Pauline Hanson was slammed for this statement, but does she speak for real Australians?

While she may not be smooth, slick or all that media savvy, Pauline Hanson has one thing that most politicians

While she may not be smooth, slick or all that media savvy, Pauline Hanson has one thing that most politicians lack – the voice of the Australian people. At least, that’s what Ms Hanson seems to believe. She reaches people in parts communities who feel they don’t have a voice or a true representative in government.

Consequently, Ms Hanson is often “out on a limb” in her comments. And this was certainly the case when she appeared on the Today show to comment on the Paris terror attacks.
This is what she had to say:

Pauline Hanson discusses #ParisAttacks“People don’t want another 12,000 refugees in Australia… Protect and give the Australian people the security they need and are screaming for”. We spoke to Pauline Hanson about the situation in Paris. #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Saturday, November 14, 2015

“My message has been that we must be more vigilant on who we bring out to Australia,” said Ms Hanson.

“These refugees may be cells that have been brought out, who have been planted ISIS… to become refugees who will end up in Australia, on Australian soil.

“Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim,’ she added.

“People don’t want another 12,000 refugees in Australia. People of Australia don’t want more Muslim refugees in Australia who may be ISIS plants.”

Malcolm Turnbull today said the incoming Syrian refugees would be screened with utmost vigilance.

Some of the responses to Ms Hanson’s words include:

“I’m an Australian, and I’m more than happy to welcome more refugees. She does not speak for me.”

“You are a quirky person Pauline Hanson but this time I absolutely agree with your every word! I sincerely hope the ‘powers that be’ listen to you too!”

“This is when Facebook need a dislike button, Pauline Hanson is promoting hate and racism. ISIS is a terrorist organisation that hide behind a religion.”

What do you think? Is Pauline Hanson voicing the concerns of real people in Australia, or is she pursuing her own agenda? Are you concerned about the imminent arrival of refugees, or 

  1. if no old or new prime minister can do anything with out ridicule, what the hell can she do, NOTHING

  2. I agree sometimes wth some of the things she says, but certainly not all the time. She does not speak for me.

    • But we all allow the Government to speak for us. And we pay them to treat us like silly kids that have no say. Did we vote for this maybe we would agree then maybe not- we didn’t get a choice.

  3. She does NOT! speak for me. And I dare say the vast majority of Australians.

    • And people here wonder why Australia is called a Racist country if she represents the majority of bogan Australians!

        • hella langer  

          Thank you for that voice of reason. I get so fed up with all those ignorant apologists playing the race card for this religion.

  4. No she does not speak for me or any sane aussie !!!!

    • She speaks for me. We should not allow more people of the Muslim faith into our country. Persecuted Christians from the Middle East yes. Why make it even harder for our security forces to watch new immigrants.

    • That’s a matter of opinion. Do you want what’s happening in Europ to happen here? it will if we don’t strengthen controls.

    • I wonder how many here are aware that Muslims have been in this country for 150+ years?

    • I’m sane enough and I think she is saying what a large majority are thinking. I’m not racist just someone thinking of my family’s safety

    • Libby…. And the rest of the lefties… “Bigot: One who is strongly partial to ones own religion,race or politics and is intolerant of those who differ”. Does this not sum up the Muslims 100% ??? And Susan Kemp… I’m obviously not entitled to my opinion unless I’m insane…

    • Do you know this for a fact Henry Doering, I would like to see some facts to support your comment regarding Muslims tolerance of othe faiths.

    • No Henry Doering it does not sum up all Muslims or all Christians just those who are intolerant of others and make sweeping generalizations against a religion for example, “Does this not sum up the Muslims 100%” that would be a bigoted statement. Do you understand now

    • Henry Doering, do you go around putting labels on all people? What is your issue, anyone that disagrees with you must be a lefty and what is your problem with people that have a different political view? If you have something to say, try to support it with some facts and not rave on stupidly.

  5. When it happens in Australia what happened in Paris, perhaps people won’t be so complacent. Look at the thanks the French got for helping refugees.

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