Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is eyeing another state

It looks like Pauline has her eyes set on the rest of Australia. Latest, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is
Pauline Hanson's One Nation party is attempting to register in another state ahead of the next state election.

It looks like Pauline has her eyes set on the rest of Australia. Latest, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party is attempting to register in Tasmania ahead of the next state election. This comes as many people in rural communities lose faith in the major parties, reports ABC News.

According to a party spokesperson who spoke to the ABC, “efforts to have the party registered in Tasmania are underway” and that “the party hopes to have candidates running for seats in Tasmania’s House Of Assembly in the next state election” in 2018.

One Nation pulled 10 per cent of the vote in Queensland at this year’s federal election and is tipped to poll strongly in state elections there and in West Australia next year.

One Nation’s rising popularity has the National party worried, and the ABC can confirm Deputy Prime Minister and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce wants to run a candidate in Tasmania at the next federal election.

There had been speculation former Liberal senator Richard Colbeck might run for the Nationals in Tasmania, however he is undecided.

Although the Nationals picked up two extra seats at the last federal election, it has been reported that issues like council amalgamations and the backpacker tax have left many rural voters upset with the way politics is done. Many rural people have lost faith in the major parties because of a lack of trust and concern that their problems are not being heard.

Another north-west coast dairy farmer, Geoff Atkinson, is a long-time Liberal voter but said he would have to seriously consider his options were One Nation to run at the next election.

“It’d be difficult after 40-odd years of voting Liberal. But this is probably the first time I’d really have to think about it,” he said.

Do you think this state is ready for Pauline Hanson? How will you be affected?

  1. Noel SHaw  

    We will NEVER have her in any state as she is is in the Australian Parliament and can not be in a state seat at the same time. You here “” I’m voting for Pauline when she is not standing in that seat, you only here about her not the person who is standing for one nation you have no idea who or what they are be very careful and find out who you are voting for.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    The Coalition parties should be extremely concerned if One Nation can find enough funds
    to stand their reps for lower house state seats. Tassie would be a good litmus test as to
    the levels of disappointment traditional Coalition voters currently have. I only hope One Nation don’t direct their preferences to the Labor party.

    • Bob c  

      Who cares where they direct their preferences. THEY ARE YOUR PREFERENCES, NOT THE PARTIES. I really wish Australians would get this, put YOUR preferences where you like.

  3. Vicki Wolstencroft  

    Yes, I will probably vote for the One Nation Party next time. I have been a Liberal voter all my adult life but I am very disillusioned withe the way things are being handled at the moment. There is no real leadership! Sick of the Baby Boomers being put down, when we have worked hard, saved our money and didn’t receive the” Handouts” that the families receive today. Turnbull is so proud of himself for getting the Back Packers Tax passed in the parliament but in order to achieve that he had to do a deal with the Greens to the tune of $100 million dollars! Hockey told us that the Age of Entitlement is over. How about they start in their own back yard! All the perks, bonuses etc that they receive after they have retired is a national joke! I say PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Does anybody else think the same way as me?

    • Guy Flavell  

      Vicki, name me just one Coalition, Labor, Greens or independent parliamentarian that you
      consider would vote to reduce their salaries, allowances and perks. I honestly wouldn’t bother
      concerning yourself about this grubby situation as it’ll NEVER change I’m afraid.

  4. Phil Spencer  

    I have zero tolerance for these idiots, I wish that they would go away!

  5. Dieter  

    The only and I mean “the only” way to get the politicians to consider changes regarding their perks is when lots of us go onto the streets and demonstrate and demand those changes but as they know this will newer happen, or will it?

    • Sheffield and the entire Kentish Council area has just lost its’ Federally funded Health Centre.

      They got one months notice !

      In an area heavily populated with aging Tasmanians and with the State Governments severe down-grading of the Latrobe Hospital , this is a complete kick in the guts for our area !

      Attached to this service was the only public transport that the entire Kentish area had.. a small 10 seater Bus.

      Tasmanians in Cities get heavily subsidised Bus Services.. but at 25 k from Devonport , Sheffield , Railton and Wilmot , who pay the same scales of State taxes as Southerners and townies.. get NOTHING.

      The major Parties wonder why they stink.

      There is a large protest rally happening in Sheffield on the 12th of December… they will get the message then ! It’s just the start because no public transportation for the elderly is just not on.

      Go Pauline !

  6. David Friend  

    Pauline, you are the only one that understands grass roots Australians. The huge amount of money we give away in foreign aid, housing, benefits, when our own people are struggling. There is a big difference between a multi millionaire Prime Minister and a Senator who used to run a fish and chip shop. I really believe you could do a Donald Trump. The Poms had had enough of being dominated by EU, the Americans were fed up with the way the pollitians treated grass roots Americans. I just hope that we are not too apathetic to rise up and follow you.

    • Marnie  


  7. Paul  

    Tassie already has Lambie. No room for another idiot.

  8. Dianne  

    Sorry, can’t stand the woman

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