Pauline Hanson’s just became a force to be reckoned with in parliament

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has achieved an unexpected four Senate seats as the final results of the Federal election
BOONAH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 21: Independent candidate for Beaudesert Pauline Hanson is interviewed by the media at the Boonah State Primary School during the Queensland State elections on March 21, 2009 in Boonah, Australia. The election will be conducted by the Electoral Commission of Queensland, an independent body answerable to Parliament. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has achieved an unexpected four Senate seats as the final results of the Federal election have been revealed.

What this means is that she has created an even larger crossbench for the Coalition Government to contend with, making her a real force to be reckoned with.

With 11 crossbenchers in the Upper House and reduced Coalition force in the Senate, Malcolm Turnbull might want to brush off those negotiation skills if he wants any legislation to pass this term. (The Coalition will need the support of at least nine of the 11 crossbench senators if it is to achieve a 39-vote majority.)

One nation has two seats in Queensland, one in New South Wales and a seat in Western Australia — the latter of which is under scrutiny given the candidate, Rod Culleton, is awaiting sentencing for larceny charges in NSW.

What’s interesting about this is that the Coalition actually dropped three seats to the crossbench, having held 33 seats in the 2013 Senate but only securing 30 seats this election.

According to attorney-general George Brandis, the best way the Government can deal with Pauline Hanson — who had more than 500,000 voters in her favour — is to explain why she is wrong.

“To say that Pauline Hanson is not part of the national conversation… is ludicrous. What we have to do is we have to engage her and we have to explain why the views she expresses, about the Muslim community for example, are wrong,” Brandis told the ABC’s Insiders program.

Do you believe the Government has a tough road ahead when it comes to getting legislation through the parliament? What do you think about George Brandis’s comments in relation to how best to deal with Pauline Hanson and those like her?

  1. Roger  

    Brandis is saying that all the people who voted for Pauline Hanson are wrong, but he is right. I think he badly needs to take a lingering look at the broader picture as it has eluded him completely.

  2. Rosanne Newton  

    Pauline speaks for a lot of Australians and this is what happens when the politicians in power do not listen to the people. They are elected to do the will of the people but they are only interested in their own power and glory and, of course, $$$$$$$$$.

    • Lawrence  

      Agree totally with youđź‘Ť

    • Sue  

      Can’t agree more liberal and labour are self serving crooks the Australian public are over it. Pauline put us Aussies before Muslim infestation save us from turncoat and shorten

      • Agree wholeheartedly Pauline is all for Australia ,not like Turncoat and Shorten or the greens . The people have woken up to them all and Bradis is wrong

        • Maria  

          I agree totally, Pauline speaks for a lot of Australians and by gee turncoat and co are in for a long hard slog as Pauline will make them grovel.

  3. earn it  

    I suggest that Brandis is lacking in political skills. When the time comes to negotiate with Ms Hanson (and it will) where will he start? “You are wrong, we are right”? He is also rubbishing a huge section of australians. Are they wrong as well? Right or wrong is not the issue, One Nation was voted in. Full Stop. They are an integral part of gov’t now.

  4. The “PLEASE EXPLAIN” question is now on the other foot??

  5. Firstly, talking about Muslims is NOT racist – as the media would like everyone to believe. Muslim/Islam is a religious faith.

    People can say what they like about Anglicans, Lutherans, Buddhists, Roman Catholics – and no one turns a hair. As soon as someone says something about Muslims, everybody freezes.

    WRONG, folks.

    The problem for Pauline is that the media adores getting her to comment on the Muslims, refugees, and immigration. In fact, the media won’t ever ask her about anything else, because they need to reveal her as only having one thought in her head. Pauline was a successful business woman and while she is not educated to university level, she is no more or less educated than the average person “in the street” and the media does not make fun of THEM. She is an average woman who has had the courage of her convictions and whether one agrees with her or not, it must take a lot of courage to be vilified day after day and come back into the public arena.

    I hope she has the opportunity to push other agendas when in the Senate and prove that she has more nous than people want her to have.

    • Lesley  

      Well said Diane, Pauline is of the people, for the people – she is saying (in the public forum) what we voiceless, nameless Australians are thinking and feeling. I wish her every success.

    • Jean  

      Well said, in my view, some of our problems with Polititions is they have university degrees and very little real life experience. Hence they are so far removed from the ‘average’ citizen.

    • Bob  

      I agree Diana why do the media focus on one politician? Why do they focus on one religion? The sooner the leftist PC brigade realise their is more than one religion and senator the better. Or perhaps they are so ignorant they can just focus on one thing only.

