Oscar Pistorius walks around courtroom without prosthetic legs

Quietly sobbing and clearly uncomfortable, Oscar Pistorius has walked around a courtroom in Pretoria without his prosthetic legs as his

Quietly sobbing and clearly uncomfortable, Oscar Pistorius has walked around a courtroom in Pretoria without his prosthetic legs as his lawyers try to reduce his sentence for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

In a bid to prove Pistorius’ vulnerability, the athlete’s lawyers asked him to remove his artificial legs and take a walk around the room in front of the judge and Reeva’s family.

He had to grab onto the wooden benches at times to maintain his balance and was helped to his seat after a minute, clearly upset and distressed.

Pistorius was found guilty of murdering Reeva on Valentine’s Day in 2013 after he mistook her for an intruder. He shot her four times through the door to his toilet in his bedroom.

His lawyers are asking the court to consider his disability and the fact that he has already served time ahead of his official sentencing on July 6.

“It is three o’clock in the morning, it is dark, he is on his stumps,” Pistorius’ lawyer Barry Roux said, stressing his client’s vulnerability.

“His balance is seriously compromised and … he would not be able to defend himself. He was anxious, he was frightened.

“His perception that he and the deceased were in danger was fortified by finding the open bathroom window.”

The Olympic gold medalist faces a minimum 15 years in prison for his crime, but is hoping for a reduced sentence.

Reeva’s family was also in the court and yesterday her farther Barry gave a harrowing testimony where he described how he had learned his beloved daughter had been killed.

The tragic case has captivated the world and has divided many over whether or not Pistorius intentionally meant to kill Reeva and how he should be punished.

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  1. J Taylor  

    He killed a girl who was so terrified she locked herself in the bathroom where she was shot multiple times through the door. If that was my daughter I would want the killer to go to jail. That is what I would want whether right or wrong. That is what I would need – for ME.

    • Barbara clark  

      Exactly !!!you got it dead right. GUILTY.!!!

  2. Sue Mitchell  

    This clip is just pathetic!! When the case first started, a clip was shown of him at home running on his stumps when he was acting out what happened when he first heard the noise & thought it was a burglar. The clip above is purely to get sympathy, something he clearly doesn’t deserve!! I hope he is convicted, I feel so sorry for Reeva’s parents.

    • Joy Rizzo  

      I saw that video and he was walking confidently – this is a farce for sympathy. I have none for him

      • Margaret  

        I saw that clip too. Should be shown to the judge for comparison. He did not show his girlfiend any sympathy so why should he receive it. Guilty!!!!

  3. Barbara  

    He killed his girlfriend saying he thought it was an intruder…did he once yell out to find out where she was? NO sympathy for him lock him up and throw away the key. Only sympathy for the girlfriends parents.

  4. Jeannette  

    he needs to be put behind bars and throw the key away – he knew exactly what he was doing !!
    now he is using his disabililty as emotional blackmail – he murdered his girlfriend – and gave her parents a life sentence of grief and sorrow – if it had been anyone else other than him he would have been locked up behind bars a very long time ago. Being a celebrity and having money is saving his skin- it’s totally so wrong – put him behind bars and throw away the key!!

  5. Attempting to drum up sympathy in such an appalling display is a gross insult to the late Reeva Steenkamp and her family. He committed this heinous crime in cold blooded intent and deserves to do his time in prison just like anyone else that commits murder.

  6. Marj Camp  

    Once again trying to gain sympathy. She doesn’t get a lighter sentence because he is walking on his stumps, he is a gun happy jock who thought he could get away with it because of who he was, put him in jail where he belongs.

  7. Robyn Jefferson  

    Academy award. True psychopath.
    Give him life.

  8. Ms Fitz  

    I think he is sorry… but only for himself. If walking into the courtroom as he is now, would have gone part way to proving his innocence, why was it not done in the beginning? His pride and arrogant nature, which is unfortunate, probably prevented him from even contemplating that a “hero” such as himself could possibly be convicted of this crime. I feel now it is the last playing card in the deck.

  9. Heather.Hansen.  

    He should pay for what’s his done he took a life

  10. Sandra Broadhead  

    You do the crime, you do the time his the biggest play actor, I have see. Sobbing in court, I’m sure Reeba was crying as well, while he was terrifying her. He never gave her a thought.

  11. Janene Withers  

    He is obviously after the sympathy vote. I believe he killed her. You know if another person is in bed with you or not….and why so many shots?

    • Juliane boulton  

      Exactly my thoughts…..if you hear a noise, the first thing you would do is check if your partner is there with you……guilty

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