wong is very correct She has a valid point and the right to make it. Pauline Hanson and the Donald Trumps of this world use the insecurities of other people to further a cause based on hatred not understanding
    There is nothing to fear from learning respect and understanding for other peoples beliefs Healthy growth comes from that base Trust don t fear you are giving in to your own inadequacies.

    • Robyn  

      Well said I can assure you Pauline Hanson DOES NOT speak for most Aussies actually wish she didn’t speak al all she continually incites racism whether it’s indigenous people or immigrants

  2. Ted  

    Wong has a right to say what she like so has PaulineHanson, the difference is that Pauline is say what a large number of REAL australians are saying, Wong is only feathering her own nest.

    • Hogson  

      Who are the “REAL” Australians? Pauline Hanson’s views are not the views of the REAL Australians, the First Australians, the indigenous people of Australia.

    • Elaine Henderson  

      Are you saying that because Penny Wong is Malaysian/Australian she is feathering her own nest? What a stupid comment. I am a REAL Australian as you put it and pauline hanson certainly does not speak for me or any of the REAL Australians I know. Yes, you’re entitled to your opinions, but don’t be surprised when others lash you for your racist views.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree with Ted. Pauline Hanson is saying what so many Australians are thinking and saying. I would back Pauline before Penny Wong any day. We are not racist, they need to integrate into our Australian way of life and Laws. Not come here for a better life then try to change us Australians in their ways and laws. This is Australia.
      I agree that Penny Wong and all these Pollies Labor and LNP are featuring their own nest and not worried about what people of Australian want or feel. They have no feelings for Australian people and don’t listen to the people of Australia.

      • Josephine B  

        I agree with Joy Anne Bourke. I think our border should be screened more thoroughly as there are some coming into OUR COUNTRY wanting to reap the benefits that our forefathers worked hard for. To come here to OUR COUNTRY and turn it upside-down with their sharia laws is NOT ACCEPTABLE when WE ARE A CHRISTIAN COUNTRY. I’m not against the decent Muslins, but to have another countries aggression brought here and take over is out of the question. We are a PEACE LOVING COUNTRY and Pauline is trying to help in keeping it that way by speaking up.

        • Kim Bradbury  

          Excuse me, but just because a handful once called a protest once doesn’t tar all Muslims with the same brush; so who is calling for us to change our laws?. You should just concentrate on going back to school; your spelling gives you away as a Pauline Hanson supporter before the topic of your post does. Maybe you should flog off back to where your ancestors came from and make Australia less racist?

    • Leigh Graham  

      Penny Wong goes off all the time about other polotitions when will she realise she is in the minority we voted Pauline in she has our thoughts if Wong and he crew don’t like it leave Australia to true Australians not blow ins a plane leaves every hour get on one.

    • Kelvin Hyde  

      I also agree with you Ted, not a fan of Penny Wong, she is a lefty, thats a good enough reason in my opinion.

  3. Dave Pritchard  

    I’m sure the UKIPs BNPs and other assorted rightist /.fascist people elect their candidates to represent their views too. That doesn’t mean they are legitimate views, nor that the majority have to go along with their divisive and usually misinformed crap, does it ? Let them get angry at criticism. We don;t care, do we ?

  4. Greg Hills  

    It is so sad, that any form of racial or ethnic discrimination still exists in our wonderfully multi cultural country.
    In the fifties and sixties it was the Southern Europeans who were the victims. In the eighties it was the Vietnamese. In the nineties it was the Asians. In the noughties its it was the Africans.
    History has proven that all groups are now happily assimilated into the fabric of our society.
    Admittedly, the Muslim community is a bigger challenge, which must start with a willingness on their part to become part of us. I am sure that they do want to, but their assimilation will not become apparent for a generation yet. Once their children experience secondary schooling they will become more and more “Aussie”. It is always a gradual thing, and it is only natural for the older ones to try and hold on to their “old world”. Time stands still for no one though, and change will be forced upon them from within in good time.

    • Dieter  

      To Greg Hills and your 2nd generation view.
      Did you ever look what other countries experience?
      I am originally from Germany and we are here for many years now but I can tell you the 2nd – 3rd generations are the ones who have major difficulties and lack of willingness to call Germany their home. These generations are more bound to their parents and grandparents homeland than anyone else and they are ready to fight for it to make it yours.
      I am generalizing here but it is manly the truth.
      Here in Oz people seem to believe everything is going to be different here. I don’t know why people look over the fence and learn from mistakes already made by other countries.

