Our preferred PM has changed for the first time in months

They never said this election would be easy, and many certainly didn’t think we might be facing our 6th Prime Minister

They never said this election would be easy, and many certainly didn’t think we might be facing our 6th Prime Minister in as many years.

According to the latest polls, Malcolm Turnbull’s campaign has not been doing him any favours, and for the first time the formerly popular PM has slid behind Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister.

It’s a big change, even though it’s 51-49 Shorten to Turnbull, because polls haven’t been like this since Abbott was in power.

Despite this, the latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows 55 per cent of voters expect the Coalition to survive the election, and 75 per cent of respondents say they will make their decision on policy rather than leadership performance.

There is now just under a month to go to election day, and it’s predicted this could be a neck and neck race to the finish line.

After two leadership debates that failed to show a clear winner, there’s every chance of a hung parliament, and every chance Australians won’t be happy with the results, regardless of who wins.

According to Fairfax, the latest poll showing Bill Shorten leading preferred PM suggests voters are now genuinely considering throwing out a first-term federal government – something that has not occurred since the 1930s depression.

However there mightn’t be a huge reason to celebrate yet as the Liberal party has strength in the large state of Queensland, where its primary support is 48 per cent to Labor’s 35.

Mr Turnbull’s highest approval rating was plus-51 and plus-53 per cent in October and November respectively, shortly after.

Speaking yesterday in Adelaide, the PM talked about one of his most controversial policies.

“Our changes to superannuation are fair, they make the superannuation system more sustainable,” he said.

“Yes it is true that some people, around 4 per cent, either on very high incomes or who have very large super balances, will not have as generous a tax concession as they used to have.

“Let’s get real. Super remains enormously generous … remember, I’m the Prime Minister for all Australians.”

Mr Shorten was in Tasmania on his own campaign trail and refused to apologise for opposing business tax cuts describing them as unaffordable.

“There’s no comparison between 2011 and now … I choose Medicare, I choose to stand up for pensioners, I choose to stand up for well-funded schools. I do not choose a $50 billion tax giveaway and also, the $50 billion tax giveaway will have very little, if negligible impact upon jobs”.

Tell us: who will you be voting for in the election?

  1. Don Walker  

    Problem is we have to choose between 2 losers and it is a case of voting for the lesser of 2 evils and in this case Turnbull wins hand down, find it difficult how any one could vote for an alleged rapist, alleged liar, alleged union thus supported by alleged union thugs however it appears there are a significant number of voters who do not give a tinkers curse for the advancement of Australia, what is the bet that Labor and the greens win an over whelming number of votes from areas where there are a large number of immigrants with one talks waiting in Indonesia for the election results to give them a green light to again flood into Australia.

    • Deborah  

      So true…..god help us if labor get back in…i don’t want either of them…i am voting for Pauline Hanson.

    • Lynne Highfield  

      Don, the word most prominently used by you is ‘ALLEGED”. In venting your spleen about Labor, please remember that word “alleged”.

      • Maree Dawson  

        This current government is he worst in Australia’s history with a record of constant lying to the Australian public. How anyone in their right mind would vote for them is incomprehensible. Wages have not grown, permanent jobs have been lost thanks to the FTE’s and there has been a massive increase in the casualisation of the Australian workforce which of course precludes these workers from ever borrowing money to buy a house, car etc. Un/underemployment has increased and there is no plan by this government to improve Australia’s economy other than a disproved trickle down from the top end of town thanks to reduced company tax. They have doubled the deficit and increased the debt ceiling. They have proved beyond doubt they have no idea how to manage Australia’s economy. Their biggest claim to fame which they bring up when the polls are against them is border protection which in reality they have not solved as all they’ve done is transfer the problem to other countries. In due course it will all blow up in their faces when these countries refuse to keep these people and actually put them on a boat bound for Australia. This government can’t think past an election and how much of taxpayers money they can put in their pockets. They absolutely disgust me and daily show how little they care for the people of Australia. Vote independent with preferences going to Labor or we’re all up the creek without a paddle.

  2. [email protected]  


    • [email protected]  

      Gee Don Walker, noticed you used the word “alleged ” not once but four times in your sentence. So that makes it okay for you to print untruths? I think not , as most intelligent people can see through the rubbish you have posted.

    • [email protected]  

      Labor local member Anthony Byrnne A Labor Government led by Bill Shorten.

  3. Sandra Workman  

    As you say alleged. Gutter journalism liberal’s most effective tool. Theoretically you should be looking at your LOCAL candidates, talk to them, they in the long run have the numbers. Don’t believe everything you see or hear in the media, they gave their own agendas.

  4. Deborah  

    If labor wins the flood gates will open up again and we will be over run the refugees again….i don’t like either of them…can’t beleive anything they say….i am voting for Pauline Hanson. .😊

  5. Trevor  

    I just wish we could get some outstanding people to run our country.we seem to be loosing the battle to get the right people into leadership. I think Shorten and the backroom boys will spend and say anything to win Goverment.
    I think we will go backwards if Labor wins and we will stumble along with the Liberals

  6. Geoff  

    Cant anyone see that all the previous Labor Governments left Australia in debt.Wake up Australia.
    Dont vote for the leader vote for the party.
    That was the mistake Queenslanders made when getting rid of Campbell Newman.

  7. Paul Goldfinch  

    The latest poll has put the labour party at 51% ahead of the coalition at 49% ,not Shorten in front of Turnbull. Having said that, stable strong government is what we want therefore to achieve that we need one side or the other to win convincingly , both houses. to avoid all the infighting we have had for several years now. Vote for the policies not the man, if you want medicare, health and education to be at the forefront then Labour is you vote if you want the Country to be micro managed on a business theme then the Coalition is the way to go. A lot of similar policies in-between which makes the choice confusing. Good luck as I think we are going to need it.

  8. colin  

    HO HUM. the comments about alleged this alleged that. yep alleged never proven or charged. Pauline Hanson is a narrow minded racist bigot, and as for Labor debt (Geoff) well have a look at the LNP debt which is three times what the deficit was three years ago

  9. Kaye  

    Don’t think it matters who gets in. For those who take an interest in our economy and the global economy, the world is heading for a huge recession. No one currently in government is equipped to guide us through it. 2008 GFC will be nothing compared to what is just around the corner. We have all been too greedy, not learning to help ourselves and relying on government too much, wanting everything as easy as possible to the total devastation of our environment the last thirty or forty years have been all about me and now I feel we are very soon going to pay a heavy price for our neglect of ourselves, our economy and our environment. No I am not a green voter. Until this year I have been a swinging voter between liberal, labor and the democrats but I feel we are in big trouble and I am not confident with anyone and both liberal and labor are equally to blame for this as well as other world governments and anyone who thinks differently is wearing blinkers

    • Glenis  

      At last someone unbiased. So many vote for what is in it for them and will be dead and gone before the consequences are felt . Hard to fathom the selfishness of people

  10. You can’t seriously vote for the man when all he does is make promises that have no substance and certainly can’t be funded.

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