Pauline Hanson wants a crackdown on these families

There have been laws recently made regarding terrorists with Australian ties – which allows them to be stripped of their dual
BOONAH, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 21: Independent candidate for Beaudesert Pauline Hanson is interviewed by the media at the Boonah State Primary School during the Queensland State elections on March 21, 2009 in Boonah, Australia. The election will be conducted by the Electoral Commission of Queensland, an independent body answerable to Parliament. (Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Pauline Hanson

There have been laws recently made regarding terrorists with Australian ties – which allows them to be stripped of their dual citizenship – and these laws are to be tested this year as a dual nationality terrorist is facing prosecution, though an immediate High Court challenge is expected.

The laws faced fierce opposition from the Greens and crossbench senators, with independent Nick Xenophon fearing it could make Australians holidaying or living overseas terrorist targets.

But One Nation leader Pauline Hanson wants to go a step further, saying the immediate family of anyone stripped of their citizenship should be deported as well.

“It has to be a real deterrent to get these people out of the country,” she told the Seven Network.

“I don’t want them here.” Senator Hanson said anyone wanting to become an Australian citizen should have to wait at least seven years instead of four.

If they then commit a criminal offence punishable by more than 12 months’ jail, they should be deported, she said.

Fellow Senate crossbencher Derryn Hinch said the laws could stand up to a High Court challenge.

As a migrant he felt anyone who became a citizen should get all the rights and responsibilities of a person born in Australia and not be deported but that didn’t apply to dual-citizens.

“If you have a split personality, you should be able to be deported and sent back to your country of origin,” he said.

“I think this could stick.”

Greens immigration spokesman Nick McKim said there was plenty of legal opinion to support a High Court challenge.

Evidence to a parliamentary inquiry that Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson wasn’t asked to advise on the final version of the citizenship laws suggested the government had its doubts too, he said.

“They did not want to ask the second law officer of Australia whether in fact these laws may survive a High Court challenge,” he told reporters in Canberra.

“That suggests that the government is not confident that these laws would survive a constitutional challenge.”

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  1. I agree 100%. Strip them of their citizenship and deport them. Never let them return…

  2. Kerry stephens  

    Totally agree if we don’t start have strong deterrents in our laws our country will be seen as week and an easy target for all sorts of miscreants. Well said Pauline, if one is deported we ourselves open to retributions by the remaining family members.
    Australia needs to get tough on all criminals no more pussyfooting around with our safety within our boundaries. That includes all crimes not just terrorism.

    • Yes we are seen as a weak country with weak leadership.we have to start deporting and strip them of citizenship .and it should take a lot longer for them to become a citizen they should have to prove they are worthy of it .and when you deport their whole family should go also .

  3. It’s not them we should be afraid of. The worst terrorist attacks on Australian soil have come from the Europeans and a blonde haired, blue-eyed Australian. With the continuous inciting of hatred in this country, it is our own hatred and intolerance that will spell the end for us.

    • Susan Knowles  

      I agree completely. She is an awful person.

    • Lyn F  

      Well said.
      The hatred, anger, vitriol and the threat of violence expressed by the Australian community is the most frightening aspect.

      • Emily Umback  

        The Australian community is scared because their eyes are open to the wave of mass rapes spreading across Europe….and the recognition that the only people running crowds down with trucks and blowing people up because it is a part of their belief system are muslims!!!. Do you have daughters or grandaughters??? If so think of the future you are creating for them by tolerating a people who are intolerant of our freedoms….and know that if you contonue to do so YOU are party responsible for the future that is coming. Look up taharoush…its the rape game thousands of mislim men play with western women.

    • Bill James  

      What cabbage leaf are you living under?
      Obviously you are not living in this real world.
      Our Government in Camelot opps! Canberra is to weak now, we need to stand up against terrorism.

