Paid entitlements are ‘out of control’ for politicians

After the news broke of Minister Sussan Ley was standing down from her position while the Government investigated her travel

After the news broke of Minister Sussan Ley was standing down from her position while the Government investigated her travel expense claim a lot of other politicians have had their expenses scrutinised.

Travel Minister Steve Ciobo has lashed out against claims that he did anything wrong after many criticised his taxpayer funded trip to the 2013 AFL Grand Final saying that it was work related. The trip cost taxpayers more than $1,100. Mr Ciobo defended the action saying that he was invited in an official capacity. He told reported, “I’m sorry, but the reason I was invited isn’t because I’m Steve Ciobo — I was invited because I’m the Trade Minister”. He added, “Ministers or parliamentary secretaries or others are invited to go along to these events specifically by businesses and organisations who are taking the opportunity to showcase themselves there, to take the time to have a conversation in relation to important matters, absolutely [it] is work related.”

Add to this that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton had a taxpayer funded dinner at a five-star luxury restaurant in the US costing $4,000. According to a spokesman for Mr Dutton, “The minister [also] held bilateral meetings with US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and now UK Prime Minister Theresa May, visited the White House and the Director of the CIA and the minister was also negotiating the arrangement with the United States to accept people from Nauru and Manus Island”.

The call for an investigation into all Minister’s travel and expense claims has been issued, but the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has yet to comment on the situation.

What do you think? Do you think that some ministers are taking the tax payers for a ride or are they doing what they need to do to be efficient in their work?

  1. Elizabet Pandelis  

    If they ae invited due to their position, isn’t that a way of attempting to exert influence? Isn’t that a form of bribery? So why should the tax payer fund it?

  2. As below  

    They come up with most poor of excuses, not man enough to own up and stop all the perks, I thought these people became politicians for other reasons but it seems not, it’s really time to stop it all.

  3. Barbara mason  

    Politicians should pay for there own luxuries and should also be asset tested when they leave gov like everybody else

  4. lurch  

    If we were to try and lodge as a tax deduction for what they get as “inteltitments” the taxman would be working overtime with his big red pen because we are not a politician. It should be one rule for all.

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