Pauline Hanson says she’s just here to create debate

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken a swipe at her detractors by saying she is only creating debate with

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken a swipe at her detractors by saying she is only creating debate with her comments and policies regarding Muslims and immigration.

Ms Hanson was talking with former radio broadcaster and now SAS presenter Kim Mothershaw when she said she has never set out to “hate” anyone.

“Can you name a single incident where I have incited hate?” she asked before going on to say that her policies are all about creating debate.

“When you state that we have a problem here you create debate and through open and honest debate we can find the answers.

“There 600,000 people out there who voted for me… Do people think they are all out there to hate and want to see violence? They don’t.

“Each and everyone of those people are concerned about our country, our direction and where we’re headed. And those people put their faith in me to to actually ask the questions so we can find the answers and hopefully at the end of the day we can all live in peace and harmony.”

Her comments received a mixed reaction online, with some people calling her out and saying that while she may never have directly told people to hate anyone, her stance on Muslims inspires others to hate and drives racism.

“Pauline, just because you don’t directly tell people to go out there and riot in the streets doesn’t mean you’re not responsible. You talk so badly about Muslims and your followers will believe anything you say,” wrote one person on Facebook.

Others though, said she was just standing up for the people who feel the same way she does.

“You go Pauline. You are the only one standing up for Australia and what we want,” said another.

Ms Hanson’s policies regarding Islam call for an inquiry or Royal Commission to determine if Islam is a religion or political ideology.

They have certainly created debate, but many say they have also prompted right-wing parties to stage protests and spearheaded the ‘white Australia’ movement.

What are you thoughts?

Do Pauline Hanson’s comments create healthy debate? Or do they inspire others to hate?

You can watch the full interview below.

  1. Anne Wolski  

    They need to stop giving this halfwit airspace

    • Cyril Torrington  

      What happens if Pauline is offended, by you calling her a halfwit. Or doesn’t that count? The fact is, many Australians, are concerned about the way they have lived their lives, being eroded by many uninvited newcomers. Encouraged by weak opportunist politicians, on both sides of the political spectrum. Pauline has become a voice for those concerns, because short sighted politicians, & much of the media, have ignored their concerns.

    • Judyth  

      Ann they just need to stop giving you air FULL STOP>

  2. Loz  

    Anne Wolski, it seems you are the half wit. In Australia we can say what we like. Just because you don’t agree with it does not mean you need to call people derogatory names. But in an islamic country you could lose your head for being so outspoken. We do not want that in Australia. GO PAULINE, You rock.

    • Rosalind Higginson  

      Absolutely agree Loz👍

    • Kate  

      I have noticed that Pauline’s supporters do a lot of name calling and also use foul language.

  3. Anne Wolski, you just need a bigger s##t bucket to bury your head in!

    • Susan Bell  

      Wow, such a polite, well thought out response Ted Jaeger.

  4. Pamela  

    Name one lie Pauline has said about islam/moslems!

    Read the koran/quran and find out the truth for yourself if you don’t believe her!

    For the ignorant – islam is NOT A RACE!

  5. Steve  

    Pauline only has to say we need a debate about Islam or immigration, witch becomes the green light for the left dominated media to jump all over her. Pathetic really, cant we have a debate on this. One Nation with 4 senators will certainly call for this in the senate. You will find most Libs and a large chunk of Labor voters will welcome this to.

    • Kate  

      Since the topic is so hot on Muslims just wondering if Pauline should let Germans into Australia.

      • Steve  

        To Kate, dont get the connection your making with Germans and Muslims ?

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