    • Joy Emerson  

      Anne your saying that everyone that came from England were terrorists. Well many were not, they were convicts from England as was my relative who was 14 couldn’t read or write and was to hang, he slaved away over years on three properties. He watched and learnt as the years went by he got a reprieve from hanging. They were also shackled with chains as were the indigenous peoples. Some who only stole bread for survival for their family. Many children were torn from their families from the ages of 5 and sent here by the ships to become servants and used as sexual chattel’s. Don’t forget the white also had a horrific history not just the blacks. England did horrific things to the Irish, Scots anyone who didn’t fit into their way of life. They Spanish and Portugese slaughtered everyone they came in touch with or enslaved them, and they were not far from discovering Australia back then, so there wouldn’t have been any indigenous alive look at what they did to the Inca’s. So don’t put everyone into the same box. I have spoken to full Indigenous peoples and they have said they do not believe anyone who hasn’t got at least 50% full Indigenous in them should not be called indigenous peoples. And funny enough that is what the Indians also think, when I spoke to them a few years back. They say most 1/2 cast or white people who say they have Indigenous in them only cause trouble and do not respect the ways. You’ll find everyone has different views from ones opinion. Pauline is wanting to improve the life of our Indigenous, as most live like third world country, and it will happen with her pushing for the change, ALP LNP & GREENS have done nothing to help them, they have taken away their electricity, water from their communities trying again to mover them on, which disgusts me. And if city Indigenous people feel so strong on how their people are being treated why are they not going up there and supporting and trying to change the incest and DV that is in these communities, these babies derserve to feel safe and loved not like rubbish by their own families. If it were a white person doing this everyone would be up in arms as they should, but they should also be up in arms on how their people are treating each other as this is not acceptable either. Just a vicious circle that needs to be broken or it won’t stop.

  4. Pauline Hansons one nation is bringing to attention of the public things that would be usually push through and we the public would not even notice it till after it is laws or dismissed, Every one will have their own opinion on Pauline with this one but I think she may be on to something here one nation dose not want to deport every Muslim in Australia that is an unfair comment and really good for the headlines, If you hold a dual citizen ship in Australia and your Australian citizen ship is secondary then you should be stuck on the 1st boat or plane out of here if there proves to be any support from any sector or challenge to the deportation then that sector and the family needs to join them immediately this would do as one nation says it would stop all the legal and Media carry on no Questions just get out. The other thing that needs to be addressed in this country is the free legal services being doled out this has to stop it is costing Australia billions, All these thing Paulines One Nation backs and so do I, A time to draw a line in the sand on every beach in Australia before we all start to drown in the immigration policies forced upon us.

  5. I agree a 100%. “ONE NATION” is only saying what most Australians think.
    These people need to be loyal to Australia if they hold Australian citizenship or leave and with terrorist crime, no question, they and their family should be deported, we need to put in place deterrents that stop this behaviour and protect Australians from these self-centred morons.

  6. Trevor Edwards  

    “we should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people.”

    • leslie  

      I would add, respect our people, our institutions our culture, etc, etc.

    • Truth 13  

      Hi Trevor & Leslie, Can you please let everyone know, what are the values & culture of Australia. Every time I drive pass a McDonald’s or a Kentarky after 6.00 pm, I see many Australian boys & girls, sit around and eat & chat. When I drive pass a Pub, all I see are fair dingkum Aussies, drinking & chatting, while some even smoking. I have friends who work in the maternity wards in few hospitals. They say, there are many teenage girls, mostly Aussies, & few Aborigines, single, ready to give birth. Only other teenage girls they find are Muslim married girls. Is that the Aussie values & culture, you want others to follows ?. You need to visit a University, to see what type of students are enrolled. Medical faculty, most are Asian background. Engineers, Accounting & Business courses are mostly Asian background, Arts faculty are full of Aussie white kids. Why is that. Is there something bad done by Aussie kids, while all better courses followed by non white Aussie kids. What you should have said was, “Respect our country & our people”, without mentioning “Values & Culture”. Values & culture are, “do the right thing, young should study hard & succeed, don’t waste time hanging around. Use that to study, or help around the house, avoid ‘Drugs” smoking & gambling. Try to be a good citizen, irrespective of your colour, race or religion. That should be the Aussie or any culture.

