Oscar Pistorius’ sentence has been slammed

A judge in South Africa has sentenced Oscar Pistorius to six years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend

A judge in South Africa has sentenced Oscar Pistorius to six years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

The sentence handed down by judge Thokozile Masipa to the South African Paralympic gold medalist has been met with outrage and the judge has been branded an embarrassment to the justice system.

Pistorius’ initial trial found him guilty of manslaughter, however this was appealed in the Supreme Court in December 2015 and the charge was upgraded to murder. Pistorius has already served 12 months behind bars for his girlfriend’s death.

In handing down the sentence, Judge Masipa told the courtroom that Pistorius’ life and career had been ruined.

“The life of the accused shall also never be the same. He is a fallen hero and can never be at peace,” Masipa said, acknowledging that the Steenkamps had suffered a great loss when their daughter was killed.

The judge agreed with the defence that Pistorius was vulnerable and frightened when he shot Steenkamp four times through a toilet door, and rejected claims that the relationship was unstable and abusive saying that there was no indication of such throughout the trial. Further claims that there had been an argument between Steenkamp and Pistorius prior to the incident were also rejected based on a lack of evidence.

The six-year sentence is only one year more than Pistorius’ original five-year sentence for manslaughter. Many in the community have been shocked and outraged that the guilty outcome has not been met with a tougher sentence, and social media came to life with claims that had Pistorius been of a difference racial background and social standing (i.e. a black man without the fame or the fortune) he would have faced a much harsher penalty.

Pistorius has always claimed that he fired four shots into the toilet door at his home in Pretoria under the belief there was an intruder on the other side.

His counsel argued that his disability and mental stress following the killing should be factors for consideration in reducing the overall sentence.

Have you been following the Oscar Pistorius case? What do you think of his six-year sentence?

  1. Robin Turner  

    This is outrageous. He may of ruined his life but Reeka lost her life with his fury and recklessness. Will he also be able to serve this sentence in home detention with his uncle instead of in prison? The legal system in South Africa is absurd !!

  2. Elsbeth Waghorn  

    If you are white and famous you won’t get an appropriate punishment ,but your victims Parents Will get the maximum punishment. what a justice system!

  3. Jeanette Smith  

    Some of these judges need to have a good hard look at themselves. He murdered his girlfriend, what are the judges thinking to feel sorry for him?

  4. Alyson  

    This is yet just another problem with a judge only trial.

    He murdered Reeva, in cold blood. Intruder? Total bs. He knew who it was behind that door, & he wanted to be rid of her, for reasons’ known only to himself.

    What a corrupt justice(?) system. How many people got, shall we say, ‘incentives’ from his uncle? We’ll never know.

    Anyway, when he dies, there’s another Judge he’ll have to face, who won’t be so lenient, with his killing crime.

  5. Truth 13  

    That woman Judge looks a very slimy person. It may be good for the SA Police to investigate, whether any money exchanged hands. If the minimum sentence is 15 years, what right the Judge has to change the law. She may need a pep talk, by a senior judge, or the judicial service needs to get rid of her. It is not an excuse, to give a sentence based on life and career that had been ruined. Who ruined it ?. All murderers ruin their lives, due to the crime they commit, and that is not something special to this murderer. It is not an excuse to give a sentence saying “The life of the accused shall also never be the same. He is a fallen hero and can never be at peace”. If that is the reason, all rich & well off people can claim, that their lives are ruined after killing someone, and get away with a light sentence, and get out in a year. Then the judicial system becomes a joke. Is it only the poor, don’t ruin their life, by killing someone ?. He was always an arrogant man, who was under the impression that he was a super athlete. If a Judge is unable to understand why the toilet door was locked from inside, she should never be allowed to make judgement. Intruders never lock from inside, they always try to unlock, what is locked. Reeva tried to run away & locked the door. This criminal in a rage, shot to kill her. That is the truth. What justice can be expected from a country that has a corrupt government & a corrupt justice system, which is only to punish the poor, and reward the rich & influential. SMAME. Demolition of apartheid has brought misery to the poor black people, and money speaks in the SA judicial system.

  6. Lorraine Walker  

    Not only has Pistorius been judged by the majority of the nation (and don’t get me started on those pathetic theatrics) ….so has the judge…and deservedly so!
    True justice for Reeva is in the voice of the people….god bless her family ❤️

  7. Beth  

    Reeva’s parents must be devastated. I know I would be if some judge thought that the life of my daughter was worth only 6 yrs punishment. Especially when the minimum is supposed to be 15 yrs!!!

  8. Marie Gerrard-Staton  

    This is not justice it is corruption.

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