    • Mary  

      Are you kidding? Didn’t you watch Q&A last week? It showed her up as she really is – bigoted, a policy vacuum, uneducated & a lazy thinker.
      And I’m anti Muslim immigration into Australia.
      Imagine how those who are pro-Muslim viewed her!!

    • Katherine Ingram  

      I agree with you about the Muslim thing. People can say anything they like about Christians and nobody thinks that’s racist! The politicians just don’t get it why people vote for Pauline. I like her and I may even vote for her next time. I like her courage and she is prepared to say what she really thinks. The media and politicians have made a big mistake trying to paint her as a racist!

    • Chris  

      That’s the best reply I have herd yet well said diana

    • Chris  

      Very well articulated Diana, and you have certainly gained a good response to your words. Well done, heartening to see !

  6. Naeleen  

    Hooray for Pauline!

    She KNOWS what Mr & Mrs Average Aussie are THINKING, because she LISTENS to them, unlike the rest of the ‘pollies’ who have their heads ‘in the clouds’, counting their $$$$, & do NOT listen to their constituents!

  7. Have they not learnt anything by the last election, keep them honest Pauline , they certainly don’t want to listen to the voters and that could be the rock they perish on.

  8. Cerajane  

    First of all, she’s not an independant, she leads the One Nation Party.
    I disagree with most of her politics, but I do admire the strength of her convictions. It takes guts to stand up, when you know you’re going to have every aspect of your life scrutinised and criticised for years.

  9. Pauline Hanson might think she knows what 500,000 Mr & Mrs average aussies think but i dought that’s the case! She certainly dosent know the difference between Muslim & Halal !

  10. Lee turner  

    IS she wrong ..many muslims are actually now saying that islam is the cause of the unrest in the world and the quran has no place in the world we now live in .. many muslims are disallusioned with the quran and have either become atheists or Christians . Testimonies of muslims can be found on utube .. no Australian should advocate for muslims to be able to follow sharia law in Australia until they know what it involves … around the world it appears that the women are the ones willing to be bold and say it like it is .to not bow down to the ridiculous politically correct response ..well done Pauline speak for the people ..then let our prime minister call for re-election ..and we will see what happens ..because he is a reasonably eloquent speaker doesnt mean he’s right for the job ..he still has not listened to the people …

    • bernadette  

      Good on you Pauline these career pollies have been entrenched in their feathered nest for FAR FAR TOO LONG. Time to upend them out of it, show them how real pollies behave and care for our people and our great land.

  11. George Brandis needs to step back from his own prejudices.
    It is not a simple matter of right and wrong when discussing Islam issues.
    Pauline must be free to voice her opinions without being labelled as ‘wrong’!
    For her, or her party, to succeed in passing legislation, either way, she will need accompanying support from one major party, plus enough other ‘independents’ to create a total majority.
    Hopefully, outcomes will favour what is best for the Australian public, not what is best for the politicians.

    • Charlie  

      Get on the internet and tead the one nation policies you may be surprised.

      • Their aims are all good

        Australian values. Australia is for Australians and under our constitution only Australians decide our laws and obligations, decide who will enter and live in our country, and decide how we ensure our nation’s safety and economic security.

        Federalism. We are a federation of sovereign states designed so that each state creates improvements that are then copied and shared for the benefit of our nation and all Australians now and in the future.

        Honesty and integrity. Australian values include honesty and speaking openly, directly and respectfully with complete freedom of speech and expression to ensure integrity and accountability.

        Fairness. We stand for a fair go and for rewarding initiative while protecting the disadvantaged, building responsibility and ensuring the lowest possible energy prices for high productivity that creates wealth and prosperity for all.

        Freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, initiative, association, and exchange is essential for efficient collaboration and risk taking that is respectful of others’ rights including property rights.

        Human progress. Bring back and then protect eight keys to human progress that made our young country prosperous and number one in the world within two decades: freedom; rule of law; adherence to our constitution; secure property rights; government controlled people’s bank; fair and efficient tax system; strong families; cheap, accessible, reliable and environmentally-responsible energy.

    • Charlie  

      Get on the internet and tead the one nation policies you may be surprised.

      • The only one I have reservations about is “Refugees”
        “We support a sustainable refugee programme, but call for a stop to Muslim refugees.
        Refugees should not take precedence over struggling Australians.
        We support temporary protection visas, reviewed on a case by case basis.
        Let’s clean up our own backyard first. ”
        Just a little OOT. but remember, she is not the PM [yet 🙂 ] Nothing will get passed without a total majority, so what is the big deal?

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