  5. Diane Stampalia  

    Th very real terrorists in this country are the murderers of children and women (and the occasional man) in domestic violent situations. Forget religon and concentrate on the homegrown terrorists.

    • Derek Anderson  

      Diane…you have said what we have been saying for some time now…this is the real terrorism we should be declaring a “war”, not the stuff our governments waste so much money on. Congratulations for putting that out there!!

  6. David Charlton  

    Well Penny Wrong and her party of Neverdoers have little to show and a lot to be desired. These party politicians are the ones who are afraid to lose the power that they have so will get their media bedfellows to beat up hysteria… if you listen to Pauline’s stance on our current situation you will see it makes sense to wind things back on all fronts till we can see some positive direction…

  7. Marija Fickling  

    Come on! Racism is a built in survival gene. That which is not us is suspect.
    Long before The Asian influx, after WW@ we had the European refugees of whom I am one. We were not welcome at the time but then we became “one of us Aussies” in time. Then we had the Asians come to town and they too were not made welcome, now we celebrate their contribution to this country. We now have European and Asian festivals we all enjoy and in doing so, we unite. The greatest difference between the generations of migrants is that previously, migrants accepted the country they came to. Perhaps not 100% but enough to blend in.
    The demands of the Islamic faith have a group of people who do not “blend In’ who by their clothing, make a statement of difference.
    That is the issue Australians need to resolve.
    If I come to your home, I need to respect that which you offer me and to avoid bringing conflict into your home. I am a guest and need to earn your trust.
    We have just started to respect and value the culture of the indigenous people of this land, it takes time to come together. We have not yet been forgiven for the damage we have done to their culture but the blending and forgiving is happening. It takes time to assimilate.
    Pauline Hanson speaks on behalf of those of us who feel our welcome has been abused. She has the right to speak her mind and not everyone will agree with her.

    • Josephine B  

      Well said Marija Fickling. I often think back to the unflux of migrants back in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s who individually may have had trouble in blending in, but they never caused any threat of CHANGING OUR COUNTRY just to BLEND IN and they’ve done well. It is however some of the migrants of today that DON’T want to blend in, but CHANGE us to their ways. They’ve come here for a NEW LIFE, so it’s them that have to change to OUR CULTURE as you’ve said that if you were to enter MY HOUSE you’d HAVE to respect THAT IT IS MY HOME.

    • Dorothy Hughes  

      Marija, I agree with you. In all my years I have never seen such conflict with people who come here from other countries. I remember so many different, wonderful people who became our friends & shared their culture with ours. Never did I feel threatened – unlike today when the threat is so real.

  8. Mick  

    Q and A, never watch this bias show. Wouldn’t waste my time. It is always stacked to a leftest view point. A totally rigged show. How can anybody believe the rubbish the show portrays.

    • Kelvin Hyde  

      Talk about pampering to the Looney Left, you are so right, well written Mick.

    • Geraldine  

      Couldn’t agree more, Mick.
      You’re spot on!

      Penny Wong? Pfffft!
      Whomsoever ‘listens’ to her claptrap, should go far, far away!

    • Peter McKenzie  

      Dead right, it is the most bias show around and I now detest it.

  9. I agree with Marija. Previous immigrants have blended in and are now part of our nation. Muslims do not seem to want to, they are bringing into this country their ways of life. If they come to Australia they should try to assimilate if they don’t want to they could always go back to their own land where they would not be the odd one out. Penny Wong is wrong in her statements. Because Pauline Hanson has expressed her views doesn’t make her racist. From what I read and heard she only said we need to decide if Islam is a religion or an ideology.
    Religions should never come into politics, lot of wars started that way.

    • Robyn Colley  

      Pauline Hanson stated in her opening speech – that anyone was welcome to come to this country if they accepted our laws and blended in with Australian values.. I agree with the previous comments made by Alison Gimbert and David Charlton . Pauline Hanson is not a trained public speaker – sometimes that works against her – however, she is a strong woman and totally committed to representing her constituents.

    • Donald Anderson  

      How many Muslims do you know, have you ever made an effort to get out in the community and meet a few of them. you will be surprised to find that they have the same concerns as you, educating their children, them right from wrong. Like you they are concerned about paying their mortgages and their day to day bills. If the fact they dress differently makes you feel uncomfortable, they do not tell you how to dress. people in your country need to hang their heads about the wat the Aborigines have been treated, you may not know that there were organised Abo hunts, the most recent of which occurred in the early 1960s I believe. The Aborigines are now getting educated and are realising they are as smart as everyone else, they will cause you enormous problems and it serves you right.

