Pauline Hanson’s One Nation faces a major test in the Senate

Whether you love her or loathe her, there’s no denying Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party’s powerful position in the Senate.
One Nation Senator Rod Culleton. Source: YouTube

Whether you love her or loathe her, there’s no denying Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party’s powerful position in the Senate.

But that could be about to change, with one of her senators facing a High Court challenge over his election.

The Turnbull Government will ask the Senate to consider challenging Senator Rodney Culleton’s eligibility.

You might be wondering why?

Well, it all comes down to the theft of a key, worth $7.50, from a tow truck in 2014.

The ABC is reporting that Senator Culleton pleaded guilty last month to a charge of larceny (theft) but no conviction was recorded against him.

But, the problem for Senator Culleton is a conviction recorded against him before the election for failing to appear in court.

The legal advice given to the government indicates the One Nation senator might not have been eligible for election.

Apparently our constitution states a person cannot be in parliament if they’ve been convicted of a crime with a punishment of one year imprisonment or longer.

Senator Culleton has described the news as a blow, and told Sky News last night that it was a test for the party.

“I’m in a legal web and every time I quiver in the web, the spider seems to come out and inject me with more poison,” he said.

He has stated he will probably represent himself in the High Court and dismissed the issue as “trivial”.

The senator has also indicated he won’t vote on any legislation while the matter is before the High Court.

So, what will happen if Senator Culleton is disqualified?

According to ABC election analyst Antony Green, the senator would be struck off the ballot paper and a recount would be conducted.

Green believes Senator Culleton’s brother-in-law, electrical contracting businessman Peter Georgiou, would be his likely replacement.

But there appears to be more to the story.

Just like Family First senator Bob Day, who resigned this week and is facing a similar High Court challenge, Senator Culleton also reportedly has some issues with one of his businesses.

The ABC is reporting one of Senator Culleton’s companies, Elite Grains, is being liquidated and has debts worth $6 million.

Bruce Bell, a former business associate of the senator, predicts Senator Culleton could end up bankrupt.

“Unless somebody stumps up some millions of dollars, I think it’s inevitable Mr Culleton is bankrupt,” he told the ABC.

And if that happens, it would be grounds for Senator Culleton to lose his place as a senator.

What do you think of the whole issue? Do you think there should be a High Court challenge?

  1. Ronnie Foley ( Mrs. )  

    It looks like all the dirty washing is being dragged out by the Liberals and Labour. You are stronger than all of them, Pauline, so hold your head high and keep up the good work. I guarantee if members of those other two parties were put through the wringer a lot worse things would come out.

  2. Elaine Henderson  

    Let’s hope he is shown the door – and take the rest of hanson’s disgracefuls with him.

    • Greg  

      Based on what, do you make comment ??
      Leftwing twat !!

    • jenny Blakeney  

      You obviously are one of the people who bury your head in the sand. If Pauline does not pull this country back from the influx of Muslims then we will be an islamic country within 30 years. It will only take two decades if that to see the muslims take over parliament. They are doing it by stealth now. You would be surprised how many muslims have attained very high positions in private enterprises and in government. Wake up to yourself and start investigating the situation instead of believing the media which is all hyped up to the government. I don’t know about you – but I do not want my grandson growing up as a muslim.

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Here we go again, anything to stop her people in Senate by the LNP and Turnbull. I am disgusted with LNP and Turnbull. Leave her and her MP’s alone. Yurnbull you didn’t want her in parliament, well sorry, your the one that should not be there you are an arrogant, dishonest, liar, and have no interest in the people of this country. You only want all the money for you and your mates, make the rich richer and the poor poorer living in poverty. The U.K. pension is more then we get her in Australia and they look after their aged people.

  4. Stephen  

    To call it a $7.50 stolen key is totally misleading, shame on you. This site has treated us to a New Idea mentality before, but this is the 1st time you have TOTALLY mis-represented the truth, we expect better.
    The truth is this man used bullying tactics to attempt stop the legal repossession of a vehicle, and we have known about this for months.
    The timing is that within a week of Mr Gleeson being bullied out of office, the two people that he advised the government about, and they tried to shut him up, have been stood down. Hanson should never have supported this mans election; and Brandis should have followed Gleeson’s advice and stopped the electoral commission from allowing him to stand for election.
    As for ex Senator Day, the government was advised against his illegal manipulation of his office space before he even moved in, but did nothing.
    The bottom line is the present government ignored legal advice to get the votes in the Senate, tried to circumnavigate and then bullied out of office the one person whose job it is to advise on such behaviour, and are now trying to justify what, if the Governor General had the guts, should be a sackable offence to our nation.
    That is the true story that this site once had the courage to discuss, but has become little more than a spineless gossip column over the past year or so, very dissapointing.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Stephen, WHAT UTTER NONSENSE !!! It amazes me how some people can dishonestly distort the actual facts in a pathetic attempt to discredit opponents to their own political
      dogma. You should be ashamed of yourself for airing such malarkey !!

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