      • Leon Miller  

        Why are our young ones sitting around because damn foreigners have taken there jobs at a lower rate.
        Why are there mostly other races at University because they’ve pushed the price up so high we can’t afford it.
        Hey I’m a senior citizen born n bred here i wantes to do a law degree to see out my last 10 to 15 years of working life, i don’t have the $24,000 they want up front to do it and that’s full time which means giving up work i don’t have a rich asian drug miney mum n dad to keep me or pay my uni fees.
        This should be free to us if there paying i get no help because I’m a white male 60 year old it’s called reverse racism.
        Im8not welcome in my own country.

  7. Peter brown  

    I agree 100% if you abuse the right to being an Australian you lose your citizenship and you get booted out of the country. Make up your mind, fit in or f….k off!
    Australia welcomes hard working honest people that aspire to fit into our way of life and culture, it’s world renowne so why should we change our lifestyle that everyone in Oz would agree is the envy of many countries to satisfy a few? Go back if you don’t want to be part of this great nation no one is forcing you to stay.

    • Vi  

      True, why punishing a whole family if its not their doing. So if a aussie does something wrong where do they go when it wasnt their country from the first place. So they keep the citizenship……il say go over the facts again.

  8. Sam  

    I agree with deporting criminals but how can one justify deporting families?

    How often have we heard relatives, friends or neighbors being interviewed after a crime saying stuff like “he was such a nice boy, I can’t understand how this happened.”

    Sometimes you can’t see the monster within, no matter how close you are to them. Talk of deporting families without proof that they had anything to do with any crimes is disgusting.

  9. Judith  

    Yes I have to agree with Pauline and I find myself these days mostly doing that.
    ANY terrorist, and I also include those active in ISIS, should be stripped of their citizenship and deported,
    AND they should be made to pay back all benefits received so far from our Government.
    We are far too generous with benefits for them.
    AND their entire family goes with them.
    They may feel brave when acting alone, however when they risk the future of their entire family they may think differently. However it doesn’t change them. And that’s the scary part.
    The simple truth is I don’t want them here. I’m not racist either – just now very fearful.

    • John mahler  

      I hope you are of aboriginal decent . If not you and your family are candidates for deportation if in any way you have mistreated ,abused or broken any of their tribal laws of the time. Stupid comment to make ? no different than what hanson suggest and you accept as gospel. How many Terrorist do you actually know? I be more worried about the way we our government and media is trying undermine our unity as a nation . keep as scared and blame everything bad on migrants.

  10. Truth 13  

    I agree with Pauline in stripping citizenship of terrorists with dual citizenship, and deporting them, but stripping the citizenship of the immediate family of anyone, and be deported as well, may be a problem. What will happen, if her former husband, who was an immigrant, a Polish, or her children she had with him, or the grand children, who are her close immediate family, are caught, will her demand means, her former husband, her children ,grand children, as well as her, should be deported too?. Oh Pauline, why do you want the government to deport you ? Don’t you know the saying ?. “What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander too”. If it happens, where will you should be deported to. Should it be to Poland ?. On many occasions, people with uneducated, shallow thinking minds, at times, make goods comments & demands, while, there are times, such people also show their ignorance with their uneducated, unintelligent brain, when speaking out. This is one of Pauline’s curses.

    • Lori  

      Clearly the only ignorant here is you! Those with the label “smart” like Malcom Turnbull and others, are not smart at all. They got us into this big mess, and now it takes an INTELLIGENT woman to try and fix it. Your definition of intelligent difers from mine.

  11. June CP  

    If the children are born in Australia, to a duel citizen, I cannot see the children being sent away, but the parent can take the family with him if he cannot live here.
    The sad thing is the parents who allow there children to show contemp to our flag, national anthem, or refusing to stand in a court of law, they along with there parent or parents need the same deportation rules, or our grandchildren will pay a very big price.

    • Jenny brown  

      I agree – if the parent/s committ such an offence – unfortunately for the ‘innocent’ family they have to suffer the consequences as well – such as deportation.

  12. Lynn  

    I don’t undead how people can have duel citizenship? When I became Ausyral I an citizen it was a requirement that I had to give up my English citizenship. I totally agree with Pauline, we need to get tough, and deport the whole family.

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