  10. Cliff Bernard  

    The sad truth is that many Australians voted for Ms. Hanson, as the Germans did for Hitler, as Americans will for Trump. But we make a mistake in attacking Hanson and her supporters personally. She speaks for some very real fears out there, fears that are not altogether without a rational basis. Australian society is changing, and people quite naturally fear that their way of life is threatened. To get perspective, some knowledge is required, some travel, and the ability to step back and put events in perspective. When we are able to do that we see that the fears are overblown, the frictions caused by the new immigrants, overstated, the customs the newcomers bring that we find offensive, few.

    But we need to address these fears directly. From the broadly progressive side of politics, the rhetoric has to change. We have to acknowledge that some Islamic customs, for example, are crimes under our laws, and reassure the people that those crimes will be punished under the law with no exceptions. We need to acknowledge that Islamic society is often secretive and abusive of women, that the religion tends to be authoritarian and anti-secular, but we need also to put these things in context, to thank Ms. Hanson for bringing these fears out into the open, and then we need to explain, as many times as required, why the fears are relatively ungrounded.

    We may even need to acknowledge that some immigration restrictions are not a bad idea. We do need to keep a balance after all, to avoid turning our society into warring factions, to ensure that newcomers will be more influenced by us than we are by them. And we need to bring the Islamic community into the debate more. More and more exposure to liberal democratic ideals, a little more kindness and inclusion, will show in a practical way why our customs and attitudes have built this great society to which Islamic refugees flock. We need to remind them why they came. They will see, and they will join us. It may take a few generations, but they are only a miniscule percentage of the population.

    • Paul  

      The Australian way is to give a fair go to those who are part of the population. It seems that the people who have a comment have a problem with accepting the fact that the Islamic culture allows the atrocities we see to happen they are not movies they are decapitated heads stoned to death women and homosexuals thrown off roofs . Wake up.

  11. Gaye Johnson  


    • Carolyn  

      Really? How is being divisive and creating fear working for the people? How is reducing those who are unemployed to abject poverty, when the real problem is no jobs, working for the people? The age old approach of a conservative mind wanting to punish those who are different or poor only serves to create chaos in our society. You build walls, you are inviting that they be broken down. People are really suffering in our communities and Pauline Hanson only has one view of the world and it’s all about protecting her!

  12. Malcolm Cunningham.  

    I think Ms Wong is the one with a problem! Pauline is vocalising what I and I hope many other Australiaians, both old and new, fundamentally feel. When I came to Australia, during the first five I had to pay my own way. I obeyed the rules, looked a job and get on with my life. No freebies. My family live by the premise of Adopt, Adapt and Assimilate. After sixteen years in Oz we have many ‘true’ friend all over the country.
    Wong is Wrong!
    So go Pauline and One Nation.

    • Derek Anderson  

      I think your comments support Penny Wong, NOT Pauline Hanson.

      • Robert  

        Those comments seem to support Pauline Hanson.
        Adopt, Adapt and Assimilate.
        If everyone did that there would not be the problem.

        Migrants who adapt and adopt this way of life hardly get noticed.

        Those who insist on maintaining their own countries ways etc will always stand out.

        Penny Wong wants everyone, whether they wish to fit in to Australia or not, to be accepted.

        Pauline Hanson wants only those who want to fit in to be accepted.


      The muslims have not and have no intention of integrating into australia. They come to this country and live in their own communities , send their children to their muslim schools who mix solely with other muslim children , play sports with their muslim friends , go to thier muslim church and show total disregard for the ozzie way of life.
      Oh but it is the ozzies fault because we havnt imbrased them .!
      And why is it that the terrisom happening around the world is being carried out mostly by second generation muslims . Could it be because there is a them and us mentallity in young mohummods home and then some evil bastard on the internet reinforces this and tells him its time to take action against these white facists and go and kill afew.
      Oh thats right it ozzies fault because we havnt embraced them .
      But oh wait a minute Pauline Hanson was invited home for a BBQ on the Q&A by Mr look a like Guy Sebastion a few monthes ago. And he seemed like such a guy that was intergrating into our society as he sat there with his Muslim friend . He was so genuine he had the greens on side . I wonder how many ozzie friends he had over for a BBQ over the last year ?
      Lets get real about this if we are going to really address this problem

      • Muhammad Soliman  

        Yup thats what we do. British came to this land hundreds of years ago and did the same! difference here is we Muslims and others didn’t invade this land. And we didn’t butcher it’s original people.
        So what’s exactly your way of life you are talking about?

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